We Need to be Ready

I watched a little of the Commons this afternoon and saw a little of the debate on John McDonnell’s urgent question to the Chancellor to make a statement on the changes that are coming as a result of the shambles that is the budget. Panic has set in regarding cuts to PIP (Personal Independent Payments), IDS’s resignation (which I don’t think has anything to do with the disabled personally), the constant re-tweeting of all of the names of those who voted for the cut on social media and the coverage, although weak, of the media has resulted in many Tory MPs experiencing a bit of a squeaky bum moment.

George Osbourne could not even be bothered to turn up and face the music himself but sent a slightly less offensive David Gauke, the financial secretary to the Treasury. Where is Danny Alexander when you need him, oh rejected by the smart voters in Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey.

Anyway, while I was watching the pompous and somewhat silly John Bercow (Speaker) select those to speak and the equally unimpressive answers being given by Gauke, with help from Tory sycophant’s, I started to think that this Tory Government might just bring about the end of the UK as we know it. Osbourne will be determined to find his four BILLION in cuts somewhere. Now he may visit defence and some Government Departments again but really he is going to have to hit general social security benefits in the main to sort this. He might even be forced to very quietly hit older people in some ways.

Should this happen, the effects will be felt in already struggling areas and families, esp those in work but still poor, all over Scotland. I suspect that this will get even more of the NO voters to question their vote in the shorter term. While we may have the fixed Parliament Act I’m not convinced this Government will last to 2020. I also think that Labour, to try to recover in Scotland, will offer devo max in a future manifesto. We need to be ready for a snap election being called, a budget crisis may cause it, a vote to leave the EU, another banking collapse or the total collapse of the Conservative Party but either way, I would not have said this two weeks ago, they might not run the course given what we are seeing right now. The Government is in a shambles.

So for any YES voters out there, keep your arguments topped up, keep researching so when the next vote comes around we are ready to campaign and fight, we also need to keep convincing voters to vote for YES parties. We live in somewhat interesting and depressing times.

Just my opinion.



    • Anonymous


      It’s certainly feeling like they are in meltdown, probably brought on mainly by the EU debate. To be honest I would be happy for them to implode if it meant a snap election to get rid of them. Won’t happen but it’s a nice thought.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • Anonymous


        Be interesting if we hear anything, surely one of the right wing nutters will tweet the details.

        Thanks for commenting.


  1. East Neuker

    This detestable uk governenment made crazy manifesto promises they did not expect to have to keep and won a parliamentary majority they did not expect or deserve.

    A lot of “policies” were no more than bargaining chips for coalition negotiations, things to trade away, which they are now stuck with or must “loose face” if they drop. There really is no problem with a black hole in finance if all was on the table. Start by reversing the tax cuts for those who already have money, and, oh, I don’t know, cancel Trident?

    There really is a feeling of instability, which creates both dangers and opportunities. There might be another chance for independence, which as you rightly say Bruce we must be ready to support with all we can give. There is also the danger of an authoritarian clampdown which tries to paint
    Scottish independence as an existential threat, and convince the English population that they should bracket “separatists” with “terrorists” and even “traitors.” History shows they’ve done it before.

    The Chinese, when they want to curse a person, might say, “May you live in interesting times”

    • grumpyscottishman

      East Neuker

      I must admit I hadn’t considered that the policies were designed with coalition in mind, you are on to something there. I don’t think they should be cutting the tax rate of those at the top and certainly not on the backs of those with the least. I would like to just see a tax system that was fair, but then I suppose you also have to get people to accept that the have a duty to support the weakest when they have benefitted the most but chance will a fine thing.

      I’m like you I don’t want Trident and never have, I don’t get why anyone would want a weapon that could kill millions of people, why. If someone fires a nuclear weapon at Scotland I won’t die any easier knowing that our own stupid politicians just did the same while safely tucked away in the bunker. Time for those stupid weapons to be gone in my opinion.

      I think they did try to paint the democratic yes movement as some kind of terrorist sympathizers but I do think this Government might just fall given the mess it’s in but I suppose you never know with the Tories, I suppose the posh boys history is survival.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. bjsalba

    It is not just the MPs Cameron has a problem with, but a lot of the grassroots.
    There was this::

    and since then Cameron has tried changing some constituency associations as in this:


    Does not look as if he has his party behind him.

    Looks to me as if the MSM meme on leave has more traction in E & W than in Scotland.

  3. Awkwardboy

    The fixed term parliament act has loop holes, a two thirds majority vote in the commons could end parliament early, the government could pass a vote of no confidence in its self or with their majority they could just repeal it.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Chance would be a fine thing but we can live in hope. They may scrape through but it’s maybe only a matter of time until the EU really tears them apart, there is a part of me that can’t see this Government making it to 2020.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. bjsalba

    I think Cameron has a lot of problems. If some papers are to be believed (something I have trouble with these days) he has not carried the Conservative Party grassroots with him in his desire to remain in the EU.

    But then the papers have been pushing anti-eu propaganda for as long as I can remember.

    • grumpyscottishman


      The EU may well be the thing that could bring about a snap election. I know the polls are saying that remain will win but I am not so sure. I hear more people talking about a no vote than a remain vote. Cameron agreed to this referendum to appease his many right wing nutters in his party, I am undecided still but lean more towards remain but I think many down south will vote to leave. It will certainly be interesting.

      Thanks for commenting.


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