Comment: It’s A Long Road Back

Having just joined the Liberal Democrats in the last week I have learned with Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichaels admission today that he approved the leaked ‘ Sturgeon memo ‘ when Scottish Secretary that it is going to be a long way back . Mr Carmichael possibly lied when he said that he was only aware of it when it was raised by a journalist, his actions, while not becoming of an MP , are more than a serious breach of protocol and demonstrate that the Liberal Democrats in Scotland have a long long way to go to ever earn back the public trust. The enquiry into this affair has no doubt cost a fortune at a time when people are fighting for their jobs and others go hungry, and it would appear that Mr Carmichael has come clean due to the report being due to come out today. I do not accept that this is either a part of politics or an error of judgement.

While I won’t jump on the bandwagon shouting for Carmichael to go I do however feel he can play no part in the re-building of the Liberal movement in Scotland. The politics of lies, of muck slinging, of abuse and of cover ups are not good enough anymore. As long as I am a member of the Liberal Democrats I will never condone or accept this type of politics, we have to change, we have to demonstrate that we can not only be trusted but that we have a part to play in the future of our country. Alistair Carmichael made that fight a lot harder today and I don’t thank him for that in any way.




    Oh i hope you don’t think i am here to gloat G.

    No popped in to read your thoughts and feelings over this episode. Hope your not too down or angry about it . It’s not really news to many of us. Concern buddy not gloating .

    Always believed Carmichael was responsible for the “Frenchgate” memo. So he knew even when he told reporters he didn’t. Pretty safe bet he would have lost his seat over this had folks known the truth before the election. And we did . Just not eneough of us eh?

    What a bunch . He will not stand down and this will be used against the party on SE 2016 . This will cost them big time. Another ace up Nicolas sleeve for next year.

    Project Fear was disgraceful attack on the Scottish People and they tried more of the same over the election just past. Dirty tactics of smear rather than policy or debate. This is what politics union style is and they cannot change.

    Which must piss you off as you have witnessed first hand what a grassroots movement can achieve. We debated and they answer SNP BAD 😦

    Carbuncle and Wee willy are still there. How can anyone take the Libs seriously now ?

    I thought LIEbour would be wiped out in 2016 finally ( fingers crossed) and i am pretty sure the LIbs will be with them.

    They don’t deserve your support Grumpy.

    There might not be another chance for LIBs . Voters are up to date now and have long memories. Politics is in another league here in Scotland. The YES movement started something bigger than us all .

    Another day another slap in the face of the Scottish electorate.

    Oh how we are so better together

    • Sue Varley

      I second what YesGuy says above, Grumpy. Concern, and interest to know how you feel about this whole thing, not here to gloat.

      I am puzzled though that you think this man “possibly lied” – he clearly stated at the time that the first he knew of the memo was when he was contacted for comment after the story broke, and yet today he has admitted that he authorised the leak, and in his letter to Nicola Sturgeon that its contents were not correct. There is no question of his having “possibly lied”, it is clear cut.

      Also, although you deplore his investigation costing 1.4 million, you condone his remaining as an MP. Then you say he can have no part in rebuilding the LD party. I am sorry, but that seems to me that you are expecting a higher standard for members of your party than you are expecting of them in position of parliamentary authority. How can the LDs have credibility if they allow self-confessed liars to sit in parliament?

      For the good of his party, and for the good of the UK parliament, he HAS to go. I don’t expect he will though unless the party forces him to. As you so correctly point out above, he has made the fightback of the LDs so much harder. The party forcing him out would be a good indicator to the ex-LD voters that they are serious about cleaning out the “wrong sort” of politicians.

      • grumpyscottishman


        Hiya, I said possibly lied as I was still catching up when I was writing and the story was unfolding, there is little doubt now that he lied and he should do the right thing but I suspect his constituents might make it uncomfortable for him not to.

        The reason I’m not calling for his head or anyone else’s is that I have done that before and it doesn’t achieve anything. Everyone knows what the right thing is, if Carmichael fails to do the right thing then it says everything we need to know and the only people who will suffer most is the honest and hard working members of the Liberal Democrats. I also think Willie Rennie will have a case to answer also.

        The party needs to change, I will certainly be honest and express my opinion, it might not make a blind bit of difference but I can try. I’m just not getting involved in the dirty politics anymore. It’s not worth it and my life is too short, I want to try and make a difference and I can only do that if I am honest and set my own standard. I started to blog because I wanted to express myself, I want my blog to be a place where anyone can have a wee debate without being angry or slated for their opinion. I genuinely want to know how others feel and I want to encourage others to blog, if we can start to do that then we might just start to change things around us as our standards will demand it.

        Idealistic I know and maybe my 46 years are showing but worth a try.

        Thank you very much for commenting, it’s always flattering when people take the time to share.


    • grumpyscottishman


      Today just highlights how broken some of the parties are. I’m not angry to be honest, not even surprised. The referendum may have been lost but as I have said before the winners were the YES side because the unionist parties have been shown for what they are.

      As I have said in the blog it’s a long way back now and if the members don’t take control and bring about change then Labour and the Liberal Parties will die. It is as simple as that now. The really disgusting thing is how much this has cost when that could have been avoided, and how much damage this does to politics at a time when the voters are engaged.

      I’m under no illusion that joining the Liberal Democrats this last week is like 40 shades of Gray without the fun but there you go. I will express my opinion and who knows someone might listen. They might throw me out once they hear what I have to say or read my blog, I’m certainly not defending them.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. bjsalba

    If Lib-Dem members do not call for Carmichael’s head then the leadership will not understand how damaging his behaviour is to the party’s reputation. Lib-Dems will not redeem themselves in voters’ eyes if they fail to act. The future for the party looks bleak.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I think his constituents will make his life very difficult but I suspect that some of the leadership are part of the problem. I will express my opinion from within if I can, I will certainly do my best. As I have said I’m not calling for his head because I don’t want to get involved in those politics anymore, people know what the right thing to do is and they should do it. Failure to do the right thing tells us all what we need to know.

      Not a great day to be a Liberal, it’s a long road back.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. hektorsmum

    I hope you did not think Bruce that I was gloating, I know you for an honourable man and you would never act in this fashion. I do think as an honourable man though you want to sign one of the petitions asking him to go. I do not think this would be a bad thing to do, I would do the same to one of ours. I don’t think we should tolerate this in Politics, there has been far too much lying recently and it does stick in the craw.

    • Anonymous


      I don’t think anyone who has ever commented on here is gloating or having a go, this is all about respectful debate and that is a good thing and we need more of it. I must admit I have rarely signed online petitions, I have never been sure about how effective they are. I think the Liberal Democrats are going to have to fall lower before they pick themselves up again, the leadership announcing there will be no action is a huge own goal and one that makes this whole mess even worse.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. kailyard rules

    He didn’t “possibly” lie, he lied.He stands in “the House” being called “the honourable”. There are most probably many liars seated there,and worse. However,he has been “outed” and should resign.

    • Anonymous


      There is no doubt about that now, I suspect that some people are hoping this will go away an some Liberals having a go at the SNP and their members just adds to the folly. This is not going away, the Liberal Party announcing that no action will be taken is a huge own goal by the party and something I suspect that they will come to regret.

      Thanks for commenting.



    The big worry i feel is the seat it’self is the only foothold left for the Libs in Scotland. A bi-election and possible loss of the seat of O&S isles??? can’t see that happening unless we press hard for it. . The libs have little else so this seat is really important . Folk are not pleased and this on’t go away.

    The simple fact is that Carbunckle won his seat by a few hundred votes. Only just squeeking in. The information on who and why the memo was leaked would have cost the seat. carbunckle knew this. he’s a cheat.

    Wee willie was all over the MSM spouting out his usual pish . and i am being kind here , knowing full well it was an attempt to smear our FM . Alls fair in love and war but poiticians …. This was deliberate and caused international harm. The French know us thats for sure.

    Found his quote here. :

    What a shower of liars and cheats. They knew exactly what they were doing. This is why we are surprised by you joining them. They are a toxic and vile party and no amount of re designing or whatever will matter when Carbunckle and Rennie still hold office.

    This is only going to make the SNP stronger.

    This more than likely spells the end of the LIbs now.

    PS, You knew it was Carbunckle . Everyone knew . Leaking it out over a bank holiday weekend is another tactic to hide the truth.

    Wait till Tuesday. We are not going to let this go.

    • Anonymous


      Maybe they have to lose the seat, maybe it’s time for all of those politicians from all the unionist parties who are only filled with hate and deceit to be gone, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. The Liberal party not taking any action is a huge mistake and they are going to pay a price for that, some people just don’t learn at all. I am not going to get spiteful or full of hate, I’m also not going to defend Carmichael and the party for taking no action, like Labours continued mistakes and even today in fighting, the Liberal Democrats are going to have to change or die.

      My first meeting isn’t until next month, looking forward to seeing what it’s like but have had to point out a few facts to some on Facebook already and point out the errors of their ways with the rubbish they have been spouting about this affair. There are extremes on all sides in all parties but we have got to hammer home that the politics of hate have no place in our country anymore, I am going to be hammering that home as much as I can.

      Thanks for commenting as always.


  6. Sue Varley

    Hi Grumpy.

    Thanks for your response, I understand why you won’t call for AC to resign. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this one, either will he/won’t he go, or who else knew what.

    However, since this is being discussd over much of the political blog/twitter sphere, how about moving on to something positive on your own blog.

    Would you care to blog on why you think LDs are worth trying to revive rather than start afresh, how you would go about it, and how likely you think it is to happen? The world and his wife are giving us this on Labour in Scotland, no-one much seems to be talking about LDs in Scotland.

      • Anonymous

        Interesting comments from a real live Scottish liberal member far Carmichaels gaff so to speak. You seem like a decent intelligent guy etc . I’m just a bit curious as to what u actually see in the modern liberal party which the snp are not doing for u ? I’m not trying to be contentious, but genuinely want to know as maybe we can learn something as a party by way of your response. Good luck

        • grumpyscottishman


          It’s not really about what the SNP is not doing for me. Like any party they have good policies and not so good ones. I think the SNPS record overall is a decent one and that is why they are sweeping the boards in Scotland. I’m certainly not going to go down the road of the politics of hate which has infected all the opposition parties due to their lack of narrative.

          I have always considered myself a liberal to be honest and joining the party is about trying to help actually bring about a liberal party. It’s a long way away from that as we have seen the last few days. For a party of alleged tolerance it has none for opposite views. They have a long way to go.

          Thanks for commenting.


    • grumpyscottishman


      I think he will hold out, the leadership are saying the matter is closed which it obviously isn’t. It’s really up to his constituents now but I think the party will pay another heavy price.

      Thanks for commenting.


  7. Rod MacKay

    The Lib Dems may have regained some credibility had they withdrawn the whip and instituted a party enquiry. By not doing so they are putting party before probity.

    When voting furth of Scotland they had my vote… never again.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I agree the party are making a big mistake if they think this is just going to go away or that the Scottish voters will forgive and forget. As I have noted in other comments the party possibly has some way to fall yet before it learns that Scotland has changed.

      Thanks for commenting.


  8. Joyce West

    I feel genuinely sorry for those in Scotland who support the Liberal Democrats. Many worked hard to promote their party in the face of difficult odds and that work went largely in vain. How, now, can they be expected to put in an equal amount of time and work to raise voters’ numbers for the Holyrood polls next year when one of their two main figureheads has been so thoroughly disgraced – by himself – and yet steadfastly refuses to stand aside?

    • grumpyscottishman


      It’s a long road back and I suspect that the Liberal Democrats will pay a heavy price next year, esp if they continue to fail to act on the Carmichael affair and bury their heads in the sand.

      Thanks for commenting.


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