Pain, but not that they know it.

David Cameron, you know the Prime Minister, has been quoted as saying that if you vote for anyone other than the Tories in May you are leaving your children a legacy of debt, while telling you that he will do you a favour and balance the books by in part a £12 Billion cut to welfare or social security as it should be called.

Now I don’t know about you but I suspect that like many millions across the UK you actually have no savings, and more than likely survive on debt to just get through the month, you probably also rely on some public services to help you get through the month. So basically Cameron is saying that he is going to make you and people like you suffer massive cuts to pay for the debt caused by people like him.

So as the Department for Work and Pensions tell us that only 45% of people will be receiving the new state pension when it comes in around April of this year, which is around a massive £150 a week, David Cameron and people like him have just voted to up their pensions by a whopping 25% a year.

Now call me thick, honestly I don’t mind because David Cameron thinks I’m thick I’m sure, what is going to happen if you vote Tory in May is that you will see your services continue to get cut, your poverty benefits continue to get cut, your pension continue to get smaller and smaller and it’s going to hurt you.

So when David Cameron is saying don’t leave your children a legacy of debt by not voting Tory, what he really means is don’t leave his children and his pals children with anything that might threaten their lifestyles by being bloody stupid enough to stand up for yourself against these scumbags. Continue to vote for poverty, continue to vote for their well being over your own, continue to watch as many starve and go without.

It is time to stand up to David Cameron, and when Miliband and Clegg release the same stories it’s time to stand up to them. It’s time for change so don’t believe their shit but rather look out for yourselves and yours and decide that there might be another way. You could always vote Green, SSP, SNP or Plaid, there are some who may just stand up for your interests. Certainly David Cameron and his Tory bully boys won’t, Miliband and Clegg of the the Tory lighter won’t, they are looking out for themselves and theirs.

There is a hell of a lot of pain going around, but certainly not as they know it.



  1. hektorsmum

    So true but I think we both said this would be what would happen if they voted NO. I also predict a whole lot of pain which will affect those a bit further up the food chain. Those nice middle class folk who thought their mortgages would go up and they would lose their jobs, well wait for it, it is coming soon to a province near you. That is what the 55% have gifted us, I do hope they enjoy it. I would be gone from here if there was not the constant changing of money where ever we moved to. I always remember communicating with one gentleman on my little social media site who was having trouble paying for his Pugs medicine in the really bad period after 2008. He had moved to France and was finding life really hard. I don’t want it to happen to us, but seems it could, even here.
    Words would fail me that what have to be called the Red Tories have joined together to punish their own, I do hope they feel the wrath of people circa May 2015.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I must admit I am fearful of the future in Scotland. We just learned today that we are about to face more cuts on top of the cuts already made for next financial. There will soon be no one left, but in the meantime we are expected to deliver the same work with less staff. I can see a real collapse in the public sector soon. Not good times at all but you’re correct, we warned them.

      Thanks for commenting.


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