Heard it before, same shit different year!

The Scotsman, or the Hootsman as otherwise known, goes with a headline today from David Davis MP, Brexit Minister, saying that significant new powers will come to the Scottish Parliament after negotiation with Westminster.

We have been down this road before, Scotland’s no vote in 2014 promised permanent and extensive new powers according to the now discredited Daily Rancid Headline ‘The Vow’. Maybe todays headline by an equally poor Yoonionist newspaper should be ‘The Vow 2 – Same Shit Different Year ‘.

Of course the reality in many areas, taxation in particular, was very different:

The Scottish Government currently has responsibility over areas such as fisheries and agriculture for example and these are the areas being used as an example by David Davis, although it is worth noting that in the last round of Fisheries talks in 2014 with the EU the Tories sent Rupert Ponsonby, the seventh Baron de Mauley, from the House of Lords to represent the UK/Scotland, an unelected Peer rather than an elected Minister from the Scottish Government. So while we might have responsibility over these areas our ability to really effect them has never been strong in the first place.

The SNP regard the refusal of any concrete guarantee from Westminster over the laws returning to the UK from the EU as an opportunity of a power grab by the Tories and who can dispute that. Westminster will not do anything that makes the Scottish Parliament stronger and Westminster weaker. We cannot afford to forget the joke that was the Smith Commission, or the Vow. Please Scotland don’t fall for this shit again, if we do there really is no hope for us.

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