Yoons of the day courtesy of BBC Scotland

I really enjoy it when the British Propaganda Corporation open up comments for the yoons who are out for the weekend.

Posted by John W 

Ime amazed the Shetland’s hasn’t just told Sturgeon where to go and declared independence. Why would they want to see their hard work and prosperity squandered on paying benefits to druggies in far away Edinburgh and paying for fix-rooms in Glasgow?

 Posted by William Wilson 

Posted by the-clown-arrow – let’s hope there is another GE because the SNP will lose even more MPs next time, especially those who just scraped by last time and the likes of Mhairi Black . Mind you, given the walk out it is clear they don’t want to be there anyway. SNP as a political party are dying, regardless of a few


“Scotland is a region within the UNITED KINGDOM.”

Posted by lad65 

I find it strange that the wee numpty never called for the indy 2 vote to go ahead, after all she was crowing how big the SNP are now and how Scotland was behind her.. The answer she is terrified of losing and of course losing her gravy train with her hubby

Posted by John W 

Even if Sturgeon re-ran the referendum and won, there is no way Sturgeon would ever make me to relinquish my British citizenship. My part of Scotland voted heavily to remain part of the UK and we would insist on remaining part of the UK even if Sturgeon won.

Posted by RonnieP 

In 2017 the UK was voted at the UN, as the greatest and most transparent democracy in the world. Fact.

Actually Ronnie boy it’s Norway you plank.

Posted by eaststar 

A display of infantile showmanship from the SNP in a last ditch attempt to work up grievance on the flimsiest of pretexts.

Totally outflanked by Brexit and unable to in any way adapt their one trick ideology to the new paradigm, they are heading back to the political fringes they formerly languished in leaving utter failure as a legacy.

SNP….spiritual successors to Ally’s army.


I suppose we should just have pity on them now, on twitter I just empathise with them how difficult it must be being them lol.

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4 Responses to Yoons of the day courtesy of BBC Scotland

  1. Ricky says:

    When we leave this bloody union , people like this will take personally and it will hurt like hell . The party we will have on the other hand , will go down in history of the world , as the greatest piss up of all time . Then we’ll start righting the wrongs of our country and setting out on a brand new path , chosen by us . And when we succeed , which we will , those who mock and show disdain , will be looking on wondering just how that happened , because they never see themselves as the problem .

    • Bruce Hosie says:

      It won’t be easy or happen over night but Scotland has the potential to be a beacon to something better and the yoons kids will wonder why their parents fought so hard for a no vote. I just pity them now, they have lost the argument and it’s just a matter of time, I just hope it’s soon so I can be a part of building it.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Lanark says:

    Can’t you just feel the fear behind the hate? It’s the downside of the growth of the Yes movement that has breathed life into the corpse of the Tory party in Scotland and let creatures like these above crawl out from the woodwork.

    The Yoon bigots seem to have an unhealthy obsession with Mhari Black.

    • Bruce Hosie says:

      I don’t know if the unionists are afraid or not but I think they are angry. They thought that the no win in 2014 was the end of it, they thought that yes would go away and that independence would slip in the polls but it hasn’t. It has remained around the 45% mark for yes and they hate that and they are angry. We need to make them more angry as that’s when their mask slips and we need to highlight things like 55 English Tory MPs voting last night to ensure the SNP could not win any votes in the power grab debate, Labour not even bothering to turn up pretty much. There needs to be a prolonged period of disruption and we need to keep the pressure up.

      Thanks for commenting.

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