Comment: #IStandWithCraigMurray

Like many I am equally disappointed, although not surprised, in the decision yesterday by the UK Supreme Court to refuse to hear the appeal by Craig Murray against his 8 month jail sentence for alleged jigsaw identification in the Alex Salmond trial.

Craig Murray was accused by the trial judge, Judge Lady Dorrian, that he published pieces of information on his blog which, if pieced together like a jigsaw, could lead readers to establish the identities of the women who were the main accusers in the failed trial of Alex Salmond, a trial that a mostly female jury found Alex Salmond innocent of all charges. However as is the case these days Lady Dorrian passed an order to protect the identities of the women who claimed to have been abused by the ex-SNP leader, who was to be very clear acquitted of all 13 sexual assault charges.

As we know from Wings Over Scotland other journalists went as far as, or much further than Craig Murray, in providing enough information for the public to identify if they tried hard enough the accusers, the accusers whom a jury refused to believe. Again it is hard to not agree with Wings that this is the system taking it’s revenge against the one man who was willing to report the defence side of the argument during the trial.

Spokeswoman for Craig Murray Ellen Joelle Dalzell said: “The sentence handed to Craig Murray not only sets legal precedent in terms of a custodial sentence for the charge of jigsaw identification, it represents an attack on free speech in general, and a tangible threat to the free reporting of legal trials in particular.

“The judgement is excessively punitive, is likely to have severe implications for Murray’s poor health and represents a dangerous precedent for journalists and other writers who seek to fairly report or comment on matters of public law.”

Personally I don’t think many journalists will be all that worried, according to Lady Dorian bloggers and mainstream media should be treated differently, as mainstream media are self-regulated. Well we know that is bullshit, anyone who has ever read a newspaper knows that is bullshit but anyone who blogs are now clear, if you blog in Scotland on Scottish Politics you are at risk from the state and from the courts, and from people who will happily report you to the state Police, like Mark Hirst was also, if they don’t like the truth or your opinion.

This judgement yesterday means that for the fist time a journalist/blogger will be going to jail for so called jigsaw identification, and in Scotland, the new Scotland as designed by the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon. I have stated for years that I have no faith in the Courts and that we are not here to serve them they are here to serve us, well if proof were ever needed that we are here to serve them this is it, the courts in Scotland do not protect the ordinary person in the street they protect the state and vested interests, as well as, those with money to defend themselves.

I am also under no illusion that the only reason that Alex Salmond was found innocent of all charges was that he was able to face his trial with a jury, if Lady Dorrian gets her way that will no longer be an option in the future in these type of cases (a huge step back ), it is also fair to say that while accusers can get a lifetime of protection, the innocent get a lifetime of trial by insinuation and trial by media when they too should be protected until a guilty verdict is passed.

The loudest voices coming out against this decision will no doubt come from overseas, that should not surprise us either anymore. For bloggers, especially new media bloggers in Scotland like myself, and more important blogs than this small one, we need to be aware the state is watching, we are also targets of certain people in power in Scotland or with access to that power in Scotland via the Governing Party. We now live in dangerous times, we now live in a banana republic, that is what the Courts and the SNP have done to Scotland, we are now a colonised country where even freedom of speech no longer applies if the state don’t like your view of it, and let’s be honest and clear here, the SNP are as much part of the UK state than the Conservatives and Labour are. 

And to those people on social media last night I saw celebrating this decision, many members of the SNP, be careful, there may well come a point when the state will come looking for you, it’s loyalty is to it’self not to those who bow and scrape on their knees to kiss it’s arse. Yesterday was a shameful day in the history of Scotland, that can’t be put back in it’s box and for myself the blame lies with the Media, the Courts, the Police, and let’s be very clear the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon for the Scotland we have partly allowed them to design, a Scotland that many people across the world will be looking at today and thinking that it has no honour and is no better than the right wing populist, spiteful and hateful UK of the Tories, the SNP have done that.

To all the new media bloggers out there in Scotland, take care, we are the enemy now by all accounts and when we need the law to protect us, will it be there?

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16 Responses to Comment: #IStandWithCraigMurray

  1. says:

    All in all , in Scotland , it seems that reporting the facts and truth are now a crime but being a liar and accusing falsehoods you’re protected from scrutiny.

    • Pauline

      It is both sad and worrying now what we are becoming in Scotland, and in the UK. The jailing of Craig Murray smacks of revenge as Wings noted and also shows that at the end of the day the judges will side with the established order and protect those who do it’s bidding. I am disgusted by the SNP and seriously thinking of not even blogging about them anymore, they make me sick and I really don’t want to give them any publicity now at all, I think they will hang themselves in future either way and I am sick of the loyalists who just accept all of this with no question, they are a bigger problem. What a sad state of affairs. Freedom of Speech now has caveats that are not even about the law, the judgement against Murray doesn’t make sense and appears made up and where are those so called journalists standing up for free speech, no where, they are as unionist as Sturgeon and the SNP.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. duncanio says:

    Scotland’s Shame has a different meaning today.

  3. nallyanders says:

    Very well articulated Bruce.
    They didn’t get Alex, they didn’t get Mark. They finally got Craig but they had to invent the new ‘crime’ of ‘jigsaw identification’ to get a Judge (only) led conviction.
    Pure malice.
    However sometimes actions have unintended consequences and (with the reporting of the HCB abroad) this will further trash Scotland’s international reputation.
    A shameful day indeed.

  4. anandprasad says:

    Minor quibble.
    You spell Dorrian incorrectly a few times.

  5. Fishy Wullie says:

    I know nothing of the integrity of Judge Dorian, although from I’ve seen recently I think it’s at best questionable,

    Remember how she blocked evidence Alex defence team wanted to produce in court to show there was a conspiracy,

    I believe the only reason Alex walked free completely exonerated from that trial is because of 12 honest citizens who saw it for what it was , A Conspiracy, and if it wasn’t for them she’d have slammed him up as well.

    Sadly for Craig he didn’t have the luxury on an honest jury and consequently finds himself a political prisoner, another first for Nicola Sturgeon, I hope she’s proud of herself

    Judge Dorian won’t be the first bent judge in history and she won’t be the last but I lay the blame squarely at Sturgeons door, she’s instigated this sick corrupted environment Scotland finds itself today

  6. weesandysays says:

    Oh Dear , Parroting other peoples fake propaganda simply because you don’t understand neither the truth or the law ? 🙂 There are 4 whole pages from page 36 to 42 on this link on why Craig Murray was found guilty of “Contempt of Court” (NOT Jigsaw identification ) If you can’t understand them get other people to help explain them to you.

    There is also more explanation on how real journalists are dealt with and are the rules they are expected to follow here in Court cases , when you are advised to take content offline you need to obey those orders because choosing to do otherwise means you are in Contempt of Court, Craig Murray was given plenty of warnings and chose to ignore them.

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