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Comment :Local Authority, Where It’s At

One area of politics that I have always thought more important than it is ever given credit for is local government. Local Councillors wrestle with huge decisions on a weekly, if not daily, basis. While central government does provide the … Continue reading

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The State Opening of Parliament and Tights

So our unelected Head of State will travel through London today in a Gold Carriage surrounded by hundreds of armed men on horseback, dressed in a variety of regalia, and will have a fancy crown put on her head. A … Continue reading

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Why We Still Need The Liberal Democrats

Those of you who read this blog when you have nothing better to do will know that I came out as a Liberal Democrat, and even went as far as joining the Liberal Democrats at the worst possible time in … Continue reading

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Comment: It’s A Long Road Back

Having just joined the Liberal Democrats in the last week I have learned with Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichaels admission today that he approved the leaked ‘ Sturgeon memo ‘ when Scottish Secretary that it is going to be a … Continue reading

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I’m a Liberal, No going back now

I have always considered myself a Liberal Democrat and have blogged about this a few times: However I never felt that I could join the party so joined the SNP and voted YES in the referendum. The Liberal … Continue reading


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My views on the Labour Campaign

I think it is fair to say that Labour have been in meltdown for a long time now. Many people would say that in Scotland their demise started when they elected Tony Blair but I believe that it started a … Continue reading

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When The Dust Settles

So, my prediction and nearly everyone else’s predictions were a bit off the mark, the SNP did better than some of us could ever have hoped and the Conservatives did better than most of us feared they would. Because of … Continue reading

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My prediction for what it’s worth

So here we are, at the end of the one of the worst election campaigns that I can remember. We have had wall to wall media coverage of the worst kind, we have learned little from the media, they have … Continue reading

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