Odds and Ends Sunday 11th December 2022

It’s not F right it’s inhumane – I don’t want to read any more fucking keep warm suggestions from people online or patronizing tweets from SNP MP troughers, people are going to die this winter if the cold stays the way it is right now. I went out this morning at 7.15am for my walk, my house was freezing when I woke up, and it was freezing outside.

The so called help from the scumbag Tory Government is not enough, it is in fact a joke given we will all pay it back in the years to come through even higher energy bills. Energy companies, and their shareholders, have made trillions since oil was discovered in the 1970’s. Colonised Scotland has abundant oil and gas, not to mention renewable potential, yet people are afraid to put the heating on, for too many it is a choice between eating and heating. I work and have to make a choice when to put the heating on as I also have to get through the month. The so called support from the Government is just f not enough, the energy companies should have been told to freeze prices for the next 2 years and f live with it. They have made trillions and should be forced to give something back, but hey ho, prices before lives, and this is before the next set of rises in January. They are all scum and I don’t care what anyone thinks of my language.

Do the Labour Party actually stand for anything any more – The Labour Party actually disgust me more than the scumbag Tories in so many ways. Under Corbyn there was a slither of hope, under Starmer the Labour Party are just another right wing Tory Party without the money and the real right wing nut jobs backing them. Not only are MPs not allowed to stand on picket lines with the people they claim to represent but now they are going to threaten the health unions, what the f are Labour for any more, they are as big a set of wankers than the Tories, and as effective as the British Scottish National Party. Don’t any of the parasites sitting in Westminster have any principles anymore, the NHS is on it’s knees due to decades of deliberate under funding, staff are on their knees across the whole of the public sector due to pay cuts since 2008 and the Gordon Brown assisted bank crash, as voters we never learn, we keep electing these pricks who are so beholden to the racist vote and their right wing bosses that the voters and the workers are the last thing on their minds. We better wake up before it is too late and we have nothing left.

The SNP are all about Division – Let’s be very clear the leadership of the SNP, and their hangers on, are all about division within the yes community and we will lose any yes momentum if we are not careful and don’t reject their division.

The Scottish Independence Congress will be held online with regional gatherings taking place on Saturday, February 18, 2023, and the provisional agenda has been planned. “The goal of the event is to bring the Yes movement together, to agree goals, tactics and behaviours that will speed up Scotland’s progress towards independence. MacIntyre-Kemp confirmed that the three main independence parties – SNP, Greens and Alba – have been invited, but none will be asked to debate or share a platform. (The National)

The Alba Party did just that very thing yesterday in Perth, where was BfS? Were they there?

The decision by the Supreme Court to deny the right of the Scottish Parliament to hold an independence referendum and the continuing refusal of the UK Government to transfer the power to hold a referendum present clear challenges to Scottish democracy and the sovereign will of the Scottish people.

 “This weekend’s event has crystallised three immediate priorities: an independence convention, popular demonstration and campaigning, and a clear preference for using a Scottish Parliament election as the vehicle for allowing the Scottish people to express their view on independence if Westminster continue to refuse to transfer the power to Holyrood.”(Alex Salmond)

We have a way forward, there are people in Alba, not just Alex Salmond, who know how to campaign, who have ideas, who in so many ways are our last hope at  a strategy that might work, they opened their doors yesterday in person. The SNP should be begging Alba and Alex Salmond to sit at the top table, however, Sturgeon will continue with her flawed strategy, and her even more flawed ego, and lose, rather than do what is right for our colony.

It is not just the arts it is everywhere –  The proportion of working-class actors, musicians and writers has shrunk by half since the 1970s. Is it any wonder when the working class in this shit hole of a UK are pretty much the underclass now.

 Private schools teach just 7% of pupils, but top jobs such as the country’s senior civil servants, cabinet ministers and leading journalists are dominated by the privately educated, according to the Sutton Trust, a charity. In some professions the proportion has increased. In the mid-1980s, and even a decade ago, half Britain’s doctors were privately educated; today the figure is 61%. In law the share of judges and barristers from fee-paying schools has also risen in recent years, returning to the levels of three decades ago. Chief executives, however, were more likely to come from a state-educated background in 2015, though the international nature of the job means more foreigners hold top posts now than in the 1980s.

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9 Responses to Odds and Ends Sunday 11th December 2022

  1. JSM says:

    I was at the Alba event yesterday, and BfS was invited to speak but GMK had another engagement, so couldn’t manage. However, he’ll be attending the next event in January.

    • JSM

      Thanks for the information, and for everyone else to see also. I really hope this is the start of something again but I just cannot get passed my lack of trust in Sturgeon and many in her inner circle. I guess time and history will tell.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    Mike Russell doesn’t care about Independence and the Rag is only in it for the money. Whatever the SNP come up with you can be sure it’s more for the Union than separation from the rest of the UK. What a choice the rag, Mike Russell and Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp and in the back ground Sturgeon is controlling the rag, Russell and kemp and making all the decisions.

    • 100%YES

      I have lost all trust in any of those involved with the leadership of the SNP, I don’t have a huge amount of faith in of the other parties either but I do think Alba/ISP are genuine but will, in the end, be frozen out I suspect. The rest of the articles just either made me sad or angry, angry about the hardship that people face today and sad that Labour is now just the Tory Party and have gone all UKIP, how far they have fallen.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. benmadigan says:

    “the hardship that people face”
    As in the past some will die, some will emigrate, some will survive and carry on
    Is any other response likely?

    • Ben

      You would hope we are reaching the tipping point but we won’t in Scotland, they will in England but not in Scotland. We are colonised all the way, it truly amazes me the amount of shit that Scots can endure, it should be an Olympic sport we excel at it. Like you say the only thing will change will be some of our older people won’t be around anymore, a lot of our kids will be colder, hungrier, have less opportunity, but that’s ok we’re Scots, we can take it and keep coming back for more.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. duncanio says:

    The SNP under Sturgeon have no strategy for Independence.

    The recent apparent uptick in support for YES has nothing to do with the SNP leadership tactics, it’s a coincidence of cost of living effects starting to hit crisis pint and the upset at a London court denying Scotland’s right of self-determination.

    Instead of riding the momentum that may have been generated Sturgeon has gone into hiding on the constitutional question after the 23rd November court ruling with a nebulous proposal to have a ‘special conference’ at some undefined point ‘in the new year’.

    As on so many occasions over the last 8 years I expect that this will be another open goal spectacularly missed by the SNP/Scottish Government.

    • Duncanio

      The fact that yes stayed around 45% to 50% was always in spite of Sturgeon and the SNP. I know people like WoS have decried new media as being ineffectual but I know people who have noted that it has been one of the few things keeping them going so it has done its job as best it could in spite of having to fight the SNP and the unionists. Sturgeon panicked with the stupid plebiscite plan without really thinking it through, saying it had to be on votes rather than FPTP was the height of unionism, they must have seen her coming a mile off, that is why she gets such an easy time in the media no matter how much she says she doesn’t.

      I think another vote for the SNP in 24 is a waste of time personally but no doubt the carrots will be strong one more time.

      Thanks for commenting.

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