Do we need a Labour Party?

I have been disgusted by the events taking place within the Labour Party over the last week and the on-going attempt by many within the Labour Party PLP to remove Jeremy Corbyn as the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party.


I am no fan of the Labour Party in any shape or form. A party founded out of the trade union movement to represent the interests of the working class in the United Kingdom, and as a response to the need for those working class people to have political representation, are now a pale shadow of its original ideal. In reality it has become a sad version of the Conservative Party with a long history of failure and a recent history of disaster with a foreign policy that would have made Genghis Khan blush supported by the very people sticking the knives in.

Now Jeremy Corbyn was elected by 59.5% (251,417) of membership votes. His closest rival was Andy Burnham with 19% (80,462) votes. It has been very clear since his election that most if not all of the press are against him, and it has become clear that most of the Labour MPs in Westminster have decided to stick the knife in. Some say this is due to him being a poor performer in parliament, that he never delivered the remain vote in the EU Referendum (63%), that he is unelectable despite Labour being on 32% in the current polls compared to the Conservatives on 36%. This would indicate, given how crap Labour are, that he is not doing too badly.

Many suspect that the impending release of the Chilcot Report is the reason for the sudden attack on his leadership as everyone expects Labour to be hammered in the report, rightly, and Jeremy Corbyn will probably stand up and not only apologize but slate those that made the decisions to go into that horrid disastrous war.

Given the parties recent history, given how crap most of their MPs and MSPs are, given they appear more interested in claiming expenses, representing themselves, and ignoring the wishes of the party membership do we actually need them!

I would argue that we do in fact need a strong Labour Party in England and Westminster as a balance against the Tories. Too many people across the whole of the UK have little to look forward to. No chance of a home, a secure job with decent conditions, and decent public services. Neoliberal economics, as I argued on my last post on the EU, has been a failure for the United Kingdom, the EU and the world and has in reality brought about a potential 15 to 20 years of a Project Few from Conservative Governments.

The SNP can’t and won’t win a General Election and gain a majority in Westminster, and as long as we are stuck in this awful right wing United Kingdom we need a Labour Party, a real Labour Party to represent working people and those who can’t defend themselves and an alternative to the increasingly right wing hate filled Tories.

Now I disagree with many of the policies of Jeremy Corbyn but we do need him to hold on to the leadership of the Labour Party. Labour MP’s like Margaret Hodge, Angela Eagle, Hilary Benn, Harriet Harman, and Kezia Dugdale in Scotland are a joke. Most of them would not look out of place in the Conservative Party; some would even fit into UKip so we need Jeremy Corbyn to stand firm and let the members decide, if they decide they want a Tory to lead their party then that is up to them but it won’t do the country any good.

We need a new narrative, we cannot keep going along where the majority are just not represented and as our lively hoods, our rights, and our well being is slowly written off by the Tories. I would argue that like him or loath him, like or loath the Labour Party, we do need the both of them to survive.



  1. bjsalba

    If the Labour Party is to survive the CLPs need to tell the Blairite MPs how the membership feels. All of them need to do it.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I’m not sure that the party will survive. If Corbyn stays his ground and wins another leadership contest then the party is over in it’s current form. If the MPs can’t accept it then they should resign from the party or face deselection or form a new party. Like the EU referendum who knows where it might lead but if Corbyn loses then I feel it will be a huge step back for the Labour movement in England who it appears are pretty much not represented anymore and will move in more numbers to UKIP. At least in Scotland we have the SNP, not perfect, far from it, but a hell of a lot better than the incompetents that make up the unionist parties in the main.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  2. Gary

    We need a party that stands up for the common man. Don’t really care what it calls itself.

    Not convinced that Jeremy has the qualities to be a great leader which is what the country needs at the moment. As for the 172 backstabbers within the PLP, Lenin sums it up perfectly “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Surely the Labour Party has to recognise they have been infiltrated by the right and centre right and need a cull of the Blairist’s. If the PLP cannot represent the democratic wish of their party then they should show some balls and resign allowing appointment of members who will represent the views of the membership.

    • Anonymous


      I just want change, the same narrative is no longer acceptable. Corbyn, while I don’t agree with him on Scotland, is the best hope that Labour have and he’s different enough to make him dangerous to the right. If he wasn’t they would take their time getting rid of him and getting the members on side, but they can’t.

      There may be a GE later this year, in fact there should be one as we should never accept any party appointing the PM, no way.Those days have to be well gone and he might just get enough votes to make it interesting, esp in the North of England. I don’t want fluff anymore, I want what you see is what you get, and I think many people are starting to see that. He probably can’t get elected but he might be able to rid that party of the scum bags on the right who are in the wrong party, he might be able to get enough members to back him and then the members will start de-selecting. I find it funny that many Labour MP’s are saying momentum members have been picketing their offices, compared to many of them sending soldiers to die in an illegal war, f them.

      Times have to change and I really believe this country is at it’s tipping point. What happens next will effect every single one of us. If we lose any more ground to the right then we will lose everything, not just here but every where. We have got to start making up the lost ground, making in-roads into the story or it will just get worse. The time to do it is now, when people are angry and pissed off at our politics and the establishment. I just can’t think of a better time than now to shake the whole lot up. My patience has pretty much gone waiting for change because it won’t come unless we force the issue. I want a left Labour Party in England, in fact I want English politics to go into civil war and then we leave this rotten union and tell our own story. Once independent then I get involved again, we will all need to if we want to make something different.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. bjsalba

    The short answer is no. What England needs is a new centrist party. Keeping the suppurating corpses of the defunct old parties is delaying the renewal process.

    • Anonymous


      Wouldn’t yet another centralist party just add to the problems we have right now with the models that we are following? Isn’t time to look to the left, a real honest left if there is any such thing?

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. lanark

    I was brought up in a fiercely Labour household. Both my parents were activists for the party and I voted for them in my twenties (I was a Marxist in my teens!). I can’t vote for them again and despise what they stood for under Blair and Brown. Do we need Labour? Well Corbyn and his allies could form a true Left party and let the Blairites join the Tories.

    That would be a solution for England and Wales but for Scotland we need to be rid of Labour for good.

    If Corbyn is ousted and a Blairite takes over, Labour will go back to what it became in the nineties – an SNP that has given up on independence. Pointless.

  5. Anonymous


    It’s looking like they are finished everywhere pretty much as a force , something will fill the void hopefully not UKIP. Maybe a properly organised union political party with a non stupid name, Tusc is a stupid name and sadly names matter. If your political parties name is stupid then some people won’t take it seriously.

    They only have themselves to blame, careerists and ambitious Tories infiltrated the Labour Party and destroyed it from within. The Tories must be proud. I do hope hold Corbyn holds out though as the members have to be the ones to decide. I am not a member of any party anymore but at least SNP politicians must put themselves up for selection at every election and they don’t always get chosen. A bit more of a democratic system.

    My Dad was Labour until Kinnock then went SNP. He felt betrayed by Labour, esp during the mass unemployment of the 80s when he was unemployed for a few years and it really affected him. He had fought in the war, worked all his days and found himself living in poverty with 3 kids and he was embarrassed. I remember he used to walk all the time , just take the dog out walking all the time. He really struggled with unemployment. He was a lot older than my mum. I remember hating the Tories and Labour for what they did and allowed to happen to my Dad and too many like him. We also created generations of unemployed to varying degrees and this has led to a society with zero community or ambtition in too many young people even today, it all makes me angry.

    Thanks for commenting.


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