Dear Jackie


Here is a wee open letter regarding your comments, and demand for an apology, today in The Hootsmon in relation to the estimated benefits of oil put forward by the SNP during the 2014 referendum.

Can I just express where I think you should actually stick your request for an apology, it’s somewhere dark and depending on how you stand, potentially painful. Jackie you have said that “It was nothing more than snake oil. Nicola Sturgeon should be apologising for the people of Scotland for misleading them on an industrial scale. Jackie, have you actually read the vow, are you aware that you are in the Labour Party, Jackie are you even self-aware?

You see Jackie, no one can ever really predict oil, and even Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t predict the part that Gordon ‘ Vow ‘ Brown and the Labour Party would play in the biggest economic disaster since the great depression, in fact Jackie many people actually believe that your party’s deregulation of banking actually helped cause it. The estimates given for oil during the referendum were based on valid estimates at the time, but you and your party, by your incompetence, stupidity and hatred of independence,  made sure that didn’t happen due to your open warfare on the economy that led to austerity, the collapse of the economy and the decimation of the oil industry that has continued from the referendum until today, ending any hope of greater wealth from the luck that is oil.

Now Jackie I don’t like to bang on about oil because my vote for Scottish Independence has nothing to do with it, you see unlike you, I am actually a democrat and believe that Scotland would be best served by governing itself, unlike you who prefers to be governed by England. Now I would put it to you that in fact, you and your party, should be on your knees begging for Scottish forgiveness given the lies that your party told to keep the benefits of oil a secret in the late 1970’s, that staunch socialist Tony Benn was involved and your very own Chancellor Denis Healey who said that,

so not only should you be begging for forgiveness for lying to the Scottish people but you should also beg for forgiveness about how bloody stupid you lot were when it was discovered in the first place. What did you say at the time, ” they have discovered oil in the north sea”, ” oh that’s good “. Blind leading the blind I suppose, but hey it did pay for Thatcher to decimate the Scottish economy and bring about mass unemployment in every village, town and city so your work was done.

Jackie you should maybe also apologise and explain why the UK, you know the place you love to be in servitude to, has somehow managed to actually become poorer as a result of oil, be a trillion pounds in debt, how we have no savings. Jackie, were you and your party, supported by your masters in the Conservative Party, just giving the stuff away, or maybe some people, you know your pals, have gotten rich while Scotland has gotten poorer. The only country in the world to have discovered oil and become poorer, a Labour record to be proud of there Jackie, well done, you’re a legend and a master at incompetence.

So Jackie to conclude, if there is actually a black hole in Scotland’s finances then ask yourself, or get someone to read it and spell it out to you as I know you find things hard to understand, you should ask yourself about why after 300 years Scotland is still in this state. You should ask yourself why Scotland has become poorer as a result of the union and the discovery of oil, you should ask yourself what part you and your disgusting party of non socialists played in that, you should ask yourself why you haven’t sought help for your obvious intellectual condition and you should get on your knees and beg for forgiveness for the harm and destruction that you , your party, and your Tory masters have brought upon Scotland.

Yours insincerely




    • grumpyscottishman


      She is some piece of work isn’t she, I actually despise her and her kind of politics. No interest in what is in the best interest of Scotland and never has, total clown.

      Thanks for commenting.

  1. trispw

    Good piece, Bruce.

    The question I always want to ask these people is, what is it that Icelanders, Irish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Dutch people have that enable them to run far more affluent and happy countries than the UK, that is somehow lacking in Scottish people. What’s wrong with us?

    We’re certainly not too wee. Iceland has a mere 350,000 people and despite the crash of 2008, they are back on their feet and far more prosperous than we are.

    We are definitely not too poor. Look at our resources. Oil is only one of many.

    Perhaps, if you conclude that we are too stupid, we might ask the Icelandic or Norwegian governments to lend us a few of their people to guide us through the first few years?

    They’d surely do a better job than the muppets in either of the two major English parties.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Baillie and Labour just disgust me to be honest, they are even more awful than the Tories, at least sane Tories don’t doubt that Scotland can run it’s own affairs but Labour really do believe that we are genetically incapable. Baillie should be on her knees begging for forgiveness, not just for being Labour, but for being her. A disgusting individual and so full of hate and loathing. Why are these people even in politics at all, it is beyond me.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Helena Brown

    Brilliant post Bruce, well said.
    I see that wee sum if money is exactly the sum required to service that other cracking idea of another Brown, no relation, thankfully.
    His wee bit off the book’s, PFI.

    • Anonymous

      PFI, how could I have forgot about that one and the continued car parking charges at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee that are just ridiculous, another Labour decision at the time. Total joke, I also can’t stand Baillie. I find her to be up there with Adam Tomkins, Alex Cole Hamilton and Murdo Fraser in the really obnoxious list. None of them are likeable and it just beggars belief that people like that can ever be elected, I would rather not vote if that was my choices.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. smac1314

    Great stuff Bruce. One more thing they should apologise for is PFI and the burden it has placed on our council services and the NHS.

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