They don’t get it!

I bought a National today which has a striking first page.

It appears that Elizabeth Windsor is a bit pissed off that she has received a combined rates bill of under £17,000 for her Balmoral Estate, you know the one that they do all the defenceless animal shooting and call it sport. She has decided to appeal this bill. They just don’t get it do they.

When you read the story you learn that a small bar in Glasgow has to pay £42,000 in business rates, a bit more than the Windsor’s. But it’s not about the money for me, it’s their sense of entitlement that grates on me year on year. In my opinion this family do nothing but take take take. I don’t care what people say they bring in in tourism. If we got rid of them and opened up all these palaces fully we would get more probably, certainly the French seem to do ok with their palaces of old.

Where does this family get off. They are an embarrassment not an asset. I would love to know how much of the land they own, especially in Scotland, was stolen from clans years ago during the war of independence. Maybe we should be finding that out and returning this land to the families, that would be real land reform.

When Scotland does become independent a referendum on becoming a republic has to happen soon after, this family have been bleeding us for hundreds of years, enough is enough.

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6 Responses to They don’t get it!

  1. Pauline says:

    Couldn’t agree more , plus the landed gentry . Give the people their land back . I despise these privileged prats.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can’t stomach them I really can’t. They serve no purpose other than to look like a bad Disney movie and their sense of entitlement really grates on me. I really can;t stand them and their privilege, their sole purpose is to maintain their line, reinforce the class system, star in a live Disney movie, while the British Unionists will kiss their arse if told to. It all belongs in the dark ages, they also use services so should pay their bloody share like the rest of us.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    I suggest she sells the golden piano, I wonder what her council band is and the amount she pays for her properties she owns in Scotland, I bet i’m paying more.

    • 100%Yes
      They just disgust me, the whole notion of a royal family in this day and age is a bad joke. The fact that many Scots worship them makes it even worse. I just wish we could become a republic and let them fade into history.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Pauline says:

    I’m glad the SNP are dealing with land reform . I’m sure that’s why a lot of businesses and land owners probably voted No to Indy. They don’t want to pay their share , they think they are above taxes . Hopefully more folk are now aware of these privileged thieves .

    • Pauline
      I would like to have seen them go further, returning land that was stolen, more public land etc but it’s a start. You’re also correct that the wealthy will do everything they can to avoid their share of tax, happy for is gadgies to pay for the services they use.

      Thanks for commenting.

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