Today there will be a hundred million words written about the delay in the publication of the Chilcot Report. Most of the words written will be from politicians looking to score a point, or from seasoned experienced journalists who are equally complicit in the whole sorry mess.

This opinion, my opinion, is just that, an ordinary opinion. The Iraq War was wrong because it was illegal, even immoral, and politicians in both the Labour and Conservative Parties who voted for it lied to the British people so they could have this war, so they could stand toe to toe with America in their fight against Saddam Hussein.

Millions of people across the UK were against this war but many in the media, along with the politicians, deceived and ignored us and 179 British Soldiers died, along with 1.5 million Iraqi people either directly or in-directly. The treasury estimates that around nine Billion Pounds were spent between 2003 and 09 on operations in Iraq and linked to the war. My own opinion is that this was a vanity project for Tony Blair and the Labour Party. It was about being seen to stand with our masters, the United States of America; the cost for our desperate attempt to delude ourselves on the world stage was a far too high price to pay in both lives and money.

The delay in the publication of the Chilcot Report smacks of a process designed to cover up anything of any real interest to the extent that no lessons will be learned, and certainly no one in any of the political parties, but most of all Labour, will be held to account. This report will be so weak that it will allow Great Britain to continue to deceive itself that it is still a world power and still has major relevance throughout the world.

We saw in the referendum campaign that Britain stands to serve the few over the many, the politicians from the unionist parties who support their failed union and things like the renewal of Trident are more interested in their deluded need for status on the world stage, for a seat on the security council, and a seat at the G20. They tell desperate lies, again aided by a compliant media, to satisfy this desperate need to be bigger than they are.

Think about it, does America pay more heed to Great Britain than it does to Germany, to China, to the EU. Of course they don’t, a minority just delude themselves to think they do.

The delay in the Chilcot Report is just another example of the games that the politicians play in this country. To maintain their status, like blaming the poor for the mistakes of the bankers and the very same politicians, they will do and say anything to deceive themselves and us that Great Britain is actually more than it is. Britain with its Royal family, unelected House of Lords, and being the poodle to Americas bulldog is a caricature on the world stage more likely to be pitied than admired, it’s Downton Abbey for the thick.

We are also a huge part of the problem as not enough of us care or take an interest in what is done in our name or around us. Maybe we should take part of the blame because we continue to allow them to do these things to us or in our name. I’m not surprised by the delay in Chilcot, like I won’t be surprised by its findings. It’s not acceptable but as long as we are the servant play things of our betters what more can we expect.



  1. jimnarlene

    Not in my name. I have never voted for any of the warmongering parties, and never will.
    I do, however, agree with the above post.

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