A Few Things

Not really blogged for a couple of weeks and have just been following events and thought I would just have a wee rant about a few things.

The Smith Commission – I am not really optimistic of anything meaningful coming out of this and not because of the Tories but actually Labour. I just don’t see Labour being able to separate the needs of Scotland with the needs they perceive for Britain and themselves. I also don’t believe that any of the unionist parties will give up any power over areas of taxation like oil, gas and whiskey. They will concede nothing that risks putting Scotland at any sort of advantage over the rest of the UK but mainly London and the South East.

This does leave the SNP/Greens with a dilemma; it leaves them between a rock and a really hard place. My preference would probably be for the YES parties to walk away with their heads held high and fuck the rest. I would rather keep my dignity than give in to the nay sayers and the three tory parties. But you just know how they would play this with their media friends and unionist deniers so I really don’t envy the yes side at all. We are not getting devo–max, home rule etc. We are getting as little as they can get away with or we are getting a lot that means less money and less power with weakened influence within this god awful union.

You should all be glad it’s not me doing the talking because I suspect it would be a big fuck you to the unionists and I’ll keep my pride.

The European Cameron Nightmare makes me laugh – I can’t help but have a real chuckle at this self-inflicted nightmare for posh boy Cameron. He panicked during the referendum and he is panicking now about UKip. What a clown and a really pretty vacuous PM. He has now got himself into a corner regarding immigration because of UKip and the right-wing media in England. UKip hate Europe so you know what you are getting from them, they milk the EU purse for every penny they can get, a bit like Scottish Labour MPs at Westminster, and have a pretty public hatred of anyone not English, and probably white. So what does Cameron do, he tries to out hate UKip with an idiot attack on immigrants and all non-English people

Now I am not really that bothered about the EU overall, there is a need for reform and an end to some of the stupid rulings and waste, that is abundantly clear. However, I don’t get what the media get out of their hatred of Europe. I suspect it’s a safe bet that hundreds of thousands of jobs depend on the UK being a member, that the UK would face a meltdown of worse proportions than Greece should they leave so why do the media pursue this agenda. I don’t get it. I don’t think at the end of the day the UK will leave anyway, I think the stupid Tories will fall on their swords before that happens, but if there is a referendum I fear the stupid and ignorant may well just vote the UK and Scotland back to the dark ages.

The Right of recall for MPs – This is something that should have been in place years ago. MPs are very quick to say the voters are their employers, well if that is really true we should have the right to sack the useless pricks when they are caught fiddling their expenses, not turning up to at least 80% of all votes, you listening Gordon Brown fake MP for Kirkcaldy, defecting to another party during their term etc. Of course what will happen if recall passes is that the only way we will be able to get rid of them is if they murder your family and you get 25000 people to physically sign a petition at the town hall on the same day between 9 and 12 lunchtime to force a by-election. It just isn’t going to be worth the paper it’s written on because these wankers only care about themselves and stealing your money while , as Owen Jones says, practising socialism for the wealthy in relation to increasing their wealth while practising capitalism on the poor and vulnerable by taking their meagre resources and redistributing to the top. What a shitty union we are sadly still a part of.

My final wee rant is about Jim Murphy; apparently he noted that the Scottish Referendum debate had a bit of anti-Semitism about it. Fuck sake, what was his anti-Scotland tour and the Orange Order march in Edinburgh about you clown. He is really becoming the most loathed politician in Scotland and that really is saying a lot when you think about Willie Rennie, Ruth Davidson, Johann Lamont, Jackie Baillie, Willie Bain and Danny Alexander. Murphy really is at the top of the long list of really crap and offensive MPs to ever misrepresent the people of Scotland.

To finish, probably voting for Keith Brown MSP for Deputy Leader of the SNP.

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