Duran Duran

A wee break from politics for this post and one that most of you will have little or no interest in but here goes anyway. One of my favorite bands of all time are Duran Duran, I have all of their albums and have had the pleasure of seeing them live. The first song I heard, on the radio, was Planet Earth and I was hooked. So here is a list of my favorite Duran Duran albums.

1. Rio – Obviously the album that most people know about and a really great album. I don’t think there is a bad song on this album to be honest. Save A prayer is probably my favorite track on the album but Hold Back the Rain is an often forgotten about gem.

2. Big Thing – A really strong album overall. Many view this as a house album but to be honest it is a much better album than that. For me this album showed a lot of maturity in the writing and was thought provoking. Songs like Do You Believe in Shame and All She wants Is are just brilliant.
big thing

3. Seven and the Ragged Tiger – A fantastic follow up to Rio with a harder edge to it in many ways. Andy Taylor’s guitar work is really good with a rock feel to it. Obviously The Reflex is a classic but also Shadows on Your Side and New Moon on Monday are real favs.

4. All You Need Is Now – For me this album put Duran Duran on a different level. The songs are all very strong. From All You Need Is Now to A Man Who Stole a Leopard, this album for me showed that Duran Duran were never just a pop band, they are so much better than that and are definitely one of England’s best ever bands. While most 80s bands faded away Duran Duran have gotten stronger and better in so many ways.

5. Duran Duran – The first album is again very strong. A very synth dance album with Planet Earth, Girls on Film but a track that really got me was Anyone Out There. Again it showed that the band were so much more than just pop and glamourous videos.

6. Paper Gods – The latest album and a good follow up to All You Need is Now. Overall it is a strong album with You Kill Me With Silence, What are the Chances and Danceophobia standing out.

7. The Wedding Album – This is in some ways a comeback album for many people who had maybe drifted away from the band for a while. Ordinary World, Too Much Information and Come Undone are probably the more well-known songs from the album but overall it is very good with Breath after Breath being the hidden gem for me.

8. Liberty – I think there was a lot going with the band during the making of this album but it deserves more praise than it gets to be honest. I really like Violence of Summer, My Antarctica and Serious. It’s not a bad album at all.

9. Notorious – Roger and Andy Taylor had left the band so didn’t play on this album and I also found it a bit too dance for me. The songs I like on the album are Notorious, A Matter of Feeling and Winter Marches On. I have to be in the mood for this album, while it showed the band moving forward I was probably still pining for Arcadia at that point as So Red the Rose is a really brilliant album.

10. Astronaut – The original line up came together to make this album and I’m not sure that it works overall in some ways. There are good songs like Reach Up for the Sunrise and Chains but it feels strained. I am probably doing it a dis service but we like what we like.

11. Red Carpet Massacre – A bit too dance again for me but as always the band come up with some strong tracks. Falling Down probably being the track I like best. She’s Too Much and Nite Runner are strong too.

12. Maddazaland – I don’t listen to this album as much but I do like Electric Barbarella and Out of my Mind a lot.

13. Pop Trash – Never really got into this album as much and again one that I don’t listen to as often. It’s probably better than where it appears on my list but as always we like what we like. Someone Else Not Me probably the song I like best on the album.

14. Thank You – This is a covers album and I never like bands doing covers albums but I do like the bands version of White Lines because I hated the original. I think it sounds a little different and Simon Le Bon just makes it work a lot better for me.

15, Arena – Last but not least. I put it here because it’s a live album but it does not really capture how good the band are live to be honest. Some bands you just have to go and see and Duran Duran are one of them.

There a few songs that didn’t appear on the studio albums that I also love. These would be Wild Boys, Is There Something I Should Know and A View To A Kill.

Overall Duran Duran are a fantastic band and when push comes to shove, in my opinion, one of the best bands the UK has ever had the pleasure of enjoying. So why not have a wee break from the dreary and depressing EU Referendum and go and listen to some of the bands albums. Tomorrow my drive to work album will be Maddazaland as I haven’t played it for a while and it will be a good start to the day.


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