A Nuclear Submarine and £120 Million Pounds

HMS Vanguard is to be refueled with a new nuclear core at a cost of £120m. This was reported on the BBC last week and confirmed by the Defence Secretary. There is no way that this can be justified in any shape or form, it’s bad enough that we even have nuclear weapons, but to not take the chance to get rid of one of these submarines at this time is just wrong and a missed opportunity, esp given the facts below.

29% of people living in Scotland are living in poverty; many are either children or elderly.

56.000 people have had to use food banks this year in Scotland.

53,270 people on Job seekers have been sanctioned in Scotland.

In these times of austerity why are we spending this kind of money on something that we will never use, is it ok to keep a nuclear weapon that we will never fire, and to pay for it, we punish the poorest and the most vulnerable. The really ironic thing is our nuclear weapons will kill more of our own people through austerity (to pay for the horrible useless things) than they will a terrorist because they will never ever be fired in anger.

In the United Kingdom nuclear weapons are not a deterrent at all, no, this is about politicians being able to keep a seat on the security council, on NATO and the top table in Europe. This is about ego, this is about vanity and this is about a lost and failed empire.

This is just so wrong and another reason I will be voting YES in September.



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