Comment :Local Authority, Where It’s At

One area of politics that I have always thought more important than it is ever given credit for is local government.

Local Councillors wrestle with huge decisions on a weekly, if not daily, basis. While central government does provide the budget to a huge extent, it is your local councillor who has to interpret the allocation, fit that into national policy, but also allocate the funds to reach not just that national policy but more importantly local priorities.

Local government is maybe not the sexy end of the political sphere, no offence to any Dundee Councillors, but it’s importance to the well being of Dundee should never be underestimated. While I won’t pretend that I agree with how my local council does things in every area, especially around how it consults and reports back to local people, I understand that local councillors have to try and be everything to everybody.

Dundee is an evolving city overall but if it is to thrive then more people need to take more interest. Local councillors also need to communicate better, esp around how decisions are reached and why they need to be made, but we need to give them more credit for the difficult decisions they have to make.

Sitting in Holyrood and Westminster might be fun, might provide status, however in my opinion it will never be as important as sitting in Dundee City Chambers, that is where the important decisions are made, the decisions that effect our day to day lives.



  1. bjsalba

    How do local councilors do better at getting information about what they are doing when the local papers either do not report on what the council is doing, or deliberately misreport?

    • Anonymous


      One of my local councillors delivers a monthly newsletter which is pretty good. I think they could use social media and the internet more, gather email addresses to email out newsletters, updates etc. I appreciate this won’t get to everyone but it would be something because as you say the local press are not great with local or national news. I try to follow my local ones on twitter if they have an account.

      Thanks for commenting.


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