A report today in Welfare Weekly found that 4 million people in the UK are classed as in food insecurity. 

1 in 4 poor households regularly go without food and struggle to have even basic nutrition. 17% of adults surveyed reported being worried about running out of food before they have any money to buy any more. 

The UN last year found that 8 million households in the UK we’re living in what they called food insecurity. A survey by Young Woman’s Trust found that 46% of young mums go without food to feed their children in England. Campaigners and MPs have urged the Government to monitor food insecurity but the Tories have so far refused, they are shameless. 

I find it disgusting that in the 4th wealthiest country in the world millions go hungry, that is a national scandal that we should all be ashamed of. 

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3 Responses to Shameless

  1. billy says:

    do tory mps in westminster read or even care about how this reflects on them surely the scottish people must realize that with these stastics and others like this and realise that if westminster is willing to thrust people of england into poverty killing of the nhs and welfare systems means scotland wales and northern ireland will always be well and truly shafted please vote yes for independence and get us out of this tory led madness

  2. billy says:

    something else is scottish parilament about to be disolved sometime after brexit 4.6
    4.4 To provide the greatest level of legal and administrative certainty upon leaving the EU, and consistent with the approach adopted more generally in legislating for the point of departure, the Government intends to replicate the current frameworks provided by EU rules through UK legislation. In parallel we will begin intensive discussions with the devolved administrations to identify where common frameworks need to be retained in the future, what these should be, and where common frameworks covering the UK are not necessary. Whilst these discussions are taking place with devolved administrations we will seek to minimise any changes to these frameworks. We will work closely with the devolved administrations to deliver an approach that works for the whole and each part of the UK.
    4.5 This will be an opportunity to determine the level best placed to take decisions on these issues, ensuring power sits closer to the people of the UK than ever before. It is the expectation of the Government that the outcome of this process will be a significant increase in the decision making power of each devolved administration.
    4.6 Legislation that is within the competence of the devolved legislatures or ministers giving effect to EU law will also need to be amended as we leave the EU. We therefore propose that the Bill also gives the devolved ministers a power to amend devolved legislation to correct law that will no longer operate appropriately, in line with the power we propose should be held by UK ministers.

    • Anonymous says:

      The food issue is an on-going sore in this country. I buy extra for the box at my local store when I have the money, its very little but better than nothing I suppose. I think your correct that the Tory cuts in England will affect Scotland through the funding formula, I know that independence is not going to be easy but it really is our only hope now. Westminster can abolish the Scottish Parliament now under the 1998 Scotland Act but it would be political suicide for the Government that did it and it would result in a real political mess, probably calls for UDI if that happened, but I wouldn’t put it past them to threaten it or try it. Brexit is going to be a mess, the Government are not capable, and I have said all along that I would not be surprised if there is not another vote on membership on worse terms and the UK votes to stay. They will delay the next Scottish Referendum as long as they can, maybe as late as 2022/3 if they can get away with it, the SNP and the Greens are really going to have to play high stakes and I have also expressed I think the SNP should do things like walk out during PMQs as they at times look like they are part of the establishment. I also can’t stand the right honourable this and that, what a joke in a so called modern democracy.

      Thanks for commenting


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