Something Different: Dundee Football Club

I got a season ticket this season, my first in about four seasons, part of this was down to the appointment of Gary Bowyer as Manager, a proper Manager for a change. The fact that most games would be on a Saturday at 3pm due to Dundee FC being back in the Championship also helped as I really don’t enjoy Friday and Sunday football with the crap kick off times. I have been to most games so far this season, missing the Arbroath game as it was a Friday night, it was on the tv, and I had guests staying so hey ho. Anyway, we are nearly at the quarter point of the season so I thought I would have a wee think about where the team are at just now.

Now as I said, I like Gary Bowyer; I think he is a good choice as Manager, and I think he will do well – eventually. He was only appointed in June so has not had long to make the impact I hope he will make on the club, but I also know that Dundee fans are not the most patient in the world. Gary Bowyer has made a few signings for the club, here is what I think of them to date –

Tyler French – looks decent and seems he can play across the back 4. I would give him a 6/10 so far to be fair and think he will be a good signing for Dundee in the longer term.

Joe Grayson – on loan from Barrow. Had a really good debut but since then has went downhill pretty much. No better than players already at the club and to be honest worse than some. Would not be playing him ahead of Shaun Bryne or Max Anderson. I would give him a 3/10 so far.

Ben Williamson – on loan from Rangers. Has got some talent for sure but again not any better than players already at the club. Again, would not be playing him ahead of Shaun Byrne but would maybe have him fighting it out with Max Anderson for a place in the squad. I would give him a 5/10 so far.

Zach Robinson – on loan from AFC Wimbledon. Best of the bunch on loan. Starting to find his feet and starting to score goals. Has more presence than some of our forwards but we really haven’t seen much of Cillian Sheridan yet, but I do think there is a player there. I would give him a 6/10 so far.

After 7 games though our form in the league has not been good enough. We have lost to Partick, Ary United, and Inverness Calley Thistle. These teams will be our rivals for promotion, and we cannot afford to drop many more points if we want to win the league. The players used so far have been a bit hit and miss overall. Harry Sharp Goalkeeper – has done ok but has a lot to learn as only 21 I think and a goalkeeper. I would prefer to have Adam Legzdins in goal personally but there is not a huge difference. 6/10 so far.

Cammy Kerr full back – I like Cammy a lot and not just because he is Dundee all the way and from Dundee. He is a decent player and has started the season well, was dropped against Cally and he was missed. 6/10 so far.

Jordan Marshall full back – not having a good season in my opinion. Struggles to get back and needs to improve his crossing. I would play Cammy Kerr at left back in place of Jordan even though it is not his real position. 3/10 so far for me.

Ryan Sweeney centre half – just not good enough in my opinion, in fact I haven’t taken to him since he signed. Way overrated by too many fans and has cost us points and games. No way he should be captain of the team, would be on the bench for me. 3/10 so far.

Lee Ashcroft centre half – missed a lot of football due to injury but since he has been back, we are a better team. Works well with Jordan McGhee in defence rather than Sweeney. Vital player for the club. 6/10 for me so far.

Josh Mulligan right wing – young player and maybe someone the club will struggle to keep a hold of. Better through the middle if you ask me but a decent young player and showing himself to be important to the team. 7/10 so far.

Paul McMullan right midfield – good player but needs to improve his crossing and can I think score more goals, but I like him as a player a lot. Ok start to the season and will get better. 6/10 so far.

Paul McGowan midfield – legend and rightly so. Dundee far better when Paul is in the team. Has been in and out of the starting 11 this season which I don’t agree with at all. A really good player. 7/10 for me so far.

Max Anderson midfield – not played as much as last season but still a decent young player. Will be interesting to see how he copes with not playing as much. Certainly, better than Greyson and would be ahead of him if I had my way. 5/10 so far.

Shaun Bryne midfield – needs to be playing more often than not but just does not seem to be in the managers plans at all. Hope he gets back in as there are games where he is badly missed and def better than Greyson and Williamson for sure. 5/10 but due to lack of games.

Jordan McGhee defender/midfielder – another who is coming back from injury. Prefer Jordan at centre half alongside Ashcroft, we are just better with both in defence. Better player than Sweeney for me. 5/10 so far but will get better.

Niall McGinn forward/winger – good player but not getting game time. Could be used a lot better in my opinion, especially coming off the bench. 5/10 so far but maybe not his fault for the low score.

Zak Rudden forward – definitely a decent young player with potential. I think he is trying too hard in so many ways. Will get goals for Dundee but just needs time I think. 5/10 so far for myself.

Luke McCowan winger – started the season well but has an injury just now. Good young player that has a lot to offer the team. Will be good when he is available again as he is good to watch. 6/10 for me so far.

Alex Jakubiak forward – injured too much since he signed last season. Started the season well but injured again. Has ability no question of that but just can’t seem to make it all fit together on the park at the same time. 4/10 for me so far but mainly because of injury, if he can get fit would be a good player, I think.

Lyall Cameron midfield – another good young player and exciting to watch when on his game. Needs to play more and has done well so far this season. 6/10 for me but there is a lot more to come from Lyall. If we can keep him, he will do well for the Dees.

There are other players like Cillian Sheridan, Sam Fisher, Finlay Robertson, we just haven’t seen enough of them yet. Sheridan is the one that we really need to see more of, and I think could be the surprise of the season if we can get him playing.

So far, I would say Gary Bowyer has to do a bit better. I don’t agree with some of his selections, and substitutions at times, but I do think he is right choice as manager, and I think he will get it right in the end. I don’t see us winning the league, but we should have enough to make the playoffs. Still need a centre half and a striker I think. Overall, I would give the Dees 5/10 so far this season.



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