What do you mean another Recession?

Prime Minister David Cameron is warning all of us in the UK, and I suppose the wider world, that we are in for another potential European and world-wide recession. According to Dave this is due to a slow down in the Asian economy, the Ebola crisis, Europe on the brink, Putin etc.

First things first, when did the last recession actually end. I don’t know about you but I feel like the last 5 years have been a bit of a financial depression for me personally. I have had a 1% pay rise in 5 years while all of my bills have increased by around 15% in the process. I have little to no disposable income to speak of, what little I have has went on things like birthdays etc and even this has involved cutting back on all areas. While I am fortunate to be able to avoid debt during this difficult time I think what I have learned is that I can probably budget better than most banks and certainly better than Osborne and Balls can.

The UK is nearly 1.5 TRILLION Pounds in Debt, this has increased by around 20% since the ConDems came into Westminster in 2010 and it’s getting a lot worse by the second. Cameron’s policy continues to be austerity which means taking money out of the economy.

Now I am no expert in anything, no really. However, I do suspect that if people have no money then they can’t buy things, if people can’t buy things then things don’t get made, if things don’t get made then people don’t have jobs and if people don’t have jobs then they get poverty social security benefits which then adds to the debt as the country has no money.

In my opinion the reason the world, and especially this country, are in such a mess are some of the following:

Continuing to bail out the banks, but where has the money gone other than bankers bonuses?
Spending billions killing people in other parts of the world, supported by Jim Murphy MP.
High unemployment, which is hidden by work fare and sanctions punishing the weakest.
Renewal of stuff like Trident.
BAD ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT by the banks and Westminster.
Subsidizing poverty wages.
Not closing tax loop holes.
MPs expenses (sorry couldn’t resist).

So here is a wee fucking hint to Cameron, Osborne, Balls, Miliband, Clegg and the rest of the clowns that have brought us to our knees.

Let’s have a fair and honest tax system that doesn’t punish the poor to subsidize the rich.
Let’s not renew our nuclear killing machine that costs billions.
Let’s bring in a living wage that means we no longer subsidize the profits of Tesco’s etc.
Let’s reduce VAT and National Insurance so people have money to spend, that then creates demand, that means things get made, that means people have jobs, that means people pay tax, that means people are not on benefits, that means we are all a little better off.

Lets start governing the country for the majority and not the rich and the Windsors. Lets not vote for those clowns before we all starve to death. Lets have a democratic revolution.



  1. hektorsmum

    Nothing I can say that will be any different from yours, but when will the turkeys stop voting for Christmas. This is David softening up the electorate for their next tranche of austerity which will surely follow their re-election even or specially with Ukip as allies.

    • Anonymous


      I think that’s part of it and I suspect that all the billions on bail outs has been a waste of time and the banks are still a basket case.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Derick Tulloch

    I would add. Replace the UK’s bizarre and inefficient tax and benefit system with a universal Basic Income, paid to all adults. And – introduce rent controls to end the system whereby Housing Benefit simply goes straight through the tenant’s pockets into those of the landlord

    • Anonymous


      Good points that I never considered, thanks for that. I am thankful that we have a Government that at least can balance the pocket money. Totally agree with rent control but no one will bring it in, I would also bring in local income tax but again no one will do it.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. bjsalba

    I would add to their list of failings:
    An inability to bring any in-house project in on time and on budget.
    An inability to contract out any project with sufficient controls to see that the public purse gets value for money spent.

    • hektorsmum

      Now doesn’t that seem strange when the wee pretendy Parly can organise things better and bring them in on time and within budget. I think that kind of like the Tram debacle they choose not to, or then where would the party funds come from, certainly not in the case of Labour from their members.

  4. Anonymous


    Good points, I wonder how much all of that would add up to or be saved. We really have to put up with some of the worst UK Government ever, they are so busy milking the system for themselves and their pals that they have never had sight of looking after the many. They have even pulled off getting those will little to hate those with nothing, they are the scum of the earth and we will live to regret that no vote.

    Thanks for commenting.


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