Party time for the Yoons

Theresa May just slapped the whole of Scotland in the puss.

She may also have just given the YES Movement a huge boost. Scotland is a colony, its official. That's what we are, no better than Leeds, or Crewe (no offence to those fine Cities). There can never be any doubt now for anyone living in Scotland what
the Tories think of our country and our government, f them and bring it on.

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10 Responses to Party time for the Yoons

  1. Lanark says:

    An easy response would be for the First Minister to simply refuse to deal with the wee toerag and demand to see the organ grinder. After all, it’s good enough for Arlene Foster.

    As you say though, great news for the yoons.

    • Lanark

      I think we should just start operating like we were independent. Have a Minister for Westminster who deals with that stuff and NS only meets the PM end of, other than that have as little to do with Westminster as we can and leave that to the MPs to deal with and basically just ignore them. Lets even just deal with the EU as best can ourselves and if that upsets the English, oh well.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. andimac says:

    I believe the First Minister should merely issue a simple statement saying that she has no interest in consulting or being consulted by the English Prime Minister or any of her junior appointees on matters relevant to Scotland, its interests or its people. Theresa May is now almost an irrelevance in her own party, her minion Mundell a squeaking nonentity that I’m sure most of his colleagues scorn: both they and their repellent party are soon to be shown that all of them are an irrelevance in the E.U. “negotiations”.

    • andimac
      Time for an MSP Minister for England and we start to operate as if we were already independent, if that upsets the English and the yoons who cares. I have had enough of this crap to be honest to be honest, totally sick of the UK and the yoons that out up with this day in and day out. You wonder if some people bask in humiliation because the yoons seem to have a huge fetish for it. I do think this one could backfire and seemingly this morning they are scrambling around trying to deny it. What a joke of a so called country.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. George says:

    A gross insult to the whole of Scotland, even the idiots who voted tory.

  4. billy says:

    because of the ge results scottish tories winning 13 seats teresa believes the scottish independence has peaked and is now in decline so she can treat nicola and the snp goverment as she pleases and little ruthie keeps telling her ignore it and it will go away i think we need to do something drastic to keep the focus on independence the question is what?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I know what you mean but I think this could backfire on them and maybe it’s time we just started acting as if we were independent. I would stop falling into the comparing with England on everything crap, just ignore them. Appoint a minister to deal with them and let the SNP MPs deal with them. Create as many problems as we can while always saying to the media that weatminster just doesn’t matter all that much because I know for me it pretty much doesn’t any more.

    Thanks for commenting.


  6. Brian says:

    All I’ve seen are alleged quotes from an unnamed Minister. This could be fake news. There’s nothing on the SNP website to deny or confirm. And if there’s any site that should be talking about it, it’s that one. Disappointing.

    • Anonymous says:


      I don’t think the SNP would comment on it to be honest, they won’t want to get dragged down to that level and they would just be attacked any way. Better to ignore I think, I have seen the story on line in a few papers. The Times covered it as well and no one from Downing Street will deny the story so that means there is some truth in it but this awful government just keep making mistakes so long May that continue as it helps us I think.

      Thanks for commenting.


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