Charles Kennedy

Millions of words will be written about the sad loss of Charles Kennedy today and I’m not sure anything I write can really add to what will be said today by better people than myself, better writers than myself.

Charles Kennedy took the Liberal Democrats to the very brink of a major breakthrough in UK politics. As leader of the party he made the party electable, he might even have made them one of a big three, who knows but I think and hope that he will be remembered for the right reasons.

I remember thinking at the time he stood down as leader of the Liberal Democrats that he had been stabbed in the back by lesser people, a big part of me still believes that to be honest. He deserved better. I did not agree with his views during the referendum for Scottish Independence and in many ways how he conducted his part of that campaign but I do think that he was one of the very few decent MPs in Westminster. At a time when politicians, in the main, are professional politicians and far removed from the voters and reality Charles Kennedy was not one of them.

Now some unionists today have been tweeting that it’s the SNPs fault that might have led to today’s sad news. Don’t be stupid and don’t disrespect him in that way, he deserves better. He was an honest politician, I think he was a decent man in an indecent Westminster, and I do believe that we have all lost someone worthy of our respect today.

I can’t think of many in politics that I can honestly say I liked and respected most of the time but I did Charles Kennedy.




    Nice words Grumpy.

    Thoughts with the family . Way too young to die.

    The people he leaves behind will struggle to make the Libs a force without him.

    A good man i believe and his flaws only proved he was human .

    RIP Charlles kennedy.

  2. bjsalba

    I think if anything political killed him it would be seeing his party go into coalition with the Tories. He warned them, they took no notice. As a result, the Lib-Dems are now a minor party.

    If Alastair Campbell is to be believed, he was looking at forming a new centre left Party (not that I would trust AC). Who will take on that task?

    • grumpyscottishman


      I think he did come SDP from the 80s and to be honest I think that is something the SATURDAY, 6 JUNE 2015 should consider. Many LibDems are from the social liberalism side of the party and the shift to the right must have been very hard to bear for people like Kennedy.

      But then I look at people like Clegg and Swinson and see Tory to be honest. I agree with you that politics probably did in the end get him. But the system is elitist and broken and until we the voters insist on change nothing will.

      Thanks for commenting.


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