Balance of Power

I am starting to get really bored with the whole ‘ balance of power ‘ debate that has been doing the rounds since the most recent opinion polls put the SNP well ahead of Labour in Scotland.

From Scot Goes Pop to articles on Newsnet we are being told this scenario and that scenario may happen. We can demand the removal of trident, we can demand devo max and Labour, desperate for power, will grant our every wish. People in the YES side need to seriously take a step back and have a wee think, reflect on what we were up against during the referendum, think about how hard the unionists and their pals in business and the media fought for their union. Reflect on how comfortable they were standing next to Tories, to the BNP, to UKip, to big business. Reflect on the media machine that in the closing weeks of the referendum campaign brought about a propaganda campaign not seen since the DDay landings.

My opinion for the 3 of you who read this blog is that Labour will not do a deal with the SNP that involves any major powers being un reserved to Edinburgh. My feelings are that they would rather chance a minority government than do any deal that moves Scotland anywhere near a federal country within the UK, I suspect they would do a deal with the Tories to keep their Union than the SNP and the potential of losing their union by the back door and upsetting the voters down south whom they so desperately need.

I don’t believe Labour will get enough seats anyway because of the Miliband / Balls factor, and we are more likely to see a Tory/UKip/Liberal unholy alliance than a Labour/SNP agreement, but I do ask the YES sides of the debate to take a step back, start campaigning and less of the sound bites, less of the vitriol. Can we just go about our business in a quiet and well-ordered manner, no talk of coalitions, no talk of informal agreements for this or that. Let the media play their games and lets not get sucked into that because my fear here is that we are already being set up for a mighty fall, we are playing their games again and forgetting just how dangerous the unionist side is.

Lets forget about any talk of a balance of power and concentrate our minds on getting as many yes side MPs to Westminster as possible to defend our interests, lets not put the cart before the horse.



  1. jimnarlene

    I’m in full agreement. Labour are unlikely to win and they would in no way make a deal, with the SNP. I still hope a large contingent of YES supporting MPs are elected, then they can expose once and for all, how little Westminster cares about Scotland’s people, and how much for her resources.

    • Anonymous


      I agree, Labour won’t win enough seats and should the SNP win 10 plus seats then they need to concentrate on doing their best for Scotland and forget about this balance of power stuff until it actually happens, which I doubt.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Anonymous


      Im concerned that some people are losing focus and not learning any lessons from the referendum.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. panda paws

    What you said! Seriously Scottish Labour (sic) HATE the SNP and I doubt London Labour are any better disposed towards them. Broon resigned rather than attempt a rainbow coalition in 2010. Like you, I doubt it will matter anyway as my prediction, based on no evidence whatsoever, is that the Tories will be the government either with small majority or in coalition with any of the LibDems, UKIP or Norn. Ireland Unionists.

    I’m not a member of any party but my advice is for pro-Yes parties is to make their own case for voting for them and stop wittering on about potential deals. The SNP currently has 6 seats and unless and until they get more they are in no position to publically talk about playing kingmakers. Of course privately make plans but ffs stop counting chickens.

  3. hektorsmum

    As one of the three who reads this blog, may I say again Bruce we agree. I have no wish that the SNP enter into any coalition with any of those who made a mockery of the Referendum, any way look what it did for the Lib Dems. We can work very well outside of the government, we can hold them to ransom. Right now I doubt that the Labour Party would even consider working with a nationalist party and certainly not one they regard as their mortal enemy. They would rather do deals with those they have more in common, the Tories.

    • Anonymous


      I also would prefer the SNP do their own thing no matter how many seats they have but I really don’t see any of the unionist parties doing any deals with the SNP, they would sell their children first.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. thomaspotter2014

    Absolutely spot on and I wish this directive for the next few months to GE were most peoples accepted way to go.
    The Establishment cartel know they are in deep doodoo and ANYTHING they need to do to screw us over will be pursued with gusto and the full salvo of Media/MSM offensives.
    Don’t think its really started yet.
    They must be waiting till xmas/new year is out the way,but I’m sure they haven’t forgot about wee Jockland!

    • Anonymous


      I suspect your correct, the unionists are keeping the powder dry just now but it will start soon enough. The SNP and others need to focus on what’s right in front of them rather than think more than a step ahead.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. Bugger (the Panda)

    Follow the Canadian blueprint.

    The Bloc Quebecois became HM’s Official Opposition in Ottawa, by dint of numbers in the Federal Parliament sometime after the referendum and were effectively ignored and blocked out by the federal parties?

    • Anonymous


      I think the unionist parties will do whatever they have to do to keep the SNP or yes agenda off the table.

      Thanks for commenting.


  6. bjsalba

    I don’t know if it will be a balance of power thing or not. The alternate is the “Thorn in the side” position. No nasty coalitions or anything else. However, what I do see is that the “outside London” part of the UK is at last beginning to sit up and take notice……..

    • Anonymous


      I hope you are correct but I suspect that many in England have shifted to the right due to the constant right wing narrative down south. Some will desert Labour but may go to UKip and not the greens, that might be dangerous.

      Thanks for commenting.


  7. Dale

    The thing is, we don’t have to make a deal. If we don’t make a deal it gets horrible for the unionists. Their narrative is that a vote for anyone else is wasted, but if people vote for them and don’t get a government at all, then they’ll have to go back to the electorate with the scores at 3 elections and 10 years since Labour won a majority and 6 elections and 23 years since the Tories won a majority, and everyone wondering what the point in voting for either is.
    They could form a Tory/Labour coalition, but that would likely put the SNP in opposition!
    If the SNP/Green/Plaid anti-austerity bloc outnumber the rest of the minority parties, then that’s the only possible coalition if the SNP won’t make a deal.

    • Anonymous


      I really could see a tory/labour coalition, they have done it before and would say it is in the national interest with I suspect possibly a liberal opposition ad I suspect they will keep around 20 plus seats and SNP maybe getting 15 or there abouts. Interesting times and I tend to agree, no deal and let it fall where it falls.

      Thanks for commenting.


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