This is so wrong and 1938 all over again

So the Trump administration have taken 2342 children away from their parents whom have crossed illegally from Mexico into the United States.

I don’t usually comment on other countries politics that don’t involve the U.K. but this is sick and it feels like the internment camps that the Nazis used in the late 1930s. Trump has said that

undocumented immigrants would “infest” the US.

The children concerned are basically being kept in cages, f cages.

Up to 20 children can be kept in one cage in Texas and while the Border authorities argue that they are at least safe the physiological damage to these children must be huge, removed from their parents and kept in a cage. We know that Israel does this to Palestinian children and it appears Trump has copied the policy.

I don’t deny that America has a huge illegal immigration problem but surely taking a lead from the Germans of the 1930s and today’s Israel is not the answer, it’s sick.

Trump is not the clown that many make him out to be, I think he is a political idiot, but he has tapped into how a lot of people feel in the USA as the Tories have tapped into the right in large parts of the U.K. It even appears that we do the same here and I never knew that.

However this is going too far, I’m disgusted by this, and the cruelty of some of the comments from the guards are inhumane. Trump has gone too far and Americans need to wake up before it’s too late, the right in America, the U.K., and the EU are a danger to us all and we had better wake up. Trump and May are dangerous people and I dread to think where we will be in 5 years time.

America has also withdrawn from the United Nations Human Rights Council and Theresa May threatens to withdraw the U.K. from the European Convention on Human Rights, wake up people before it’s too late, Scotland get out before it’s too late. A vote for May is a vote for hate and if you vote Tory you are part of the problem and need to seriously think about your moral compass.

A lot of people in the U.K. demonise Donald Trump, is May any different, any less cruel. America’s internment and the Tory Governments continued assault on the poor and vulnerable in the U.K. are the start of things to come if we are not careful.

It’s sick.

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5 Responses to This is so wrong and 1938 all over again

  1. Ricky says:

    I think I’ve said this before , but are we the bad guys , by we I mean USA and UK . Looking at things its seems that the U.S. and the UK are mirroring history , and the worse part of it . The victors write history and set the narrative after all , so have we been living in a bubble , not seeing or wanting to see the truth about the UK and the U.S.. I know that the problems in the middle east were caused by the UK , trying to keep trading routes open and as always getting their hands on everyone else’s resources . The U.S. has had its fingers in everything , but sets the narrative . Are we witnessing the true nature of the U.S. and the UK in full view of the world , with the full protection of the media .

    • Anonymous says:

      Good point, certainly the UK and the USA have their hands in everything and really what is the point. Keeping kids in cages in the USA and immigrants in cages in Dover is sick and is something from the old news footage from the late 30’s in Germany. I had relatives over from the States at the weekend and my oldest kids are away to the States for the summer and chatting about Trump it’s clear that he has a lot of support. There is a general feeling that he is putting America first and that things are getting better in the states, wages are rising and people feel that they are being put first. I bet many in England feel the same way, definitely a right wing mantra and very scary as it doesn’t lead anywhere good that’s for sure.

      Thanks for the link and commenting.

  2. George says:

    Your point is well made; with the USA withdrawing from UN Human Rights and using Israel being ganged up on as an excuse.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s just the start, May will take us out of the ECHR as soon as and then we will really see things change. The UK has been the only country pulled up by the UN for it’s treatment of disabled people, we are on a slippery slope that’s for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

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