That Bloody Woman

As everyone knows I am not a fan of Johann Lamont in any way, shape or form. I find her to be a vacuous and nasty piece of work more interested in her career and her broken political party / beliefs than she is for the betterment of Scotland and Scottish people.

Labour northern branch called the region of Scotland have not had any decent, and for that matter honest, leaders since Dewar and McLeish. McConnell did nothing as a leader of any note and was in many ways in place to ensure that the Scottish Parliament, as it was known then, was seen and not heard in Westminster. Iain Grey was poor at best and again not a political thinker of any sort, but Lamont.

Here is someone who is not slow to say she was a teacher (50 years ago), that she is a mother (well she gave birth) and believes in everything that everyone else does just not if it’s nationalism, social justice, anything proposed by the SNP, nuclear weapons being gone from Scotland, fair taxation, devolution of any real kind, free prescriptions and travel at the point of need, dignity, welfare reform and democracy because London decides the big things.

But she stooped to a new low at the weekend I thought when she said of Alex Salmond, and I quote

“But there is one thing which the First Minister has discovered this year. Women give birth to children. Then they look after them. So when his focus groups tell him women don’t like him he discovers childcare. It wasn’t exactly the same as Fleming discovering penicillin. Splitting the atom it was not but I suppose the First Minister learning anything about how real Scots live their lives is some sort of progress. I’m not going to give any theories about why the First Minister has a problem with women. “

There can be no other explanation or interpretation of this other than an attack on Alex Salmond and his wife not having children. How low can you get in politics in Scotland when someone can say this and smile. Johan Lamont is a nasty piece of work and no matter the result in September the sooner the better her kind are out of Scottish Politics can’t come soon enough. If we are to have a chance of building a better Scotland, a more prosperous Scotland, an honest and decent Scotland then the likes of Lamont have to be consigned to the rubbish heap.

I hope that those labour followers in the hall who cheered and clapped have a wee think about what they are followers of; it’s certainly not anything that I want to ever stain myself, my family, people I know or my country with.

Lamont you are a disgrace to Scotland.



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    • Anonymous


      I just her manner really and filled what comes across as hate for everything SNP. What a sad state of affairs when what we need to be doing is working together to save Scotland and create some hope.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. bringiton

    Labour need to get rid of their American “advisors” where all that matters is winning and nothing
    is off the table in terms of tactics.
    I thought the bit where she paraded her kids on the platform was straight out of the Democrat/Republican campaign handbook and I do not want to see any of that nonsense in Scotland.
    We want real people to be our political representatives and not puppets whose strings are operated remotely.
    I suppose desperate people do desperate things but this took the biscuit.
    Time she was gone,along with all the other Scottish muppets who do London’s bidding.
    Thanks Grumpy.

    • Anonymous


      It was all a sham really and as I noted filled with hate. What a country we live in when the very people elected to make things better are not interested in any of that stuff, they only want to pursue their own petty agenda and the rest of Scotland can go f it’self.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. bjsalba

    I would rate her lower than Sarah Palin. Her sayings were as dumb but they were funny. Unfortunately, Johann speeches are equally dumb but nasty and spiteful. I trust there will be no collections of her sayings as there are of Sarah’s gaffes.

    I cringe to think that people round the world are interested in Scotland’s Independence witll see that woman and think she is in any way representative of this country.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I agree, she comes across as very spiteful and hate filled. You have to wonder what the guests at FMQs are thinking when they see that, visitors from other nations and young people from our own schools must be thinking about the quality of our vision when people like Lamond, Rennie and Davidson are speaking. They really are a minter.

      Thank you for commenting.


  4. dcoleman49

    She is the worst from all of the opposition leaders. At least Rennie, Davidson and Harvey are likable and you can understand their points on some things. Lamont even looks thick, if she is a teacher I feel sorry for her pupils.

    • Anonymous


      Wouldn’t say that Davidson is likable to be honest. Rennie and Harvie yes and Lamont is just a horrible individual and nasty with it.


      • dcoleman49


        I have met Davidson and I can tell you she is actually alright. Has a good sense of humour about her, although I disagree with her politics she is probably more left winged than Lamont.

        in baldness,


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