Could this Government Fall

This Tory Nightmare Government could fall – Surprisingly the Labour Party have a 33-point lead in the polls, the largest since 1998 with around 49% of voters saying they will vote Labour in the next election. It is starting to look like the Labour strategy of stand for nothing, have few policies, ignore the membership, treat the left like crap, and embrace Tory policy is working for them. Another general election is due no later than November 2024, I am not so sure this Government under Truss can last that long given the state the UK is in right now and getting worse by the minute.

This has to be the most corrupt Government in my lifetime, party gate, sexual accusations, dodgy contracts, lobbying, austerity, strikes, services on their knees, tax cuts of eye watering levels for the wealthy, the pound crashed, zero growth since 2010. The list is a long one, how the Tories managed to win in 2019 just highlights how far to the right they shifted to get the ignorant vote. Now Tory MPs are sending in letters to the 1922 committee regarding Truss, who is pretty much in hiding now. You really can’t make up the trouble the UK is in, you have to hope that this is enough to convince some in Scotland that it is time to get out of this nightmare.

The cost-of-living crisis, which is set to get worse in the next few months, may well be the thing that tips this Government over the edge and to be honest it needs to before it is too late. I don’t doubt that Scotland will still be a part of the UK even after a general election and we cannot continue to be colonised by the nut jobs that are in charge right now. I think this Government can fall, I hope this Government falls, if it doesn’t we haven’t seen anything yet.

They are just not fucking serious are they – Here is the latest from yet another unionist gender warrior in the so called Scottish National Party. According to Robertson the SNP will form the main opposition after the next General Election, now here was me thinking it was going to be a plebiscite election and we will be voting for independence, well it is always interesting when the mask slips isn’t it. These people are taking us all for mugs and people need to seriously think about where they place their vote if they want independence because it is not coming from the Scottish Royalist Devolution British National Party that is for sure.



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13 Responses to Could this Government Fall

  1. benmadigan says:

    if the present govt falls it means the end of the ERG coup and its fantasies about Brexit, Global Britain, UK buccaneering round the world with every country obeying the UK’s every whim, British exceptionalism,WWII and I World Cup etc etc.
    As its illusions die, England won’t be a pretty place – long past time for Scotland to leave the UK

    • Ben

      They are in for a mighty shock aren’t they, the issue being they are taking all of us down with them. I hope NO voters are happy now, although no doubt they have their excuses well-rehearsed for when the UK eventually tanks. I really do think this Government has to fall or somehow be brought down, could there be 60 Tories willing to defect to Labour? They are not so different as parties, just Labour is not totally mental. I am 53 and I thought the 80’s were bad, they were bad, but I really don’t think it was as bad as it is going to get in the next couple of months.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Alastair says:

    Yeah your right but we need a dud SNP to start pushing even campaign for independence I think with Sturgeon at the top this isn’t going to happen. None of this lot are interested in Democracy for the people an unfortunately that includes the SNP.

    • Alastair

      You are spot on, did you see Robertsons tweet. He was referring to latest polls and saying how the SNP were going to take all the Tory seats in Scotland so they would be the official opposition at Westminster, oh when the mask slips. Tells you everything you need to know. I will add it to the blog so people can see it.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Ian says:

    It doesn’t matter which party is in power in Westminster (and even less who is the opposition) the downward trajectory of the UK has been in motion since the 1980’s.

  4. Alan D says:

    Very unlikely. An early election can only be triggered at the whim of a PM or when enough of their party defects/resigns to deprive the governing party of a majority. Currently, that would be around 40-60 Tory MPs.

    After the 1992 Black Wednesday, the Tories hung on all the way to 1997. This lot can hang on until January 2025 if they want to.

    • Alan

      They might hang on, but I am not so sure, this could be the perfect storm. I don’t think any government has faced so many battles on so many fronts at the same time and handled them as badly. If things keeping going the way they, they will want out of power and hand it all over to Labour who won’t be able to fix crap as they are pretty much as bad as the Tories, we are living in interesting times for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. rivet71 says:

    I find it more interesting that Mr Carpetbagger AKA Roberson is happy that he now sees a bigger opportunity to put more slippers on the floor of Westminster. This could be used to recall our MPs, bring them home and cause the mother of constitutional crises for the UKGOV.
    He has fell so far. Once a great orator of the cause too.

    • Rivet

      The masks slips and we see the real SNP now. I have given up on them now and won’t ask them to do anything and don’t expect anything from them. New Scottish Labour all the way with the added Royalist sentiment.

      Thanks for commenting.

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