Fear, Fear, Fear and oh more Fear

I have been bored with the FEAR for a long time now and it’s going to get worse over the next six months to the extent that Scotland might just be returning to the dark ages sometimes soon.

If you believe Bitter Together, the BBC or EBC, the Times, the Sun, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, the Courier, the Mirror, the Herald, the Scotsman, the so called left wing Guardian, the Daily Record, the Star, Sky News, Shell, RBS, Standard Life, Lloyds, and the woman who makes bras in Glasgow we are fucked if we vote YES in September.

We won’t have the pound, we won’t be in Europe, we won’t have an army, food will be more expensive, they’ll be no jobs, energy will be too dear, no Dr Who, my pension will be lost, ships will no longer be built in Scotland, I’ll need a passport to go to funland, no one will like me, my taxes will go up by £2000 a year. Breath. I’ll be forced to use the euro even if I’m not in Europe, we’ll have no treaties, the oil will run out, my credit rating will be in the toilet, I won’t have the Royal Mail (yes I know), there will be no investment, no one will buy our stuff, we won’t get duel citizenship, my granny will be a foreigner if she lives in funland, we don’t get to keep any assets, no shared intelligence (yes what intelligence I know). Breath. China will take back the pandas, terrorists will attack me, we won’t have David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Nick Clegg, George Osborne, Vice Cable, Jim Murphy, Margaret Curran, Danny Alexander, Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and David Bowie.

You have to love the Unionists but when you consider the above ask yourself one question, who is more afraid you or them?

My answer is, FUCK IT, I’m voting YES anyway, what do I have to lose. I don’t live in a country where my vote counts, I don’t live in a country that values people, I live in a country that’s only response to the democratic will of the people is to bully and scare them, a country that attacks the poorest and most vulnerable, I live in a country with three Tory Parties, really what do I have to lose.



  1. Anonymous


    Thank the stars we still have Lamont , she is a real asset to the yes campaign. Thanks for comenting.


  2. Alex Smith

    Where’s the down side (Apart from Lamont)?

    Even if we have to start to rebuild our country from scratch – We’ll build it OUR way. Not in the image of Westminster’s plutocracy, but a proper democracy.

    • Anonymous


      Totally agree with you, there is no down side really. We could get a written constitutionfor a start, then maybe in time get rid of the royal family nonsense.

      Thanks for commenting


    • Anonymous

      The Herald would appear to be slightly more sympathetic to the YES Campaign and have never came out for YES and the Sun backed the SNP in 2011 but have so far been on the NO side. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Anonymous

    would end the legal system give judges power to stop laws that contradict it and will lead to people claiming they have barbaric rights just as they do in the US, Iceland and Pakistan

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