The Governor General Lays it out for us dafties

David Mundell MP, Governor General of Scotland and the only Tory MP in Scotland, yesterday started his own diplomatic relations with Scotland. 

We know where we Stand now, under the jackboots of a Tory Government we did not elect, a party that has not won an election in Scotland in 62 years.  Theresa May, Prime Minister, clarified in parliament what the Governor General meant when she said 

Obviously being told that our voice doesn’t count, our parliament doesn’t matter will bring many of us Together, hopefully on the YES side. 

It really is time for Scotland to grow a pair and chart a different path. Our future does not lie with the UK anymore, if we want to live in a fair and decent country then there really is only one option.

Another thought could be:

Some time ago I wrote about the The Ghost in the Room , maybe now is the time if Theresa May, as expected, refuses to even discuss the mandate for another Indy ref. Maybe a show of the SNPs General Election democratic mandate is required, maybe the SNP MPs at Westminster need to walk out, the result would be no mandate for Westminster. 


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