It’s a Question of Trust

I was listening to the news this morning and a reporter noted to an interviewee that voters don’t seem to trust politicians anymore. I thought to myself, DUH, obviously you plank (not nice I know) but I give up with the stupidity of presenters now. They were saying this like it was some kind of surprise and a shocking revelation, but it was the BBC I think.

The interview was in the context of the EU Referendum and the debates etc which have taken place so far. Anyone who went through the Scottish Referendum and the scorched earth approach of the Government, all its Departments, all the Unionist Parties, the Bank of England(UK), and of course the BBC adding in the mainstream media will understand why none of us trust politicians, in my case it is pretty much all politicians now. Politicians are pretty much the scum of the earth in my mind.

Politicians have robbed us blind through expenses fraud, politicians have taken us into wars on the basis of their lies, and politicians have promised to abolish the House of Lords and done nothing while adding to their numbers. Politicians are attacking the poor and vulnerable, politicians give tax breaks to the rich, politicians renew nuclear weapons, so is it any wonder Ipso Mori in a poll found that only 21% of people trusted politicians to tell the truth, this level of trust has been falling for 33 years.

Far too many politicians, in all parties, see power as something that is theirs and theirs only. Power that they are very reluctant to share, you just have look at the Smith Commission to see how little power Westminster are willing to concede to Holyrood and how much power Holyrood is willing to concede to local councils and councils to the community. The simple reality is that the politicians don’t trust the people in the main, with little reason to feel that way, while we have every reason in the world not to trust them.

In the book Ethics and Integrity in British Politics: How Citizens Judge their Politicians conduct and why it matters the writers state that Politicians are generally not liked. Politicians are generally not trusted in the UK. The fact that many feel, myself included, that Politicians lack integrity and decency results in a total disenfranchisement from politics and it’s systems. This disenfranchisement, caused by the politicians, can only lead to a democratically unhealthy skepticism of all politicians and politics in the UK as a whole. That will lead to a serious assault on our democracy through people choosing to not exercise their right to vote.

Now some of you will argue that I am being too harsh tarnishing all politicians with the same brush, but am I. When you think about some of the things I have listed above it doesn’t matter which party voted for what, or in Labours case, abstained. Politicians in this country make our lives worse not better, they make their lives better, they make their friends lives at the top better, and they enrich themselves at our expense while pontificating that they care. The simple fact is they don’t have to vote to renew nuclear weapons, they don’t have to vote for policies such as the attacks on social security and public services, they don’t have to vote for tax cuts for the wealthiest while removing social security from the poorest but too many do, and those that don’t sit and respectfully accept the system when they should be screaming at the top of their voices.

So basically, If politicians want to be trusted then they should stop fucking lying, stop fucking cheating, stop fucking stealing and stop fucking shafting anyone but their friends to stay on top.



  1. lanark

    Well said. Even though I take an interest in politics and ow we are governed, I have never joined a political party.
    Your piece here sums up why – much more eloquently than I could of course.

    I am prepared to give SNP and Green politicians the benefit of the doubt at the moment because at least their parties have remained true to their founding principles (for now at least).

    I am angry that the UK Parliament sits in the Palace of Westminster ( built next to the River Thames so that it couldn’t be surrounded by a mob incidentally), our representatives should not sit in a Palace in this day and age and they should be surrounded by the people (not a mob!) The house of Lords should never exist in a democracy.

    I don’t believe any political party has a place at local authority level. Councillors should be part time/retired members. I think they migt better reflect their communities. Too manty have ambitions to go up the party ladder.

    • grumpyscottishman


      The more I learn, the more I watch, the more disappointed I get. I agree with you about the SNP and Greens, so far they are sticking to the script but the SNP at Westminster have bought into the Westminster system of historical stupidy. Men in tights and all that crap. It has no place in a modern democracy, for me they should be challenging that even if they lose any vote challenge that crap. For me this type of system is designed to keep people in their place. Westminster is, allegedly, falling to bits so they are going to spend Billions fixing it. What a joke, build a new parliament in Birmingham or something, get out of the London bubble. The HoL there is no defence for, like the Windsors.

      Local councils have allowed themselves to be a part of the system. I would like to see more independent councillors but for that to be truly effective the parties would have to stop their nonsence. I just find that I am becoming more and more cynical with all of them, its a game for too many and I don’t think they actually have a clue about that they doing. They are fumbling about in the dark but we are the ones who suffer.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. lanark

    I wonder too if the SNP have been sucked into the Westminster system. I agree with the men in tights carry on as well, I half expect them to start singing The Timewarp. The bill for fixing the place is frightening. What a waste of money.

    • Anonymous


      When I watch Westminster live I find the SNP to be very timid, some might argue that we have to respect the system and traditions of parliament and have grown up debate but then just look at PMQs when the SNP get booed every week. For me it’s time to disrupt the place, we can’t win a vote anyway so what have we to lose.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Anonymous


    The BBC is just morally corrupt, like most unionist politicians.

    I am pretty much sick of all of them just now to varying degrees. As Lanark noted the SNP so far, in the main, are better than the rest but I have been disappointed that they have bought into the Westminster way so easily. That place needs to be disrupted and that needs to be done. The time for words in some cases has passed and it’s time for statements. We can’t win a vote there and will be demonised either way so let’s walk out on mass during PMQs, let’s bloody well clap, let’s not use their language like right honourable this and that pish. If we don’t challenge the system and shake it up nothing will ever change. The time for niceties are gone for me.

    Thanks for commenting.


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