Buying into the British State

Buying into the British State – So my local MP SNP Chris Law has resigned as the Shadow Secretary for International Development and Climate Justice, what the F is that all about. I did vote for Chris Law back in 2015 and haven’t since as he is just another SNP MP living off the taxpayer and the crumbs from the British table, sent to London to settle up and settled in all too well. The man has been a total disappointment, name one thing he has achieved for Dundee and for the independence cause in 7 years of living the life in the English Government Capital. I have never understood why SNP MPs gave themselves those titles and roles other than nice trips abroad at our expense and it is all so depressing if you ask me.

Any independence supporting MP sent down from Scotland should play no part in the British state, they should not serve on committees, they should not be going on foreign trips, not taking part in any debates that don’t affect Scotland. They are a total embarrassment if you ask me, just like Scottish Labour MPs in the past, the principles only last until the first wage and expenses arrive in the bank account.

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7 Responses to Buying into the British State

  1. Correct Bruce , one of the worst things I have done was to
    Help facilitate that man’s selection then his election. Never again , the whole tot of them are quislings

  2. 100%Yes says:

    He’s more interested in is slippers and pension than help ordinary folk he’s not an Indy support, anyone who thinks blackfold or Sturgeon trying to win Independence for Scotland wants what their head read. These are the same desert rats that walked out on the Alba Party.

    The dream of Independence is truly dead and buried at leased for now, I got into a spat with MUNGUIN’S NEW REPUBLIC about their dyeing devotion for Sturgeon they came back and said who would you replace Sturgeon for, I thought she your f*cking leader anyone would be better as long as it wasn’t anyone in the SNP, so I never went back.

    Who knows Bruce you might just find Chris Law in a que after 2014 waiting to go into the DWP, less and less people are wanting to vote for the NUSNP.

    • 100%YES

      I didn’t mind him at the start when he was going around Scotland in the blue fire engine, he appeared serious about independence but has just turned out to be a huge disappointment. Too many of them like the trappings of Westminster and the money of course. MNR chose to stay out of the SNP/Alba debate, I don’t agree with not at least having an opinion but it is up to Tris on his blog. Sturgeon for me has been a disaster and why I left the SNP in 2015, Alba is not perfect and will take time to grow but along with ISP is all we have really as far as the politics go, even if the SNP replace Sturgeon it will probably be with just another dangle berry so there will be little hope for change, they are too beholden to British money now.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Ben

      I suppose his Westminster salary doesn’t hurt on top of his business interest. I just wish they would put as much effort into independence rather than playing the British game, if I were in their shoes I would play no part in any committees, representing the UK, or take part in anything that did not directly involve Scotland. They have embarrassed us all and of course, the SNP as a party are so beholden now to English Government money to keep their thousands, or so it seems, employees in their very well-paid jobs at our expense, they sold us all out.

      Thanks for commenting.

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