Bits N Pieces Sunday 26th June 2022

Covid is still a thing – Over a million people are infected with Covid – 19 in the UK right now, I know I now have it for the second time following two positive tests yesterday after feeling like crap for a couple of days. While it is not as bad as it was the first time I had it, more like a really bad flu this time, it just goes to show that while I have had three vaccines I let my guard down like many have, and there you go, Covid. I am now staying away from family and anyone else, and will probably have to be off work again or solely work from home for most of the week, this does show that we may well still need to take precautions so take care out there folks, as I said it is not like the first time but it is still crappy to be honest.

The Toilet Scum don’t miss a beat –  The UK has some of the weakest trade union protections in the world. The Global Rights Index has found that “There is a worldwide trend, which is particularly evident in Europe but spreading globally, to seek to exclude workers from employment rights through ‘nonstandard’ forms of employment, which reduces the organisational capacity of unions, as many workers are physically or psychologically isolated from permanent workers,” and none more so than the UK and it looks like it is going to get worse. I said the other day we are in a class war and that is exactly what we are in, if we allow these parasites, the companies, the wealthy to further erode our rights then we are never getting them back as no mainstream political party is not beholden to the 1% anymore, this is a war and we had better be up for it or the cost of living crisis will be a forever event for the poorest and low paid for the rest of our lives, this is the new Victorian Age.

Nothing new here –  I am still of the mind that there will not be a referendum next year in any shape or form and while this article and opinion is not new it should hopefully wake up some of the sheeple to the reality that we face right now. Martin goes on to say that “The UK Government is under no obligation to set out under what circumstances Scotland might become independent, and it is refusing to develop a policy or enter into any discussions about what such a framework might look like. So at the moment, while in principle Scotland can become independent, in practice it can’t, no matter how it votes at elections, or how often it does so.” We all know that we neither live in a proper democracy in the UK or that the English Government respect democracy anyway. I don’t agree with Martin that no matter how we vote at an election makes no difference, I do believe that a plebiscite election, with a majority of yes seats, would be enough to just leave and who could not recognise that as a proper vote other than the UK. It will be interesting to see what carrot grower Nicola Sturgeon sets out in July but I am not holding my breath.

Please let it be so – So liar Johnson believes he will be PM for three terms, please let it be so but I seriously doubt it, he might not even last the summer. This buffoon leads the most dishonest and corrupt English Government in my lifetime and even the sheeple and those suffering from Jockhome Syndrome won’t be able to ignore what they see right in front of them forever. He even admits he is not going to change his spots, “If you’re saying you want me to undergo some sort of psychological transformation, I think that our listeners would know that is not going to happen,” Johnson told BBC Radio 4’s Today. Please be true, the man is going to reduce the UK to lower than a developing country and if that is not enough to get a majority yes vote in future then Scotland truly died in 1707 and we are all English.


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2 Responses to Bits N Pieces Sunday 26th June 2022

  1. 100%Yes says:

    I don’t believe her, I don’t like her, but it isn’t going to ruin my life to wait until Tuesday to hear at what she got to say. The fight for Independence should have started when TM was PM but it didn’t, so hopefully its going to start now. At the AUOB march and the Unionist taking part in the march at bannockburn yesterday is a taste of thing to come, the Police should have removed this man and asked him to march down a diffrent street or put him behind the march, at leased no one took him on and it all was peaceful and thats what we want.

    • 100%YES

      I’m not expecting a big announcement to be honest just some weak strategy that will end up in a court for the next few years while she sails off onto the sunset to some MeeToo post somewhere sunny. Well done for getting to the match, thanks for going, me I have bloody Covid again so not going anywhere for at least the next 5 days.

      Thanks for commenting.

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