A Valid Question or Questions

Like many people we have all been shocked at the distressing scenes of refugees drowning trying to get to Greece, the state of the camps in France, and more recently the decision by Denmark to basically steal their belongings when they arrive in their country (more reminiscent of the Nazis if you ask me). We can also add to that the crass and disgusting statements made by our glorious leader David Cameron calling refugees a bunch of migrants, I know what I would like to call him if I got the chance, the man is a stain on us all.

However I have had many conversations with people about the crisis, and while virtually everyone I have met thinks that the UK should be doing more to help many have very valid questions that no one, certainly the politicians, appear to be addressing. People rightly say things like, where do we house all the refugees that we are able to help, how do we afford the health care, how do we provide the mental health support that so many will need when we can’t provide enough houses now, when mental health services are poor at best, when the Government are hammering the poorest and most vulnerable with Victorian punishments because they have the gall to be old, disabled, poor or unemployed. Some people have said that while many refugees might well be safer if they come here what will they think of this country when they see how it’s people are treated by its own Government.

Now I just don’t have the answers, as more and more cuts are implemented in the name of austerity, when we see our services coming under ever-increasing strain, when we see rough sleepers all over the UK, food banks on every street corner, a real lack of employment outside the South East in many cases, are we even able to help that many people at all. I would really like to hear what other people think of this situation, many people are afraid to speak their mind and ask the difficult questions for fear of being accused of something or other.

Now my view for what it’s worth, although I really don’t understand the complexities of it all, is that we need a world solution. Europe can’t cope on its own and the middle east should I suspect be doing more, as should the UN. I think the UK Government need to stop vilifying people, calling them a bunch of migrants and starting to explain to people how we do this, how we pay for it, how we look after refugees health, mental health etc. The opposition parties need to be doing the same, I believe we all need a little education as to the issues at hand because we do need to help these people, we partly caused this mess in the first place so we have an obligation, but we have an obligation as human beings too. However, we also cannot hide from the very valid questions and concerns that many people have in the street, they deserve answers too.

4 Responses to A Valid Question or Questions

  1. I Clark says:

    The questions about the practicalities of dealing with large numbers of refugees are important, but we need to recognise that sometimes there are no satisfactory answers. Life is and always has been nasty, brutish and short for most people on Earth.

    I hold out no hope of any ‘world solution’ to the refugee problem. Why should there be? The most powerful nation on the planet – along with the UK and other allies – is the main cause of the problem? So long as the wealthy of the United States have the power and sense of entitlement to take whatever they want – especially Middle Eastern oil – then nothing much will change. Once you add in e.g. scarcity of resources, religious fundamentalism and other major states manoeuvring for power, then any global solution vanishes.

    Sometimes you will only get a worthwhile answer if you ask the right question. Perhaps we should be asking ‘How do we create a society or societies in which suffering is minimised and people have a chance to flourish?’ One way to start is by trying to bring about more equal societies. Unfortunately, until enough of us are willing to challenge the powerful and also make significant personal sacrifices, then significant human suffering will continue. The plight of refugees is only one high profile example of this.

    • Good points. I know I don’t really have any answers but I think we should help but I suspect we won’t do much given the current right wing nightmare we have in this country right now. I think if there is one thing this Government will do is unite many over all the UK with hatred for them as the five years go on, I can’t believe that English voters the UK equivalent of Trump in number 10 and 11 Downing street.

      You are right about the middle east, as long as these places have things that the minority want in the US and UK, EU too I suppose, there will never be any peace.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. lanark says:

    The United States should take all refugees from the Middle East (if the refugees wish to go there). Any who don’t wish to go should be homed in the South East of England. And all should be given good homes as recompense for these two countries laying waste to the Middle East since the unlawful overthrow of Mohammad Mosaddegh.

    • no matter how appealing those thoughts are it just won’t happen no matter that it would deserved. I guess they will all be placed North where as we know it’s pretty shit in a lot of places.

      Thanks for commenting.


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