Why do I blog

A little aside to my usual ill-informed fare. I enjoy blogging, I never thought I would when the very idea was suggested to me around two or three years ago. The person to blame for that is a blogger http://munguinsrepublic.blogspot.co.uk/ and it came about as I had commented on one of Munguin’s blogs and he encouraged me to express myself and write down my opinions. So any abuse regarding the quality or poor writing please leave a note at Munguin’s lol, sorry Tris.

Blogging for me is an opportunity to put across my point of view, maybe not as well researched as I would like due to time, not as well written as other blogs such as Munguin’s or the following ones http://fazzledown.blogspot.co.uk/ ,
http://scotgoespop.blogspot.co.uk/ , http://derekbateman.co.uk/ , http://auldacquaintance.wordpress.com/ to name a few. There are also Wings Over Scotland, Newsnet Scotland, Bella Caledonia and Craig Murray. All excellent sites and I would encourage you to check them out as a balance against what can only be described as a bias, pro union, anti left mainstream media in Scotland and for that matter the UK.

As I said, I accept that my writing and my research can be a lot better but in many ways I don’t want it to get too good. That may sound strange but please bear with me. My blogs are my opinions, I try not to be too rude, I try not to be abusive as we see enough of that, although it is very hard not to get angry in this country and at certain politicians like Cameron, Rennie, Lamont, Curran, Davidson, Clegg, Osbourne, Alexander, Miliband to name a few, we really are poorly served by that bunch, really we are.

Anyway, I actually am not that bothered if anyone reads my opinions or not and that will definitely sound weird. However, I know that some people do read my blog and when they do and comment I am very flattered that people would take the time to share their opinions with myself. For me that is an honour, sadly for politicians that is something they no longer see as part of their job, actually engaging meaningfully with people.

So in the main I blog because I feel I have something to say, that I have an opinion, I am not asking you to agree with me but it is still an opinion that I want to express. We do not express our opinions enough, myself included, I have even started emailing and writing to politicians occasionally now but to be honest I rarely get anything back other than the party line or no reply at all. That is why blogging is important, if anything the referendum debate has engaged people like myself and encouraged them to put their feelings and opinions down on paper if you like. That can only be a good thing.

More and more people need to get involved in the debate about our world, politicians need to listen and if they don’t then we need to blog more and more and then that may lead to actively get involved in political movements, we might even take control of the parties back from what can only be described now as an elite in all parties, but some worse than others.

We have allowed politicians, political parties and the media to dumb us down, we have allowed them to encourage us to be apathetic, to hate them and to not engage in the process. They want that to happen, no matter what they say, they do not want you to engage. If everyone entitled to vote voted they would shit themselves as their natural order of things would be turned upside down and you would have a lot of weird and wonderful people in politics.

If I can blog and express myself, so can you. So please start sharing your opinion, your feelings, lets fill Scotland with opinion and ideas that might just provide that different way, that different system, you never know, you might just save us all.



  1. Helena Brown

    Well Bruce, I hope we are friends enough that I can call you that, I read your blog regularly and I enjoy it. You are on my very extensive list which has grown arms and legs since finding Wings. You are on the same reading list as the Wee Ginger Dug, Derek Bateman, Muguin and Cybernat. I agree with much you say, we are ill served by our politicians and I remember 2012 being outside the Danish Parliament and the Guide saying that when they do not agree with Parliament they all stand outside and let them know. All for that and that is why the Scots need Holyrood as our main Parliament.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Thank you very much, I appreciate everyone who takes time to read the things that I rant about. It is very flattering and Denmark certainly sound like they have an idea there.



  2. bringiton

    Keep on blogging Bruce.
    Glad that people such as yourself take the time to publish your thoughts on these blogs.
    I wish I had the capacity to pen an extended opinion piece but content myself by posting
    comments where I think I might have something useful to add.

    • grumpyscottishman


      You should blog, you would be surprised how much you know and understand. Things that others don’t get and things that are important to you. Honestly I bet you could.

      Thanks for commenting.


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