Zipped up the back

Theresa May is to offer Scotland some new powers. 

According to the Business Times Theresa May will offer guarantees over EU nationals for example, but wait for it, these new powers that will head off another referendum will be only temporary. 

Does Theresa May really believe that Scotland, the Scottish Government, and most of the Scottish people are zipped up the back. You would think these insults are deliberate if you didn’t know how thick this Tory Government actually is. 

If true then how insulting is this, they really do see Scotland as a colony. No need for Empire 2 here. 

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9 Responses to Zipped up the back

  1. East Neuker says:

    Unfortunately, there are Scots who will want to believe that this is a magnanimous offer from the ‘real’ government to pacify the bolshy nationalists.
    Those of us who are paying attention know its a load of condescending nonsense, but it does have an audience. Radio 4 was bigging it up this morning.
    They are trying to make the First Minister look intransigent and unreasonable and the Unionist in Scotland will pile in and praise May loudly.
    It’s going to go on and on. We will need nerve, patience and perseverance.

    • East Neuker
      Yeah I saw a little of daily politics and the there was a lot of what if questions, that of course demand an answer, to Angus Neil I think it was from the SNP. But your right, there will be many who will believe anything, want to believe anything to try and justify their no vote. Any offer of course will be rubbish and will do nothing to enhance Holyrood but more importantly will do nothing to weaken Westminster. People have got to learn that Westminster cannot be trusted in any shape or form. I’ll be interested in what is proposed but it will just be for laughs. There was another story about the fishing industry going to be sold down the river so to speak, but then I couldn’t find it again but I’ll keep looking.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. billy says:

    well i think the unionist supporters may well be zipped up th back as they are the ones who keep believing westminster even after seeing the lies and broken promises from th last referendum

    • Billy
      I think it is a bit of a mixed bag, there are those who will never be YES no matter what happens. There are those who get their news from the yoon media, and those are the ones who we need to educate, and there are soft no’s who know the current state of affairs doesn’t work but can be persuaded but too many believe everything they hear after years of what I sometimes call Jockholme Syndrome.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Alan says:

    Aye, it’s probably going to be an “assurance” that agriculture, fishing, etc., will be devolved in the fullness of time. Can’t see May walking back on her rejection of the Scottish Government’s Article 50 positions back in December. But that route is open to her, which is why I had and still have concerns about holding the Section 30 request vote before Article 50 is triggered. If May caves in completely, independence would be off the table – but it would be politically expensive for her.

    Apparently, it’s part of a tour of the four UK nations before May triggers Article 50. I wonder who she’s going to talk to when she visits Belfast…

    • Alan
      The article hints that May will confirm EU nationals status until Brexit, but forgive me for my ignorance but don’t they have that anyway since we are a member of the EU until we leave, that is where the buttoned up the back comes in. I think they will give away fishing and agriculture to save London, or they will damn well try and that could play into our hands. I believe in many ways London is the key, they will bend over backwards to the financial sector and to a smaller degree the car makers. That will result in things like Whiskey tariffs not being changed, along with most of the other Scottish parts of the economy, if that doesn’t get people angry nothing will. Ireland is looking more and more likely to have a border poll, their own referendum, at our rate Ireland will be united before we’re independent but she can’t keep everyone happy. I think we have to be pushing for a UK EFTA idea, no matter wither we want on or not, but we have to keep them on the back foot and off balance, they just can’t cope.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. trispw says:

    I’ve no idea what the visit was about. Having ignored the Scottish government for ages she arrives for an hour of talks with the FM.

    This is her getting the people behind her?

    We can achieve anything as ONE NATION!

    Go home, Mrs May. We live in an internet age.

    You’re impressing no one.

    • trispw says:

      BTW, Sarah Smith was on Radio 4 this morning and her script could have been written by Theresa May.

      Shockingly biased reporting.

    • Anonymous says:


      There is a part of me that hopes they keep it up, their contempt for Scotland is clear. Davisons sit down comment today will come back to haunt her and has shown that the angrier they get the more they lose it. I can’t stand them and Mays visit was for English news, look at me how accommodating I’m being to the dirty jocks and they spit on it. I’ve had it with them Tris, they are toilet scum of the lowest order along with Neil Findlay, James Kelly, Lamont and Dugdale. They will do anything to keep Scotland down and now this oil find has been confirmed it will get even dirtier.

      Thanks for commenting.


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