The SNP are a Unionist Party now

I am sorry to be banging on about a monarchy theme again on the blog, but this is maybe important in the long run-in future elections. It is certainly not the blow that the Express think it might be to any republican elements in the SNP and wider YES Community. Blackford has allegedly “made clear the SNP policy is for King Charles III to remain head of state if Scotland were to leave the UK despite strong republican roots within the party.

He also claimed that praising the “good” works of the royal family would not undermine the push for Scottish independence”.

Blackford might be right; it really is not the pressing issue in the larger case for Scottish independence, the SNP becoming a unionist party is. The more that people in the SNP open their mouths the more they show that they have apparently been bought and sold as Burns would say. At best this party is a devolution party now, but I doubt even that in many ways I really do.

For myself the more the SNP are seen to embrace the trappings of Britishness the damage this does to the cause of independence is even worse than their poor governance and non-existent strategy to get us there.

“I’m lucky enough to have met the new King on a number of occasions and have to say I think that there are many strong and positive attributes that he has, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he is going to conduct himself and the role that he has. (Ian Blackford SNP Westminster Leader)

Neil MacKay wrote in the Herald last year that “The truth is, the SNP has brought all this misery upon itself – and much as it sounds counter-intuitive, the party itself is now the biggest threat to Scottish independence”. He wrote this in relation to the reported internal divisions within the party with an unnamed source, but very well placed, saying “I wonder how much of its orchestrated by plants throughout the branches with the sole purpose to cause disruption and division,” they said. “Speaking to friends around the country there’s too much of it happening in very similar ways for it to be purely coincidental.” I know who I suspect the plants might be now, the leadership, If Nicola Sturgeon is this brilliant politician and leader, a so-called threat to the United Kingdom, then she is doing a bloody good job at hiding it with the total lack of movement towards independence, inept.

For independence supporters this is a uniquely Scottish dilemma. How often as a country have we thrown away sporting victory at the last minute?

We are now in conference season, what will the SNP be debating? Will they even debate independence and the strategy, we know that the STUC motion on using tax raising powers to help with the cost of loving crisis was rejected but then the leadership just ignore what gets passed either way.

I just have no faith in the SNP any longer, and haven’t for a long long time, I wish I did but it is not there anymore. I find them an embarrassment to Scotland now to be honest, the last 12 days have shown that. There is playing the game, but unlike Mary Lou McDonald leader of Sinn Fein who acted with dignity and never lost sight of the larger picture, the SNP leadership and our First Minister came across like they were trying to out union the Tories, no mean feat and they achieved it. People will need to have a serious think where they cast their vote in the next General Election in 2024, we will be taking part, because a vote for the SNP is a vote for the union.

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14 Responses to The SNP are a Unionist Party now

  1. duncanio says:

    “I’m lucky enough to have met the new King on a number of occasions and have to say I think that there are many strong and positive attributes that he has”

    Ian Blackford really is a cap doffing, forelock tugging, groveling, toadying, sycophantic, arse-licker.

    Seriously, my own backside clenches when he opens his gob.

    Sums up the SNP ‘leadership’ as a whole.

    • Duncanio

      They are so unionist now aren’t they. They don’t even hide it. I don’t expect them to come out and be rude about the Windsor’s, but I don’t expect them to sing the praises of people who are a huge part of the problem when it comes to achieving our goals. By doffing their cap they are giving the impression that the unelected head of state is ok in a modern democracy, by not even saying it is for the people of Scotland to decide what happens in the future in an independent Scotland, but that Scotland will keep the monarchy is shameful and it says a lot about where the SNP sit now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    The union has never been in safer hands then its in right now, Nic is doing her well. Why does anyone who’s a millionaire want to be an MP and work in Westminster?

    No one who’s got a brain believes now the SNP will ever delivery Indyref2.

    • 100%YES

      I agree, I have never been a conspiracy theorist about Sturgeon but even I sometimes wonder what her game is. I even sometimes hope that she has a cunning plan, but she doesn’t does she. Blackford has just been awful at Westminster like Robertson was, the party really is in a mess and people need to seriously think before they vote for them again in future. I don’t vote for them but too many still have the blinkers on, this party are the new Scottish Labour, it is just about getting elected to keep their jobs, independence is not a priority. If Westminster were to offer enhanced devolution Sturgeon would take it in a minute in my opinion. They won’t offer though; they have bought her party and they know they have them.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Cubby says:

    Spot on article Bruce. The SNP leadership are devolutionalists and as such are more than happy with the current situation. Even if Sturgeon departs then whoever takes over (more than likely that Britnat Robertson) will continue to be the same. If you are a Scottish devolutionalist then you are a Unionist. Traitors the lot of them. In that picture of Blackford and his king Blackford just looks like a classic house Jock.

    • Cubby

      You are spot on sadly; they are a devolution party now. If Westminster were to offer enhanced devolution, I really think Sturgeon would jump at it, but they won’t offer anything as they have already bought the SNP with the trappings of London and the English Parliament. I know I certainly feel betrayed. Voters are going to have to seriously think about who they vote for in future, the SNP are no longer the party that will deliver independence and we need to take a few steps back and either back Alba or ISP. Something has to give but I know longer believe independence happens in my lifetime.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. First, I’m relieved there are still honourably respectful people who aren’t afraid of speaking their minds – in case they upset someone who evidently believes that Scotland IS London’s remaining colony… However, when Blackfort talks as he has done, that seems to dispel any, if not all doubts.

    Below is a copy of what I’ve posted on my own Facebook page and this is only the first step in what’s going to be a determined policy from now on:

    Parcel of Rogues
    Today’s SNP has been ‘bought and sold’ as Burns would say. Ian Blackford SNP Westminster Leader declares that “at best, this party is a devolution party now.”

    What had been a meritorious political party in the past is now more in favour of devolution…. instead of supporting the Scottish Nation regaining its place amongst the world’s independent nations. We who have ended our memberships are now seeing the truth which we had suspected beforehand.

    I ended my membership because I’d lost confidence a few years ago… Now, Blackford’s comments confirm our earlier suspicions. I’m already persuasively sharing this information:

    Unwittingly, Blackford’s comments have betrayed the despicable mentalities of the modern version of the historic Parcel of Rogues!

    Ewenart 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Ewen

      They are a devolution party now in every way aren’t they. Blackford has been an embarrassment since he became leader, just like Robertson was before him. I haven’t been a member for years, I resigned my membership within 6 months of Sturgeon taking over and her power grab. I have never trusted her and never believed she was serious about independence but gave her the benefit of the doubt until 2017 at least. She has played us all and we have to hope that more people wake up sooner rather than later to that fact, if the SNP doffing their caps to the Windor’s the last two weeks hasn’t shown certain people what the SNP are now, nothing will.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. GM says:

    Neil Mackay should know. Interesting.

    Are you sure he wasn’t talking about the remnant Scottish nationalist membership as the plants?

    • GM

      It was an old article, but I remembered it and it just rings truer as time goes on, but the plants are the current leadership possibly. I certainly have questions over Sturgeon, and I do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist at all but how else do you explain the incompetence for the so-called best politician in the UK. I know our politicians set a very low bar but Sturgeon the best, she is either really brilliant and has a cunning plan with Baldrick Blackford, or she is playing us all.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. bruceruk says:

    Where are the Snp?
    In my rear view mirror. Barely……

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