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Willie Rennie could have written this

This appeared in Viz Comic and my first thought was did Willie Rennie, Manager of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, write this.

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Something Different: Jealousy or Spite or both

I enjoy twitter, I do comment but mostly just read or retweet. This week the mini spat going on between Yessers and the defamation case involving Wings Over Scotland and Kezia Dugdale, Scottish Labour Manager, has been prominent. Now I … Continue reading

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Right Headline, Wrong People

The Supreme Court based in London have ruled that the Tory/Liberal Coalition Government broke the law when they brought in disgusting fees for people wrongly dismissed and wishing to fight their case at an Employment Tribunal, however the Daily Mail … Continue reading

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Britain and the EU probably will reach a trade deal. (Article in the Spectator)

I read this article in the online Spectator and thought it made a lot of sense. It is an old article written before the General Election but what do others think? “to deny Britain a free-trade agreement would be an … Continue reading

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A Vote for Scottish Labour is a vote for the Union, sorry it’s a fact.

It appears there has been a spat on social media, according to an article in the Sunday Herald, about a prominent YES activist voting for Labour during the recent General Election. Now I haven't followed the spat so can't comment … Continue reading

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Something Different: Going Naked

Anyone who has had the misfortune to read this blog over the years will know that smartphones and me have a chequered history of breakage. I had a problem with my car the other day, it broke down and needs … Continue reading

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Party time for the Yoons

Theresa May just slapped the whole of Scotland in the puss. She may also have just given the YES Movement a huge boost. Scotland is a colony, its official. That's what we are, no better than Leeds, or Crewe (no … Continue reading

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There have been a billion words written about the gender pay gap in salaries paid by the BBC announced yesterday and a little discussion about the ethnic pay gap which is equally as bad, if not worse, than the gender … Continue reading

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The Daily Mail goes with a picture of a man who earns more than a woman who does the same job paid for by the tax payer, below a picture of two children who will get paid even more from … Continue reading

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Trouble on the Way

Slipping under the radar a bit has been the reports that personal debt is now higher than it has ever been, and a great deal of this debt is on Credit Cards. The TUC are predicting that the average family … Continue reading

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