Dribs and Drabs

Millionaire Champayne non-Socialist Labour Tory MSP, and branch manager, Anus Sarwar speaks out at the latest Labour Tory Conference in Liverpool. People like Sarwar make me sick to my stomach they really do. Sarwar said in his speech “THE cause of Scottish independence “goes against the values of solidarity and social justice”. What would this clown know about social justice, his family company, which he allegedly transferred his shares to his kids, don’t recognise trade unions and pay minimum wage, I’ll take no lectures from this Tory about justice in any shape or form.

Alba’s general secretary Chris McEleny said: “Anas Sarwar fluffed his lines in his big conference speech so it’s no surprise he’s fluffing his tenure as the latest leader of Labour’s Scottish branch office.

“Working-class heroes like Jimmy Reid supported independence. Independence would give us the power to reject Labour’s illegal wars and Tory rob-from-the-poor-to-give-to-the-rich economics.

“Perhaps it’s too much to ask for millionaires like Anas Sarwar to understand what a movement for social justice looks like.” Chris is not wrong is he.

Putting the boot in – Just when you thought it could not get much worse in shit hole UK the Bank of England are threatening to hike interest rates to try and defend our plastic pound because of the economic insanity of the nutters leading the English Government. Talk about putting the boot in to poor people, you can’t make this shit up anymore. Wonder if NO voters from 2014 are happy now, this is YOUR Better Together, this is YOUR union. I earn the average wage so probably earn more than most workers in Scotland given how shit wages are in Scotland and even I am now watching every penny so the thought of an interest rate hike just makes a bad situation worse. I am no expert in economics that is for sure but even I know this cannot, and will not, be good in any shape or form. The English Government could have spent the Billions enriching their pals to cut VAT which would help the poorest who actually spend money in local shops. Hate is a horrible word, but I hate the Tories, I hate Labour, and I hate many in the SNP for what they are doing to Scotland right now.

Waste of time if you ask me – So the SNP have said that the right to self-determination is “fundamental and inalienable” and this should be taken into account when interpreting the relevant legislation. Lawyers Claire Mitchell QC and David Welsh on behalf of the party “Holding such a referendum, however, represents the expression by a people of their right to self-determination which should not be interfered with except under the clearest and most extreme circumstances.” However, they go on to say that “(legislation) does not result in a reduction in the scope of the powers of the UK Parliament and nor does it, of itself, have any effect on the Union”. If that is not giving the UK Supreme Court, the clue is in the name, an out to deny Scotland democratic rights nothing will. The SNP are just no longer serious about independence in my opinion, they are playing us all for mugs.

Like Shite It Will – Shadow Scottish secretary Ian Murray Tory Labour MP has said of Brown stuffs blueprint “It will not just try to convince Scotland to stay, but to make Britain such a good place to be that everyone, in all corners of our country, will want to be part of it,” he will say. “And in doing so, it will set out both a safer and more radical offer for change than the risk of independence ― the chance for a fairer, more secure, more respected Scotland within a reformed and modern United Kingdom.” They don’t half talk bollocks, Tory Labour are unionists and colonisers to the core and anyone falling for this shit deserve everything coming to them they really do.

Piss OFF Then – So Roddy Dunlop doesn’t want to contribute to the roads he drives on, the education system that he probably benefited from, and if he has children they have used also, doesn’t want to contribute to the Scottish NHS and local services like refuse, or not – for profit water of a decent standard. Dunlop doesn’t want to contribute to the country that helped shape him, make him who he is.

People like Dunlop make me sigh, and they make me sick. Happy to take the benefits but their greed shines through when the going gets tough and we need to be less selfish, when we need to contribute more to ensure those less well off, local services, the Scottish NHS can function, and people can eat and survive. If Dunlop wants to move South for higher house prices, prescription charges that would make your eyes water, higher council tax, water bills with added pollution then he can piss off then, him and his like are not who we build a new fairer Scotland with, they are the leaches who bring us all down.

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12 Responses to Dribs and Drabs

  1. GM says:

    Aye and here was me placing my faith in some in the legal system to recover our dire situation. They get wages you can create a dynasty on these folk and we try and avoid our legal system like the plague primarily because we cannot afford to be dragged into it. The entire process is a punishment and its lavishly paid posers like Dunlop are willing to piss off to England because they won’t get a tax cut.

    • GM

      Totally agree, these people are just part of the problem we have had since 1707, they will sell out anyone to get where they want to be. They don’t have a country, they have greed and selfishness, that is where their loyalty lays. It is always the poorest who look after the poorest, it will never change but we also never wake up to that fact. People like Dunlop can go do one.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. GM says:

    It is hard not to conclude that the reason we are not independent is because we are a nation which provides a home to a majority of wankers.

    • GM

      That is part of it, and I don’t care if my agreeing with you upsets some, my next blog you might find interesting to some extent. I will post tomorrow as not finished it yet and need to tidy it up, but I hope it stimulates some discussion.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. duncanio says:

    Good post Bruce, angry and grumpy.

    My own summary as follows:

    Sarwar & SLAB –

    Higher mortgage rates –
    Touch shit, all those middle class Better Together ‘NO’ folks.

    Broontervention –
    “How Now Brown Vow?” should be etched on his tombstone.

    Dunlop –
    FO you privileged, selfish, entitled, self-interested Unionist.

    • Duncanio

      Good summary. Starmer today was banging on about no deal with the SNP, don’t care about that as I wouldn’t do a deal with them either. He talked about British Oil and Gas, British Renewables lol. The guy is a total Tory, a boring speaker, and a prick as far as I am concerned. The middle class feeling the squeeze, welcome to the world of those of us who are fighting to make Scotland fairer and better, I hope in some ways it does hurt if it wakes them up to the facts of the situation. Dunlop can go do one, no better than those from 1707, different time same betrayal and greed. Brown, who cares.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Cubby says:

    If the UK Supreme Court does say Sturgeon can have a referendum then there is nothing to stop Truss just passing a law making it illegal for the Scotgov to hold a referendum. This is nothing but more time wasting by Sturgeon.
    Ian Murray will feel at home in the current version of the Labour Party. I’m surprised he never wore his Union Jack suit when making his speech.

    • Cubby

      I wouldn’t put it past them to do that, so you are spot on. The unionists are not democrats in any shape or form and the SNP are not the answer and that is what my blog is about tomorrow when I get the chance to tidy up and finish, hopefully tonight at some point or early tomorrow before my walk at 6am. Murray is a Tory all the way, as are the Labour Party, I couldn’t help but laugh at Starmmer today, the man is a total prick, a Tory, and a liar.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. George Dale says:

    I’m over 70 and remeber the days when we had a mortgage rate and a bank rate. It would seem simple to re-instate such a system.

    • George

      I don’t know enough about it George, I find it all confusing to be honest, but it is going to hurt. The middle classes won’t escape this time and that might change some opinions I would hope. The Tories have adopted a steal as much as we can approach now as they know they lose the next election to the Tory Light Labour Party, do as much damage as they can, five years in opposition while Labour fail and they are then back in, cynical bastards.

      Thanks for commenting.

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