Tomorrow could have been

The day that Scotland started charting a different path, Thursday 24th March 2016, the day that hope and not fear would have been our start. The day when we would have rediscovered our democracy, our soul in so many ways, but we find ourselves still connected to one of the most unequal and unjust countries in the world. The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development) announced that the UK is the most unequal rich nation in the world.

The UK, a country where the poor, the vulnerable, the unemployed, the sick and the elderly are a burden to be used to make the rich richer . Here in Scotland we were told we were Better Together and All In It Together but what we have seen is a cut of around 5 BILLION POUNDS from Welfare since 2010. A country that still has an unelected head of state costing according to Republic £334 MILLION POUNDS a year when you add it all together and a second unelected chamber (the House of Lords) which costs £94 MILLION POUNDS a year according to Electoral Reform.

We still live in a country where the government is elected with just 36% of the UK vote. A country where there are only 1 Liberal Democrat, 1 Labour and 1 Conservative MP in Scotland to 56 SNP MPs in Scotland and yet our voice is neither heard or welcomed. A choice supported by Willie Rennie, Scottish Liberal Democrats and Kezia Dugdale, the Northern Branch Leader of Labour, who were more interested in campaigning and telling lies with the Conservatives rather than stand up for Scotland and to fight for a proper democracy.

On the day that we could have taken our place in the world, 55% of Scottish voters felt they would rather be RULED by a parliament which they can never influence and one that they delegated to have power over them.

Today I am still embarrassed and ashamed that my country is so afraid and beaten down it would rather have the UK and the Tories to the possibility of being a better country, and a fairer society. A country that would rather have servitude, poverty, little hope, and so little confidence in itself. My country where No voters would rather sit in fear, sit back and see the weakest attacked for the mistakes of the wealthiest, sit back and cling onto what little they have or protect their wealth and status at a cost to the poorest. Their UK is one that it is about looking after number 1.

In 2014 I blogged about my Scotland, the Scotland I hoped to see and that vision is still there:

My Scotland will be an independent Scotland where people succeed not on who their families are or which family they were born into but on their ability.

My Scotland will be a democratic Scotland where every vote counts, where there is no unelected second chamber or unelected head of state.

My Scotland is a Scotland where people don’t rely on food banks to feed their family and being foreign is not a crime.

My Scotland is a Scotland where the ability to learn is not based on the ability to pay.

My Scotland is a Scotland where social justice and fairness are at the heart not the bottom.

My Scotland is a Scotland where freedom of expression is encouraged.

My Scotland is a Scotland where the media are honest and trustworthy and not propaganda arms of the government.

My Scotland is a Scotland where young men and women are not sent into illegal wars.

My Scotland is a Scotland where everyone is valued.

My Scotland is a Scotland where politicians represent the people, not themselves or the party.

I will never stop the fight for democracy or for independence, and while there are those who will always vote no, I feel sorry for you that you can’t see what I see, you can’t see or imagine a Scotland that can be better than it is, a successful and caring Scotland, you only see fear and loathing of your fellow Scots who dared to vote for better. Your vision is one where you would rather be a part of the unfair and unequal UK where you only matter when you are voting to keep the 1% where they want to be, a UK where you are ruled. You can have that UK, me I dream of something better.

So in May when we go to cast our vote, lets cast that vote for the parties that have a vision of a better Scotland, a fairer Scotland, a more equal Scotland not for the Scotland that becomes a little darker, a little sadder and a little more defeated every day.



    • Anonymous


      I prefer hope myself, I prefer the belief that we can be something better than we find ourselves to be right now.

      Thanks for commenting.


  1. East Neuker

    I’ve been moping about all morning thinking similar thoughts to yourself. I know we are both somewhat pessimistic by nature, but you’re right – hope is what we’ve got, and if we loose that we will also loose the capability to keep on trying for a better place.

    No grouse and girn, just hope and hard work.

    I’m off to put on my best jacket, with the “YES” badge in my buttonhole, and stride out there towards the next time.

    • Anonymous


      I downloaded and printed off the wee blue book and the new wee black book and plan on reading both for the arguments, debates and discussions I’m going to have with no voters. The soft no voters I hope to convince to look at the facts and change their minds and the no naysayers I plan on ripping their arguments to shreds and getting them a new one. The fight goes on and the next vote might come sooner than we think so we need to be ready. Keep your spirits up no matter what the unionist planks throw at us, they have lost the moral argument, they can’t even stop talking about the referendum while accusing the yes side of talking about it. They must be mad, I rarely talk or hear about the referendum from yes voters at all, all I hear is the determination to keep going. Willie Rennie talks about the referendum everyday, the man is useless. We’ll get there.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. lanark

    OK so I’m biased but I agree with every word of your post. Even after all this time, I’ve yet to hear a positive case
    for the UK. As Nelson Mandela said : “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears”.

    As a pacifist, I am glad that we are on our way peacefully, however I am slightly envious that the Irish are celebrating a century of freedom and we should be celebrating ours this week but of course……..

    • grumpyscottishman


      Def agree with the peaceful way we are going about things, I would not be a part of anything that involved violence. Saying that though it’s not the Scottish way really. If you haven’t looked at the Wee Black Book you should have a look. It clearly shows the betrayal since the no vote. Everyone should read it, I printed it off and also the Wee Blue Book for any debates with no voters, nay Sayers you will never change but I am not giving up. I am glad I am out of the Liberal Democrats as they are even a bigger betrayal because they say they believe in PR and Federalism but they don’t really, just listen to Rennie, he’s a Tory. No the fight for me now is independence and nothing else. The fight goes on.

      Thanks for commenting.


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