Elections 2021 – Smearing Part 642

So yesterday Nicola Sturgeon was at it again and spent virtually a whole interview with the Daily Record smearing Alex Salmond, this woman has no shame at all. She is not interested in independence at all, she is only interested in power, I suspect the more people learn about this woman in the next six weeks the more they will see what an awful excuse for a human being she is becoming. Bad enough that there is some vague promise to hold another referendum when Covid is over, around 2078 or there about but by rubbishing Salmond she is also rubbishing everyone who has joined or supports the Alba Party, when is enough enough.

Nicola Sturgeon has demanded that that “Alex Salmond apologise to the women who accused him of harassment or she won’t do business with him” , think about that for a second. He should apologise to the women who a jury did not believe on every single claim in a court of law for something he did not do. Sturgeon is playing games, trying to paint Alex Salmond as some kind of sex pest knowing that if he were to slip up and say ok she could then say look he admits his guilt, she thinks we are all buttoned up the back. She goes on to say that ” he is only standing to be an MSP because he “can’t bear not to be on the stage” and “If Alex had walked out of the court room and shown any sense of acknowledgement of what had been conceded in the courtroom, and the aspects of what he told me, maybe there is a foundation. “The first step before anybody else can try to come to terms with that is that Alex has to himself show any sort of sign of acknowledging how people feel about how he behaved while he was first minister.

Even though Alex Salmond apologised  for the two incidents that took place years ago, and that the women accepted his apologies for while remaining to work for him for years after, Sturgeon says  “Alex wants to move on because it suits him now to say that he wants to move on. “But there are a number of women out there who believe he behaved inappropriately towards them and he has shown, even now, no sense of reflection or contrition, or even an acknowledgement of that. “And therefore, he may want to move on but there are people who I think will find it harder to do that.” This woman really has no shame at all. On the idea of a super majority for independence she shows her true unionist colours when she says  “At the end of the day, we’ve got to win independence fair and square. We can’t game, or cheat, our way to that.”  There you have it folks, if you vote for the Alba Party on the list you are a cheat and you are trying to fix the system, it will be ok to vote Green though, Nicola Sturgeon likes Harvie, he is all for men in skirts in female toilets and also hates Alex Salmond.

Sturgeon goes on to question Alex Salmond’s desire for independence, you know the cause he has fought his whole life for when she says “I think he will be telling himself he is somehow advancing the independence cause but I think he is standing because he loves the limelight and can’t bear not to be on the stage.” Sturgeon goes back to the cheating the system but this time she is correct but in relations to the New SNP when she says “people don’t like the idea that you are trying to game an electoral system”, yeah people don’t like it when you fix selection processes, when you call them cheats, liars, hide the accounts, make vague promises of more jam tomorrow. That’s why so many are leaving the New SNP to join the Alba Party. She goes back to the women whose claims were all rejected by a jury when she says “The people who he owes an apology to are the women that he behaved inappropriately towards.” We then move on to delaying the referendum again Sturgeon said her top priority will be getting Scotland safely through the Covid crisis. After that, she will focus on policies that “kickstart recovery”. She also said a second independence referendum should be “part of recovery”, once the “acute crisis” has passed.

We then get a little final dig at Alex Salmond  “Any serious politician who tries to tell people there’s an alternative way of doing it that doesn’t tick all these boxes I think is misleading people.” Is Sturgeon the unionist plant that so many on social media think, I am starting to wonder. This woman makes it more and more difficult every day to vote New SNP, that appears to be the plan. What a horrible woman.

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28 Responses to Elections 2021 – Smearing Part 642

  1. Wee Chid says:

    She really is making it more and more difficult for me to lend her party my constituency vote once again. She should be sued for defamation. Strange that ordinary folk can get a visit from plod for “misgendering” people yet she gets away with slandering a man proved innocent in court and with bringing the reputation of the legal system into disrepute on a daily basis. If I were in her constituency I’d be actively campaigning against her. What a vindictive little witch she is.

    • Wee Chid

      Certainly raises a lot of questions doesn’t it, like the missing indy ref money for a start. Is she really the plant that many suspect she has always been, what is she hiding etc. I find her more disgusting every time she opens her mouth now, playing the game for the unionists I suspect. I was going to watch the debate tonight but since Alex Salmond has been excluded I am not going to bother, what is the point in watching a group of unionists having a debate with no one talking for independence.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  2. Alex says:

    I think it’s possible AS will have to sue NS for defamation eventually. She’s stepped much further over the line than idiots on social media. Maybe after the election.

    • Alex

      A few people are saying that now on social media as well, it really is too far now. She is a disgusting excuse for a human being and we have to keep getting that out there for other people to see this woman for what she really is. She doesn’t want independence and has serious questions to answer like where is the missing independence money, this is all about keeping power, a nice comfy life style for her and her disgusting creepy husband and keeping independence off the table for as long as she can so the more people see the true Sturgeon more will leave the New SNP and join Alba. I could never give a vote to a party that this woman leads, no way.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  3. pauline says:

    Maybe her hate crime bill will be used on her , pathetic woman .

    • Pauline

      She is becoming pathetic and more and more people are starting to see that now. I really question wither she wants independence or a majority at all, it doesn’t look like it and to continue to smear Alex Salmond is all about keeping the spotlight off of her. Even her un costed pledges yesterday, all out of the unionist playbook is there ever was one and to imply that Alba voters are trying to cheat was just disgusting as well, this woman has no shame.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  4. She’s coming across as a shrieking harridan whose man has just arrived home with an opened wage packet. To be honest she’s starting to make a total divvy of herself.
    What’s the betting the “leaders’ debate” will turn into a Salmond bashing fest? Not that I’ll be watching. No licence since September 2014 here.

    • David

      I am not watching the debate, there is no one on it who will speaking for independence that is for sure. She really is trying to destroy everything, I was chatting a friend last night who is really asking questions about her motivations now and having second thoughts about voting New SNP at all, she has done that along with her husband and cult. I find her more disgusting every time she opens her mouth now, her continued smearing of Alex Salmond keeps the spotlight off of her and independence and the lack of.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  5. kurikat says:

    How can any decent person woman or man from the days of what we knew as the good SNP days, still sit there, still stand again at the coming elections knowing SHE is who they will be working for. Because it certainly will NOT be them working for their constituents..
    After all their members get no say now, even the NEC who The members used to vote for, get no say now. It has to be Queen Bee”s way or the highway..
    It is in EVERYWAY a CULT.. A CULT that is power driven, but most definitely NOT an INDEPENDENCE Party that the PEOPLE vote for..

    And to accuse anyone of of loving the limelight? Loving to be centre stage, has she looked in the mirror recently? This woman doesn’t even allow her cabinet to do the jobs she puts them in place to do. Except for the hopeless hapless Swinny & Yousaf.. And we can see how good loyal men those have are. She says jump, they ask how high boss.

    She was terrified of even having Jeanne Freeman do the daily Covid updates, why? Because that would be Freeman getting too much LIMELIGHT time..

    When you read & listen to how Sturgeon is towards Alex Salmond, it is all pure venom.. How could anyone go from, “he was the person I was closest to outside of my family, my best friend as well as my Mentor”

    To literally despising him, truly still hoping she could see him rot in jail.. HATRED of a sort no decent human being could or even should have for anyone, let alone someone they once so admired & cared about… Dislike yes, disappointment yes.. But if Alex Salmond was to be as bad as she likes to paint him in the very friendly media she now gives millions too, so that the world knows from her own mouth just how disgusting this man is/was… Then surely she knew all this 20 years ago, said nothing, & she was “letting woman” down.. because if he was as bad as she is making out with her little innuendos of “I know what he told me” as if he revealed to her he was Jimmy Saville mark2..Then she too should be in jail..

    And that same media that has hounded him for all of his years as a politician because he wants to break up the UNION. Must be the worst media in all of the world, to have him under such scrutiny, yet NOT able to find anything to bring him down, right before he was prepared to break up the union with the 2014 referendum. WHY did some of these woman who have accused him of harassment when he was still FM.. Not talk of that harassment as soon as he stepped down.. I know I would, if I was FEART of him in any way & now he was gone.. But no, it all happened when Alex mentioned that he might go for Mark MacDonalds seat in 2017..

    NICLA could not have him back in the party to steal any of her LIMELIGHT from her, as he surely would have done. The “TEAM he thought was still there, was obviously NEVER really there” There had to have been an underlying jealousy of him, all the time she was working with him. Biding her time for when he WOULD step away & she could become Queen Bee.. With him back, she knew it he would challenge her on many things, But worse of all, he would be pushing for another referendum as soon as BREXIT happened. I know this, because he said so at one of his shows, that if ever there was a time to GO again, it was NOW, that was when The Buffoon took over from May, & the whole WP was fighting with itself. With defectors from both Tories & Labour sitting as another party down there.

    NICLA of course LOVES the limelight, & if she had been forced to go again & was a NO, the she too would have to step down, & bang there goes HER LiMELIGHT she dreams of every night, wakes up to every morning..

    So the scheme was hatched, It wasn’t planned, it was just hatched, by a shower HENS who thought they knew how to destroy him.. It could have even worked, but because it was thrown together so quickly to ensure he would either be in jail or at the very least face jail, with the haste of bringing criminal charges against him right after he beat them in their first attempt. Surely a criminal court case would finish him off..Destroy his reputation at least. To where he would just want to disappear into the shadows..

    But when you are innocent of such criminal charges, & have been found innocent of those ridiculous charges by a judge & jury. You don’t go into hiding, you come back fighting. Because one thing is certain Alex Salmond will know where the skeletons of many are hidden as well, And like his truth, they will see the light of day as well..

    • Kurikat

      She is losing the plot more every time she opens her mouth. She is afraid of Alex Salmond for all the reasons you say, they all are. I am equally surprised so many are staying in that party now, they are no longer a party of independence, they are a devolution party like the other unionists, I am actually starting to wonder if there is some truth in the rumours that she has been a plant all along. I would never have considered that a few years ago, and I also think that her constant going after Alex Salmond also keeps the media away from the rumours that have been circulating about her for years now. She is turning out to be a disgusting individual and there is no way in hell I will vote for the New SNP ever again. We are going to have to support Alba and get ready for 2026 elections as that will be when we dump the New SNP for good, the union is safe until then with Sturgeon in charge. The media like her because they know their precious union is safe in her hands and her little leadership cult, there can’t be any other reason she gets such an easy ride in the press, compared to what Alex Salmond faced for years she gets off with a telling off, something not right there at all other than they know more than we do about her.

      Thanks for such a brilliant comment. Bruce


  6. Ingenious says:

    I agree. I have thought for some time that in the few weeks before the Holyrood election that there would be some explosive revelations concerning Nicola Sturgeon which would tarnish her reputation and destroy the prospect of an independence majority in Holyrood. With the emergence of an Alex Salmond led Alba perhaps another possibility is that there is no need for any such unionist ploy. The plan now may be to sit back and let NS increase her attacks on independence supporters and therefore smash the independence vote; “Nicola supporters” not voting for Alba and Alba supporters not voting SNP. At this time whether or not she is a unionist plant has become, to an extent, irrelevant. Undoubtedly in my opinion she is behaving precisely as a unionist plant would.

    • Ingenious

      There is certainly something going on that we do not know about yet and I have heard people say that there is a lot more to come out and when it does people will be shocked. I find her disgusting now and have been slowly going that way for the last few years, she is not interested in independence and you have to ask why because her whole strategy since she became leader has been to delay it as long as possible, something is not right at all.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  7. Brenda Steele says:

    As far as I am concerned Nicola Sturgeon needs to apologize to ALL WOMEN for her failuring to protect us in the HCB.

    • Brenda

      I think of women feel that way, seemingly it is mostly women that are joining Alba, if true that says it all doesn’t it.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  8. Sue Varley says:

    If we want Nicola Sturgeon to face some penalty for what she has done to Scotland, to the SNP and to Alex Salmond, then we should do what she clearly does not want us to do – vote SNP1 and Alba 2. There are a few constituencies where I could not bring myself to vote for the SNP candidate but not many, and fortunately I am not in one of them.

    It seems entirely appropriate that she should have to take questions every week at FMQ from the man she tried to destroy out of fear that he would re-enter politics in her own party!

    • Sue

      I can see a lot of logic in that and I would imagine a lot of people are hoping for that to happen, she will get held to account at some point but to be honest I think she will be gone in a couple of years anyway if more stuff comes out. She is being found out now I think and what we are learning is not at all nice or shows her in a good light at all.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


      • Anonymous says:

        I agree. Even though she has been somewhat exonerated personally by the inquiries, the whole process has been thoroughly and rightly criticised, let alone how she is behaving now. I do not see how she can survive much beyond the early part of the next parliamentary term. It’s another reason why I would not under any circumstances vote for Angus Robertson – I do not want to see him take over the leadership from Sturgeon. Though if Alba get many list seats, that in itself may be enough to force a realignment within the remainder of the SNP. It’s nice to hope that, at least.

        • Sue Varley says:

          Ooops, that anonymous above was me trying to reply to your comment Bruce.

        • Anon

          I am of the same mind, her time is running out now and she has adopted a scorched earth policy to protect her cult and devolution, she will also be praying that Robertson wins on the list but hopefully voters will see sense and keep him away from Holyrood. He is never the answer to anything in my opinion but Sturgeon is slowly losing the plot now I think. Her constant smearing of Alex Salmond is starting to back fire, especially among women who see her causing more damage than he ever did. She needs to go but I must admit seeing her up against Alex Salmond at FMQs would be interesting, she would be on the back foot all the time and constantly smearing.

          Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  9. twathater says:

    I have commented over on WOS as others have for the last few weeks , before ALBA launched and AFI were operational that IF Tommy Sheridan stood in Sturgeon’s and Sarwar’s seat in a constituency vote there is a good chance he would be successful , similarly if Craig Murray stood against Robertson in the Edinburgh constituency I think he would stand a good chance , Also if Martin Keatings stood against Swinney in the constituency seat of Perth Martin would stand a chance due to his sect30 case, also if Mark Hirst stood against Humza Useless and was successful what a formidable line up that would be in the SP against the unionists

    I don’t just want Sturgeon and her crooked amoral gang removed I want them tried in a criminal court for lies and corruption , and when found guilty I want ALL their assets seized in recompense to Scottish citizens and for them to SUFFER jail time

    • twathater

      It has certainly got more interesting and I think we could see some upsets if Alba can keep building their profile but it won’t be easy and they are going to face an onslaught from every side but I really hope they win big as the New SNP will do nothing about independence if they had their way and people like Alex Salmond, Tommy Sheridan, Mark Hurst are all real independence people, Sturgeon would hate that and think of the fun at FMQs if she has to face Salmond every week until she is gone which may be sooner rather than later.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  10. The Pro Wig Alliance says:

    admit it you are jealous of her hair and manliness

  11. duncanio says:

    Inside the Mind of Nicola Sturgeon.

    Now there a location where I would not like to find myself. It would appear to be an angry place laced with bitterness, nastiness and hypocrisy.

    Nicola Sturgeon fires out all kinds of defamation against Alex Salmond in a disgusting attempt to undermine his credibility in the eyes of the voter. But the reality is the greater her smear the greater her fear.

    The question she should be asking is why did it ever get to the point where the SNP has effectively split for the first time since its inception in 1934?

    The utterances of Nicola Sturgeon are what is now hampering Scotland’s Cause.

    With each one of her outpourings the prospects of reconciliation, between what can now (judging by comments and posts) be described as the two tribes of SNP and Alba, disappear ever further over the horizon.

    • Duncanio

      I think Nicola Sturgeon is a barrier to independence now personally but I am sure many would disagree, I am just not convinced that she wants anything more than devolution to be honest. She did not look interested at all last night, she may well be tired but definitely not all that interested. Been in power too long now and while we probably still need the SNP to be the governing party it needs a new leader and someone not all woke. At least she didn’t smear Alex Salmond last night which was a nice change, maybe learning it does not go down well with people who actually believe in the verdict of a jury. There won’t be any reconciliation until the Murrells are gone.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  12. Bill says:

    You know Bruce. I quit membership when Sturgeon used the SNP website to pontificate about the wonderfulness of Hilary Clinton. Something seemed terribly wrong to me. Here was a party leader telling all her membership what she thought about how the USA should be run. The first woman president seemed to be a major thought in her statement. It felt to me like it was an abuse of the website, the party and possibly her position. Now when I criticise Sturgeon I get tumbling tumbleweed on social media, or worse, abuse. It has definitely become Cult Nicola. To most, I suspect quite unwittingly. What worries me is that the framing of Salmond, the dictatorship of Nicola over the NEC, the corruption with the party and the Crown Office, the pandering to the transgender activists and the woke brigade, the way she now heavily controls the whole shebang is very, very concerning. The first government of an Indy Scotland would no doubt be the heroes, the New SNP and their Queen. I’m not sure I feel comfortable with this any longer.

    • Bill

      You are not the only one, something stinks big time with Sturgeon, her husband, and a few others. They are even implying today that some of their own members are plants, you can’t make this up anymore at all. She is afraid of something and there is a lot to come out I have been led to believe, I don’t know the what but have been told the Salmond Court Case will be very interesting if they don’t try to hold it in secret and the investigation into the leak and the accounts. I’m not voting for them that’s for sure, I couldn’t.

      Thanks for commenting.

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