Can you imagine if

Labour Chief Whip Lord Bassam has been caught wrongly claiming £41,000 in travel expenses.

Apparently he has been doing this since 2010 but will only repay the amount from the 2017 General Election. Bassam receives an allowance of £36,366 per year to cover his accommodations in London. But it has been found out that he has been claiming for trains and taxis to and from his Brighton home.

Can you imagine if this was someone on Universal Credit. They would be hounded by the Daily Mail, called a part of the something for nothing culture by Ruth Davidson and told by the local Sheriff they are stealing as they get sent to prison. However, as we all know this is a politician in Westminster. He will pay back as little as he can get away with, will say it was a mistake, Labour will say he has to take more care and tomorrow the papers will get back to demonising the poor.

This is another how much more are we going to take before we do something, sadly it appears we will take anything thrown at us and ask for more.

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4 Responses to Can you imagine if

  1. hettyforindy says:

    It’s just sickening it really is. Had a member of my family visiting, lives in NE England, had her wages cut by 40% recently, care work, employed by the Labour council. Head of the council gave herself a 20% pay rise, but told my cousin that the 40% pay cut is ‘not a cut, it’s a regrading’. Same hours, same stressful work, for almost half the wages. Thing is, people are too reluctant to do anything at all about it, and where the heck ate the unions!

    This also has a knock on effect, less money going into the local economy, more people reliant on state benefits and the council taking less money in council tax etc. Apparently Newcastle city council is, ‘in a right state’. But just what are they spending money on? People will not ask that, especially as it’s a Labour council.
    They accept poverty from a Labour council and would do so, if it was a labour government. Family cannot bare me to criticise Labour in any way! It’s scary that they put so much faith in Labour, even if they are plunged into poverty! They need to see that Labour are a load of troughers, very much part of the Britnat establishment andmany of whom should be locked up, and that they will keep the people poor, not invest in people.

    We have an alternative in Scotland, god help us if ever a britnat party takes power here, it will be 200 steps back. We need independence, let’s hope that it can be done and dusted at the right time.

    • Hetty

      It just sickens me now to be honest, how much longer are we going to put up with this. It isn’t just rich and poor again, it is also an us and them and them are winning. I also work in the public sector and have had 2% in the last 7 years but I think my rent has went up by 13% in that time alone. Labour are just Tories for me, they havent been a socialist party for nearly a hundred years and Corbyn is a unionist through and through, wouldn’t make any difference if they are in power or the Tories. I don’t get why people can’t see it and that in Scotland independence is the only way. You are spot on though. I remember my dad saying that if we don;t make things or sell things people don’t have jobs, if people don’t have jobs they can’t buy things and if people can’t buy things then they starve and it’s over. We are getting there now me thinks.

      Thanks for reading the blog and taking the time to share your thoughts.


  2. Robert T says:

    I noticed this on twatter the other day and was incendiary at the thought of this liebour rat getting away with this , this is criminality , this is FRAUD of the public purse , apparently he is WILLING to pay back the train and taxi fares over a period of time which the parl procedures group has okayed but he will keep the overnight allowance which is if memory serves something in the region of over £100,000 against fares of £7,000 , WTF I would sequestrate all his belongings sell them at auction for coppers and jail the parasite for 10 years as an example to the other tougher

    You can’t tell me he was confused by the rules as ignorance of the law is no excuse , he sits in the house of lardasses and claims his £300. a day he should be stripped of his shitty title and thrown out on his arse

    Please Nicola hurry up and get us out of this RANCID union of PARASITES
    And Don’t get me started on the other failure nonentities dugdale and mcleish

  3. Robert

    I just don’t get that angry anymore, the media barely cover it and even they do people don’t get angry when they should be going f mental. It is fraud, pure and simple and if it was someone on benefit these paraistes would be scremaing for them to be jailed, total sham and a shitty thing the UK is. We have got to get out or I give up all hope for our future.

    Thanks for taking time to read my blog and comment, much appreciated.


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