Blast From The Past or Is it?

I was having a wee skiffy through Wings articles and revisited one from 2014 that made me chuckle and got me thinking about the debate in Holyrood about another Scottish Referendum on Independence the last two days. 

Here are a few of my selected favs from 2014:

The YES campaign have been told by everyone and their aunty that if there is a second independence referendum then they have to come up with a different story as the last one was a failure. Obviously this doesn’t apply to the NO camp as we can see from the images above and below.

The Daily Rancid told us that our shopping basket would cost more if we dared vote for self determination. 

Just as well we didn’t vote for independence and leaving the EU, who knows what our shopping would have cost, oops 

We then had a warning that a yes vote would lead to more painful austerity if we were to leave the comforting boosum of England and the EU.  

It then turned out that England and Wales voted to leave the EU and you would never have guessed what would happen next. 

My favourite however remains that if we had voted yes we would be attacked from space according to Phil Hammond. 

Wonder if that one still stands, that would certainly be a day to bury bad news. We certainly dodged a bullet by voting no the last time. Hopefully the next time people won’t fall for the rubbish above and look at the reality of that no vote. 

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