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The Conservatives have appointed a minister for food supplies.

David Rutley MP and ex ASDA exec will oversea food supplies. He will work with DEFRA as concerns grow regarding a no deal Brexit and delays with customs at borders. The U.K. is a net food importer, we not only don’t build much anymore we don’t grow much either, haven’t the Tories done well by Scotland.

Most food can’t be stockpiled and delays at the border will make food inedible due to delays getting to the shops. 27 months down the road we should not be at this stage, a deal was never going to be easy but the Tories are the most incompetent, as well as, cruel Government we have ever had in my lifetime. The model was Norway and the issue should never have been allowed to be about free movement which allowed mainly English prejudice to come to the fore.

Grumpies advice, check the mail every day as your ration card will soon be coming through the post.



    • Anonymous

      Total shambles, this government should have fallen by now. Has there ever been a more incompetent bunch ever. They are shocking and a total embarrassment to us all, I saw Mayhems speech at the UN, no one takes the UK seriously anymore, I bet they must think we have lost our collective minds in electing that clown.

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  1. smac1314

    I’m not sure it is incompetence, I suspect a no deal is what they’ve always wanted. They don’t care if ordinary people struggle to feed themselves as long as they and their rich pals get richer. This was where we were heading as soon as Maybot set her red lines. Yet still we have no sign of when Indyref2 will happen. If we don’t go before March we will be living in a state where martial law will apply and our hopes of independence will be crushed.

    • Anonymous

      That is a very fair point and something that I have often thought myself, are they just going through the motions to make it look like they want a deal then they can blame the EU when there isn’t one. I think the SNP have got to make an announcement at the conference in some shape or form but I am just not convinced they want to have another vote yet, they want to see 60% in the polls and that is just not going to happen at any point in the next few years. They are playing with fire to my mind.

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    • Anonymous

      Yeah better together, you can bet your arse that Brown and Darling won’t go hungry as they sip their wine in the South of France. Too many people fell for all their crap and we will be paying big time soon enough.

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  2. George

    Different ration cards would be received by people in different demographics. Less generous for the elderly, chronically sick and immigrants. We all know these are a burden on the state. The rest would be dependent on earnings, the more you earn the more you get, as everyone knows that the more you make the more valuable you are to society. Take what you want cards would be issued to politicians, celebrities, sports personalities and royals.

    • Anonymous

      Never looked at that way but seriously we know that the NHS ration health care for the elderly, disgusting as that is. I hate this government but like smac1314 says maybe this was the plan all along and we should get ready to suffer big time. I just can’t believe in so many ways that this government is still in power, if we had a decent opposition they would have fallen along time ago.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. David Cameron's Secret Love Child

    our leaders in th church have long counselled us to keep a food stock to last 2 years, if you can, so in the event of unforseen circumstances you wil be OK. I think it is a good idea. It is similar to monopoly, where I keep back money when times are good just in case I draw the “pay for repairs on your hotels” card and go bankrupt.

  4. Helena Brown

    A few weeks ago I started buying tins of things, jars of hot dogs, tins of spam , soup etc. If they are not needed the food bank will get the lot. As I live out of town I have a well stocked chest freezer, most necessary if you consider we were snowed in this year.
    I agree that the Tory strategy is to see how far they can push the electorate, starvation never works in the long term, I give you the French and Russian revolutions.
    Here is another problem, many people with pets now find they are using human medicines for them. I am and I know of one other in my village whose dog is also on one. Mine is eye drops made in Belgium, and only in Belgium. We had difficulties last year with supply and given the price this year has gone up £2, no doubt due to the mess the crowd in Westminster is making, I am having to speak to my Vet about a prescription or they giving me at least six months supply. I have spent a fortune in keeping my dog from going blind, I a damned sure that lot are not going to make him blind.

    • Bruce Hosie

      I think some people will stock up a little. I won’t to be honest unless I see things getting bad but it would not surprise me if my diet gets very bland very quickly and the sad thing I don’t think the Tories will give a shit and many other politicians won’t experience it so won’t even understand it, if they did we would not need food banks as this government would have been brought down by now.

      Thanks for commenting.

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