Here’s an Idea

The rise in Covid – 19 cases, and the potential of restrictions being reimposed, should make us all take stock today. A third of cases are in young people so hopefully more young people out there will have a serious think about getting the vaccination which will reduce their risk of serious illness. But that is not what I want to briefly talk about this afternoon in this wee additional blog. I noted with interest that

It has been confirmed that a statuary public inquiry into the handling of the pandemic will be established by the end of the year which will take a person-centred, human rights based approach.

A judge will be appointed to lead the inquiry, which will look at all matters regarding the handling of the pandemic, including the care homes situation.

So while Nicola Sturgeon has suddenly had an epiphany regarding Judge led enquiries can we have some more please.

Can we have a judge led enquiry into the Alex Salmond harassment enquiry including the actions of Lesley Evans in carrying out the policy that saw Alex Salmond charged, the SNP, SNP staff who may have leaked the story to the Daily Record, the Crown Office, Police Scotland and if there was any perjury during the trial, a trial that found Alex Salmond innocent of all charges.

Can we have a judge led enquiry into the malicious prosecution of the Rangers lawyers that has so far cost the Scottish tax payer over £100 MILLION pounds and set to rise even more. Can this enquiry include the actions of the Crown Office and it’s senior staff who were involved in this case.

Can we have a judge led enquiry into the actions of the press, and jigsaw identification, that saw only one person convicted while the mainstream media journalists, who most people believe went much farther in identifying accusers in the Alex Salmond case, were not investigated at all. can this include the Crown Office who ordered this investigation and in particular if there were any political motives behind their actions.

Can we have a judge led enquiry into the failed case against Mark Hurst and in particular if this case was politically motivated on the part of the Crown Office and the staff involved in this prosecution.

I’m not the only one who feels this way, “Scottish Labour and the Scottish Conservatives have urged the Crown Office to investigate whether the SNP’s chief executive has “committed perjury”.

Labour and the Tories had demanded the Lord Advocate, James Wolffe QC, appear at Holyrood today to explain why the Crown Office dramatically intervened in the parliament’s affairs amid claims of a “cover up”. 

Murdo Fraser Conservative MSP noted in Parliament “That is why my motion calls for a full, independent and public inquiry conducted by a member of the judiciary from outside Scotland, from one of the other home nations. That is the only way that the findings of any inquiry will have credibility in the eyes of the legal profession and the Scottish public”.

Actually, can we have a judge led enquiry into the actions of the Scottish Crown Office, if there was any collusion between the Crown Office and anyone in the Scottish Government regarding any of these cases, and if any of these cases were politically motivated. What do you think the chances are?


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8 Responses to Here’s an Idea

  1. larawanda2004 says:

    Chances of this happening, not a lot, no way Jose, in your dreams sunny boy, Wee Nikita walks on water.

  2. ObairPheallaidh says:

    Bruce, which cover-up are the Tories/Labour etc talking about? Is it the Care homes or the Salmond fit up?

  3. ObairPheallaidh says:

    Oh aye, I understand now. I was getting my hopes up there that something might have broken for the openly colonial parties to be raising their voices.

  4. lorncal says:

    Had they insisted on young people being vaccinated before they were given access to clubs, pubs, and even in the streets where they rarely wear a mask, we could have avoided all this. After older people were vaccinated, it should have been the youth because they are now the carriers and are e infecting older people who have had Covid or who have been fully vaccinated. Young people believe they are immortal and trying to persuade them to think of others was always going to be a hard one to sell. Not having a go, just telling it like it is. We were all like that as youngsters; it comes with the territory.

  5. Bill says:

    Any enquiries into the Scottish government’s behaviour invariably end up being a farce anyway. In answer to your last question, no we can’t and won’t get any meaningful inquiry on those matters. Because it does not suit Nicola Sturgeon to do so. There is too much at stake for her. And her control and power seems to reach far and wide. We’ll get zilch.

  6. Cubby says:

    Remember the farce of Sturgeon being investigated by her own appointee (independent😂 ) James Hamilton and Hamilton allowing her to redact large chunks of his report but the bits where it said Sturgeon is the best thing since sliced bread were left in.

    I’ve been cleared shouted Sturgeon.

  7. Alan D says:

    I wonder what kind of judge Murdo Fraser has in mind. A judge appointed by the English Tory establishment, a judge appointed by the Northern Ireland unionist establishment or a judge appointed by the Welsh Labour establishment?

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