Can we really afford to wait any longer for change?

•71,428 people accessed foodbanks in 2013 / 14 in Scotland. (Trussell Trust)

•220,000 children were living in poverty in 2013/14 and expected to rise by another 100,000 to 320,000. (CPAG)

•820,000 people in total live in poverty in Scotland. (BBC)

•158,000 people are unemployed in Scotland and 728,000 economically inactive. (ONS)

•36,457 applications regarded as homeless in Scotland in 2013/14. (ONS)

•In any given month in 2013 250,729 were waiting for outpatient NHS Treatment. (Audit Scotland)

•Only just fewer than 10% of young people in Scotland are not in education, employment or training. (JRF)

•There were 86,645 JSA sanctions in Scotland in 2014. (Scottish Government)

•The next round of austerity, 30 Billion Pounds in cuts to you and me, will affect 3.7million people by 2017/18. Many of those will be elderly and disabled. (UNISON)

When I think about the above statistics I really begin to think that we are no longer at the stage where we can wait for some left-wing conversion to take place. Can we wait for the SNP to agree some deal with Labour, no matter how unlikely that becomes everyday given that Labour not only HATE anyone with a nationalist tendency, but also the fact that they are trying to be the new Tory Party.

I am not for an SNP/Labour deal anyway. No matter what little bit of power that might provide for Holyrood, the days of deals with the party that lied, scared old people, and told me I was a disease during the referendum campaign are well over. I would not do any sort of deal with people like that.

I just feel that we are very much at a crossroads, and May will be a very important month for every one of us as it may well be the last chance that we can really exercise power in this country, to make the choice that government/the banks/business are here to serve us, not the other way round.

A lot of us have experienced a real drop in our living standards but for far too many of those above they find themselves hungry, cold, and ill, unemployed and in many cases homeless. I feel we can no longer wait for someone to come along who will stand up for those less fortunate than ourselves. Do we go back to the Victorian Age that so many in the three Tory parties love and adore! Do we just meekly go back in our box, turn a blind eye, and be thankful that at least we have food on the table and can meet our bills this month!

I really believe that patience is becoming a thing of the past for myself regarding decision-making, be that decisions made in either local government or national government. Why are we continuing to allow politicians to make either bad decisions or decisions that serve the interests of the minority! Why do putup with a real lack of involvement in decision-making at all levels when we can see that the politicians more often than not get it wrong.

It really is time for change and I believe that we cannot wait that much longer for that change,or every gain, every concession, everything that people fought for that improved the lives of the less fortunate will be lost to what can only be described as a shady, distrustful and somewhat limited bunch of self-serving, in the main, politicians at both local and national level.

Just a frustrated opinion.



  1. jimnarlene

    I think that’s an opinion, many of us have. I hope the SNP get a massive block of MPs, only doing a case by case, vote by vote, deal to ensure Scots does not get screwed again.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I totally agree with what you said, no formal deals at all if , and it is a big if, the SNP can return even 30 MPs under FPTP voting.

      However, I am of the view that the SNP are very much on trial. The expectations raised, mines also, during the referendum will require a tough stance. The SNP will need to be seen to stand up and be counted, I have loaned them my membership but if they fail to at the very least stand up and shout and say enough is enough, then I shift to the SSP and really go for it as I suspect many will. The SSP become more and more important as everyday goes on, and I think any failure on the part of not just the SNP, but the others also to really make change will result in a greater swing to the left and the resurgence of the SSP.

      Thanks for your comments as always.


      • Billy Carlin

        Afraid as ex-SNP – Got chucked out for standing up to bullying and exposing corruption within the party – the ones involved in that are MSP’s now from Renfrewshire and some of their councillors as well. Mind you glad that I am out of a political party since they are all exactly the same and I have learned a lot about what is really going since then. There will be no difference under this shower either as they are already showing their true colours:

        • Anonymous


          Sorry to hear that. I hope that with all the new members the SNP will be different but I will wait and see. Like I said they have been loaned my membership and vote right now, however if the don’t use their good fortune well I’ll shift over to the SSP. But I do agree with you that political parties tend to, deep down, get infected with the wrong people. I guess its why our country is such a mess. I blog as my way of getting my views out there and when othersvread and comment, on top of being very flattering, it is ordinary people talking and its only ordinary people who will find the soloutions I suspect.

          Thanks for commenting.


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