Scotland’s Shame

Alex Salmond today finds himself having to consider legal action yet again in relation to the sexual misconduct allegations that he was found innocent of on every account by a Jury of his peers in the highest Court in the land due to the serialisation of a book by David Clegg and Times journalist Kieran Andrews. This book alleges that Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans (her who always tells the truth), Scotland’s most senior civil servant, is said to have upheld five charges against Mr Salmond at the conclusion of her investigation in 2018. Alex Salmond has said “he had also instructed his lawyers to report to the Crown “the outrageous decision of some to publish leaked extracts of the Permanent Secretary Lesley Evans’ findings in the original unlawful investigation”. 

While some decent people have been very quick to come out in support of Alex Salmond today is a day of shame for Scotland in a long list of shame in recent years when it comes to justice or what passes for it now in Scotland from our Courts and our so called media. Alex Salmond not only won his legal case against the Scottish Government, a jury at the High Court in Edinburgh cleared the former first minister of all charges in March 2020. ALL CHARGES. 

Enough is enough. We should be looking at the media in more detail regarding this case, especially around the three leaks (not one) of the original concerns to the media Leak 1 Daily Record splashed (on 23 August 218) about Salmond being reported “to the cops over allegations of sexual assault,” Leak 2 a second article in the Sunday Post written by Andrew Picken1 (26 August) told readers that “Scotland’s top law officer said sex claims had to be handed over to police,” and later still Leak 3 (on 12 November) the Daily Record again informed the hungry public that Salmond’s “sex rap cops” were “probing alleged incidents at Edinburgh Airport.” As Wings Over Scotland pointed out in this article certain journalists and Liz Lloyd (Sturgeons Chief of Staff) appear to know each other pretty well but of course Police Scotland could not find the source of any leaks to the media, maybe they should be looking at this yet again because an innocent man is being dragged through the mud at every opportunity by journalists in Scotland.

The other issue is also that a jury, who were able to hear all of the defence case, a defence case that the public will never be allowed to hear shamefully, did not believe any of the complainers in court, or evidence produced by the prosecution, think about that for one second, they did not believe any of the complainers or the prosecution,  and yet Alex Salmond continues to be tried in public day after day, Craig Murray sits in a jail cell for so called jigsaw identification of the accusers, and yet people like Clegg and Andrews appear to be getting away with rehashing these accusations by way of a book, and according to Wings Over Scotland All of the accusers said, clearly and specifically, that Salmond had sexually assaulted them, but the jury concluded that he didn’t sexually assault a single one of them. How can that be justice, how can that be fair, how can Scotland have become such a tin pot country since Nicola Sturgeon took charge. 

By writing this book are Clegg and Andrews bringing into questions the Jury in the trial? are they are bringing into question the defence witnesses? are they are bringing into question Scotland’s judicial system? is that’s ok? well it bloody well is not in my opinion if that is what is happening. It is bad enough that I no longer have faith in our judicial system and this will be yet another test of it. Alex Salmond has made a formal complaint to the Crown Office, will they act, I doubt it given their record in this case to this point but I hope that he does find justice, find some peace. I am always weary of writing anything about this whole process because we are just not safe to comment anymore in Sturgeon’s Scotland but this is a disgrace.

David Davis, Conservative MP, a former UK cabinet minister said in Westminster senior SNP figures should be investigated over possible “collusion, perjury and criminal conspiracy” in relation to the handling of complaints against Alex Salmond. Should that include the Scottish Media if it ever came about, of course it should but it won’t ever see the light of day because too many in the Scottish Government and the Scottish Judicial system have too much to lose it would appear. It is ok to continue to try an innocent man in the court of public opinion daily while the courts protect complainers via anonymity in these type of cases but appear to allow free reign for so called journalists while one man, Craig Murray, the only journalist to report the defence case, sits in a jail.

It’s disgusting that here I am tonight having to write about an injustice that will go down in Scottish history as one of our greatest legal shames in the history of Scotland, it is not too late to right the wrong, but from what we have seen, it just won’t happen will it. I really hope Alex Salmond can find a way to justice for all our sakes and all of those who as Wings Over Scotland noted it can only be the case that one side was lying absolutely, and those journalists who failed to report the whole case, they know who they are, are equally held to account.

I would also encourage you to look at Gordon Dangerfield’s blog for a lot of great insight into this whole shameful time in our history.

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14 Responses to Scotland’s Shame

  1. scotsmanic0803 says:

    ‘I am always weary of writing anything about this whole process because we are just not safe to comment anymore in Sturgeon’s Scotland but this is a disgrace.’ No. Do not fall for the propaganda that prosecuting a select few has engendered. Say what you want. You will not be prosecuted, as long as it is within the bounds of legality and sanity and dignity. Can you imagine the Sturgeon psycho cabal trying to prosecute every single anti-Sturgeon blogger in Scotland, the outrage? They have made their select few prosecutions. I doubt there will be more, to be honest. And if people are too scared to write freely what they think and feel…there never will be more, or a need for more, tragically and disgustingly.

    Don’t let the bitches silence you. Ever.

    • scotsmaniac

      It won’t believe me but it now takes a bit of time to check out every word, try to link it to articles that back up your view, preferably by a journalist as their work is legal checked etc. I know my blog is kept an eye on as I was informed a while back I was on the alleged list that was doing the rounds within the SNP, I certainly got blocked suddenly by a lot of SNP elected reps, all in the same day so there may some truth to it so I do have to spend more time checking sources, checking for back up to my argument. It’s a pain but free speech in Scotland now is not what it should be.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Black Rab says:

    I’d be afraid for my life if I was Alex. The British state will stop at nothing to continue the plunder of Scotland’s land and resources. They imagine Alex a threat to that continuance.

    Truth, justice and due legal process mean nothing to the British state. All is fair in collusion and perjury, so long as it suits them.
    Jigsaw Identification will appear to be rational good sense compared to the absurdities that’ll be squirming around inside their deviant loop holed brains in their next attempts to frame Alex Salmond.

    There will be no justice forthcoming from committee investigations or hearings.

    They’ve shown us how they work. Sturgeon too.

    • Rab

      I hope that he gets justice but I just can’t see it in the Scotland we see now, one that is increasingly intolerant and favours the pet interests of the establishment, basically if you don’t have money you don’t have justice and you certainly get the judgement you can afford. It is a sorry state of affairs and one that should shame us all. I feel for AS I really do, he is certainly seen as a threat to the status quo that is for sure. No idea if his safety would ever be at risk and I would hope not but nothing would surprise me in Britain.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. 100%Yes says:

    We are right behind you Alex with donations if you so requires. We will not allow the New SNP and its elfs at the behest of the British state to destroy the idea by the destroying the man.

  4. I’ll be contributing to any necessary crowdfunder as this has gone way past utterly ridiculous. The drivel in this “book” was basically being reported as gospel – “You know how he was found innocent? Well, actually these 5 charges were upheld…” They were careful not to say WHO they were upheld by.

    Enough is enough. I’m sick fed up to the back teeth of this so can’t begin to imagine how Alex Salmond must feel. Gloves off time and I hope this is the beginning of the end for the coven and everyone else connected.

    • Dave

      Same, I read the article and it’s just all crap that a jury rejected and did not accept in any shape or form yet he is tarnished every day. I don’t know how he copes to be honest, innocent but guilty anyway. Disgusting.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. duncanio says:

    A great article Bruce and, believe me, I feel your anger too.

    My understanding is that there is an on-going police investigation into the Daily Record leak of August 2018 and that there was going to be a case brought by Mr Salmond against the Permanent Secretary. But perhaps I have got this wrong, as all seems to have gone quiet on this front.

    In any case I think it is impossible for the Crown Office to ignore the recent complaint from Alex Salmond regarding the Clegg/Andrews book – the part serialised by The Times at the weekend is highly defamatory and quotes from the struck down the findings of the unlawful, unfair and apparently biased civil service/government procedure investigating Alex Salmond. Lord Pentland, who made the judgment, decreed that these details could not be made public. The breach of this court order could surely not be more explicit.

    Surely those malicious elements in the press will be brought to heal after this?

    • Duncanio

      Nothing would surprise me with the Crown Office, it is clear that it comes across as politicalized now and is going after certain people within the YES community and SNP failure to challenge makes them complicit in all of it. I hope they get pulled up and investigated but I won’t hold my breath.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Westviews says:

    I am so disgusted by Sturgeon, and those in her circle who are at the heart of all of this. As for Lloyd, she should be sitting in a courtroom beside Leslie Evans. Alex shouldn’t have to be putting up with this continuous witch hunt. The sooner a newspaper or other outlet from another country prints the truth, the sooner Sturgeon and her coterie will be sacked in disgrace. I hope that they’re spending every minute looking over their shoulders and wondering when the axe is going to fall. Alex will go down well in the history books despite the best efforts of what passes for journalism in Scotland. Sturgeon will always be known for what she is, a scheming, lying, nasty excuse of a woman and a politician. She deserves nothing less.

  7. Cubby says:

    Well written article that sums up the depravity of Sturgeon, her gang and the Britnat media. I wouldn’t put it past Sturgeon to pick a new Perm Sec (when Evans leaves next year) who will agree to reinvestigate the two initial Scotgov allegations all over again. The fact that the Scotgov couldn’t investigate them fairly the first time or the fact that the complainers were not believed in he criminal trial wil not stop them doing it all over again. Who/what is to stop Sturgeon? These people have no shame and no concept of right and wrong. The “supposed”leader of the independence movement is working with the anti independence Britnat media.

    Sturgeon The Betrayer of Salmond and Scotland.

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