When the Time Comes

I’ll be voting YES again.




  1. Gary F

    When the time is right I agree.

    The time now is not right. The Scottish people will not leave the British union just to jump on-board the European one. Losing a second referendum so shortly after the first would probably kill off independence in my lifetime.

    Brexit hopefully gives the SNP a massive opportunity to gain all the powers currently outsourced to Brussels (after all they are not reserved to Westminster!). They need to start using the powers they have to build fairer economic models, mend the ideological destruction of society caused by neoliberalism and most importantly develop a sound currency plan so we can have real independence not just the pretend one based around a foreign currency issuer.

    Build the correct models to show people a better way exists and independence will naturally follow.

    As I have eluded in previous posts the SNP have damaged their own independence case by their positioning in the EU referendum. Our main export market by a country mile is now no longer in the EU. Good luck in getting the EU economic argument to take hold now.

    Hats off to the English and Welsh, just wish us Scot’s had shown the same level of balls on what should have been our independence day.

    • Anonymous


      Totally, there is no rush and many things to consider first. Will the Tories impose a PM on us or will there be a general election. Will Westminster respect the result or will they try to do a Ireland, the EU will offer some form of compromise on the free movement of people and we have another referendum in 8 months. I agree the last referendum totally failed on the economic argument, esp currency. I argued at the time that it felt like a campaign for federalism as it wasn’t different enough. There is no rush here to be honest, the dust has to be allowed to settle and see what happens. The Welsh and English decided to fight back, as I noted before when you have nothing you have nothing to lose. I really think this was about giving the politicians and establishment a kicking.

      I voted leave in the hope that today’s outcome would be what we found and it is. I am in no rush to join the EU and in any future referendum in an independent Scotland, I would really have to be convinced, but I think today is a wake call for the UK, EU and wider afield. People will fight back any way they can or things just get worse and people end up on the streets. The Tories might just collapse and Labour are away to really kick off their civil war, interesting times but I am not convinced Westminster will honor the vote so we have a ways to go yet.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • JIm Morris

      Gary F.
      How can SNP build fairer economic models, when the resources of the country are totally under the control of Westminster? they will be struggling to finish the M73/M74/M8/A725 upgrade which has the major contractor of a Spanish Company and the main sub-contractor being Southern Irish.

      • Gary F


        Not really sure how to answer this.

        What a load of complete bollocks! You seriously believe the resources of Scotland are under Westminster control – holy shit!!

        Remind me, who is responsible for spending the Scottish block grant?

        Personally don’t know much about the upgrade you are talking about but I bet you voted to remain in the EU yet can’t see the nonsensical stand you take on EU based contractors. Apologies if you voted leave.

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