Hypocrites and Liars

The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, the Scottish Labour Party and the Scottish Liberal Democrats voted against an ammended to give EU Nationals and 16 and 17 year olds a vote in any future Scottish Independence Referendum. 

Changed days from this below:

These people are liars, they have no decency and they have no shame. Every single one of them should hang their heads tonight, they have shown themselves to be exactly what they are, liars , opportunists and hypocrites. 

No one should forget this day, no young people should forget this day and no democrat should forget this day. I’m ashamed that they sit in our parliament. 


A friend, Liberal Democrat, correctly pointed out to me that the amendment was part of a larger motion and parties don’t vote on part of a motion. I accept that, he is correct, but the principle for me still stands. While I don’t like abstentions they could have abstained in my mind which would have allowed the retention of principle. 


One comment

  1. Scotsfox

    The amendments are voted on before the vote on the motion. They could have voted for 16/17 year olds & EU Citizens voting and voted against the motion.

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