I have been blogging for a few years now and I must admit I still enjoy it. I have learned and tried to inform  in my own small way. This blog has always been about expressing an opinion on a variety of subjects, but mainly politics. 

That so many people have read this blog is very flattering that I’m not sure I can even begin to really explain how flattering that feels, readers who comment have not only informed me but have also encouraged me to learn more and in many ways to improve my writing, although while grammatically not the best, I have tried to make this blog accessible to anyone. 

However, I do sometimes think what is the point. I watch parliament, I try to keep informed, to learn , to grow and to share. I look at politicians in all parties and despair at a system that seems to turn people with ideals into drones, and it depresses me. I see unionists with a different view to my own, which is fine lol, but their views validate unionist politicians hurting people less able than themselves, and that’s not ok, but too many accept it. 

I hear that we have to be nice, polite, stick to the rules for fear of upsetting the soft no voter, when what I see around me are people at the bottom losing ground everyday. 

The powerless live in fear in so many ways, and those with the power refuse to share it, an established opposition in Westminster, and a Government in Holyrood, as much a part of that establishment that I despise, and whom have in many ways created the problem of powerlessness that I and so many live with.

From all parties they talk about representing the views of the voters when the reality is they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, and it pisses me off. The powerlessness I feel has often resulted in my wanting to stop blogging, or has led me down a path of ridiculing unionists and the very cynicism that I profess to hate.

Politicians stand up in Holyrood to talk about the horrible division that another referendum will cause but that is a smokescreen to the misery that our system of government facilitates everyday, and the SNP playing the game are complicit in that process. 

You might be asking what does that have to do with this blog, where is the Why? 

The Why is that I blog because I need to express my opinion, an opinion, because the reality is that no party, and the current system of political discourse doesn’t really care about what I have to say, they only really care about my vote once every few years. They will care a little more in May of course but the reality is they don’t. 

This blog does at least allow me to express that opinion so I will continue to blog as a way to express myself and would encourage as many of you to blog also, to comment if you want to, but the next referendum will demand more than blogging and I am happy to do more. 

What I won’t do is placate Unionists and be nice if it means compromising my honesty, I won’t toe the politically correct line if it means compromising my beliefs. 

Being nice and towing the line has got us nowhere, it has gotten us Tories of all colours and it has seen the many gains we have made being eroded before our eyes. 

This is why I blog, this is why I express an opinion because to not express an opinion is to give in, to give up.

I appreciate this blog today has been a bit of a ramble but I am trying to explain why I do it in the hope that more people will blog also, will express their opinion, become critical thinkers and become informed. I do feel powerless today, listening to the awful standard of debate in Holyrood hasn’t helped to be honest , but I suppose to do nothing is worse.  



  1. billy

    i think you speak for quite a few of us who do not think they have the grammar or able to express thmselves in words i have only recently started to reply to blogs such as yourself, munquins,wos etc and have been encourge to comment more by your replies so keep up the good work christ i even managed to put commas in this time

    • Anonymous

      That’s very kind, don’t worry about spelling or things like that. That’s great that you are commenting on a host of sites, it’s really important because we all learn things we never knew and get ideas. I sometimes comment when I have the time but I must admit never on wos, tends to be MR for me. You should try and blog though, word press is free and is pretty easy to use and I would definitely follow and read etc. The best way to get used to writing is to write, I look at some of my earlier blogs and they were ok in that I know what I was saying but I don’t think anyone else did, it takes practice, but the more you do it the better you get and some blogs are amazing, I try to keep this one as simple as possible as I want it to reflect the conversations I have with people. Someone who gets on my nerves is Brian Taylor from the BBC, he writes in a way that you need a dictionary and that annoys me, it’s deliberate and aims at a certain audience excluding others, that is not right for a journalist.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • trispw

        The art, I think, is to write for your audience.

        Blog readers don’t want high faluting stuff… and they don;t want to be written down to either. Converstaional-style is best.

        You got it right, Bruce.

        Brilliant post!

        And Billy, Munguin is delighted to have you comment, and as you will have seen, I’m forever making mistakes. No one bothers about that over at Munguins!

        • Anonymous


          Thanks, I do try and I think the blog has gotten a little better, either way though it has always been mainly about myself expressing an opinion and I am genuinely flattered that people read it.

          Thanks for commenting.


  2. East Neuker

    It is people like yourself who are willing to put themselves to the trouble of blogging and to put their opinions forward who provide the framework for debate and discussion. This engages others, and helps them to think through their own thoughts and feelings, and perhaps express them in comments.
    Whether they agree or disagree with you, or like me a bit of both, engaging with others is the only way to test one’s own beliefs, understanding, and perceived facts and try to reach a reasoned position. You are doing something valuable so please don’t stop.
    I too despair of the whole scenario at times, but can only see two choices – withdraw, don’t care what’s happening to others and hide until they come for me. Or, and this is what I feel I must do, engage,and try to make a difference however small.
    I sense that, despite the hopelessness we both feel at times, that is what you will do too.

    • Anonymous

      East Neuker
      Totally agree, we need to engage and share, and when we disagree we learn and that is possibly the most important. You have often given me lot of food for thought, especially around the EU and that has been really good for how I view things. I won’t stop blogging, this one came about as I was chatting to someone about it and they were like why do you bother with blogging and twitter, and I thought I could see his point as it takes time, and it can take thought to try and be clear about what I want to say, but then I thought I blog to express an opinion, but it’s either that or go postal at some of the stupidity I see across the board. I recorded the whole two days of debate, well up to the suspension of the session due to the sorry events in London. What I saw from our MSPs was unreal at times, I actually wondered if some of them hated Scotland, a few on the SNP bench are becoming complacent and NS needs to be a bit sharper when she is being challenged, esp around the will of parliament stuff but overall I thought the level of debate was pretty poor, Westminster standard sadly, and the banging the tables gets right on my nerves. I emailed the Presiding Officers about it as it is a pure minter and annoying, esp when they are telling people in the public gallery not to clap or the gallery will be cleared, people’s parliament my arse. It is what it is however and like you say the alternative is to crawl into a dark room and hide, that solves nothing.

      Thanks for commenting and for the encouragement.


  3. Brian

    A future YES vote , as in 2014, will depend largely on online media such as yours. Having spoken several times to my SNP MP and his secretary, they fully appreciate that but seem reluctant to recognise the role of WOS, Bella, Munguin, Newsnet (Prof John, what a man), gsm and many others publicly. Makes me wonder. Playing by establishment rules handicaps you severely. Something completely radical is required. I hope the SNP (and the Greens) can step up.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I know what you are saying about playing the establishments game, can we win playing their way, I am not so sure. I find Patrick Harvey bites back a little bit more and appreciate that Nicola S is in a difficult place, but sometimes it comes across all weird for me, we can’t be afraid of offending someone by telling the truth, if they don’t like it we will never convince them anyway so we move on to the next person.

      I think most of the blogs are really important and some less so. WOS is vital, as is MR, Bateman , Murray. I am not in their league but I don’t get Bella at all and Newsnet for me suffered a few years ago when it decided to go safe.

      We will all have to do our bit come the right time as we only get one more chance at an outright vote. If we lose then we face the long long drip drip of responsibilities being devolved under England votes for its own independence on its own terms.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Lanark

    Please keep blogging. I can only echo the other replies here, especially billy’s.

    I class the pro indy blogs into two groups- Wings and Craig Murray etc are like attending a conference. Whereas your blog and Munguin’s are more like a wee group getting together. But all are vitally important to the Yes movement as our media is hopelessly corrupt.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Thanks for the encouragement, I am going to keep blogging. I thought about why I do it following a conversation with a friend who asked me why I bother so I decided to have a think about it, was it worth doing, were there other ways to express my opinion short of joining a party and attending meetings. It comes down to using the blog as a way to express an opinion, the fact that people read it is flattering but it is a way to vent, and given the unfairness and how much I despise the UK I certainly need that. I would put Munquin’s up there with WOS and Craig to be honest for myself, I love the way that Tris writes, how he gets to the point in such a seamless way that is accessible by all, that’s a gift I think. My blog is clumsy but I wouldn’t change the way I write, it works for me,even with all the mistakes.

      Thanks for commenting.


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