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Can we really afford to wait any longer for change?

•71,428 people accessed foodbanks in 2013 / 14 in Scotland. (Trussell Trust) •220,000 children were living in poverty in 2013/14 and expected to rise by another 100,000 to 320,000. (CPAG) •820,000 people in total live in poverty in Scotland. (BBC) … Continue reading


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I have been following the unsurprising news that the V&A is going to be massively over budget. Dundee will have its Holyrood or Edinburgh Trams shambles, why leave Dundee out of the annoying fact in this country that we can’t … Continue reading

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Today there will be a hundred million words written about the delay in the publication of the Chilcot Report. Most of the words written will be from politicians looking to score a point, or from seasoned experienced journalists who are … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Back In It’s Box

I was having a wee thought to myself yesterday and came to the realisation that Scotland and the constitutional debate have all but disappeared from the news, has Scotland been put back in it’s box? The unionist media have all … Continue reading

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Pain, but not that they know it.

David Cameron, you know the Prime Minister, has been quoted as saying that if you vote for anyone other than the Tories in May you are leaving your children a legacy of debt, while telling you that he will do … Continue reading

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Balance of Power

I am starting to get really bored with the whole ‘ balance of power ‘ debate that has been doing the rounds since the most recent opinion polls put the SNP well ahead of Labour in Scotland. From Scot Goes … Continue reading

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