Bring her home

I’ve followed a little of the story of the IS bride Shamina Begum.

It appears the foreign office want to strip her of her citizenship, and we have seen politicians from certainly the unionist parties baying for blood. Hypocrites all the way for me. We’ve all seen the videos from England of EU citizens being subjected to hate from certain little englanders, is one more just than the other.

My personal view is that we should bring her home, let her face trial. She is obviously guilty of at least inciting terrorism, so let her face the courts. Not everyone agrees obviously,

some people call her an extremist, and she is, but how many other people who live in this country are extremists for the British state and their so called crown.

While I accept many will not agree with me on this one I do believe that the only way justice is served is if she faces justice in the courts. It has to be that way. I also think that we should never leave a citizen of any part of the U.K. behind, we partly made this mess and have a responsibility to look after our part of it. When we start abandoning our responsibilities then what are we.

I also don’t take any lessons from pontificating politicians from the unionist parties, they have shown us they have a blood lust, from Iraq to Libya, from Syria to Afghanistan to selling arms to anyone and their disgusting support of the Israeli Government. They are as complicit in this mess than anyone else, they don’t get to moralise.

No, bring her home and let her face justice.

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6 Responses to Bring her home

  1. Brian says:

    Well said Bruce – the voice of reason among those baying for blood.
    Are the RAF men and women who are training and assisting the Saudi airforce to bomb and kill Yemeni civilians, however inadvertantly, any different from this young woman?

    • Brian
      The hypocrisy in the U.K. is a joke. This country is disgusting, her politics are horrific but are the British any less horrific in what they support, what they do. This girl needs to be brought to the U.K. to face trial if she is guilty of any crime. Just because the U.K. government make the deaths they cause legal doesn’t make it any easier to stomach. The west, and the U.K. and USA foreign policy in particular , is as disgusting as anything else I’ve seen and if this girl is a terrorist what was Churchill a peace loving vegan. No bring her home and call out Unionist hypocrisy where possible.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. CapnAndy. says:

    It’s mob mentality and it’s shocking. She should be brought home.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, is the very worst kind of Tory imaginable for me. He is a nasty piece of work if there has ever been one. This is about his leadership bid for Mays job in 2021, and about reaching out to the racists in little England. The man has no shame at all. Some of the things I have heard on the radio etc is just disgusting, it says more about this country than it does her, her views are disgusting but what about the pro Israel lobby, what about the rabid brexiters, what about the staunch unionists that show the Scottish flag as a swastika, call yes voters racists, do Nazi salutes on the streets, are they any different, not for me.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Ricky says:

    Sometimes we miss the bigger picture , this is a kid who was radicalised at a young age , thinking she could set the world to rights . She wasn’t alone in that , but the reaction has been typical , ” burn the witch ” mentality . I think if the UK and the U.S. stopped bombing the hell out of the Middle East and placing their own little dictators in charge , maybe the area would be a hell of a lot different . But as long as the Middle East is a bombing range for the U.S. and UK , nothing will change . What we should be doing , is making damn sure kids minds aren’t manipulated by those who use them for nefarious means .

    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree, just because we think the forms of democracy in the middle east are pretty much disgusting it doesn’t give us the right to change them. America wants oil, and it’s companies having control, and Britain will hang on the tails looking for crumbs, plus the unionists have a blood lust. I also hope that countries whose citizens are here waiting to be deported remove their citizenship and we are stuck with them, they would only be applying British rules, then you would see the shit fly. The Tories are a joke, Javid wants to be their leader, bring the girl home and let her face the courts and if she guilty so be it.

      Thanks for commenting.

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