In the News Thursday 8th December 2022

Tory Scumbags – The Tories are scumbags and the lowest of the low when it comes to their politicians, and their government. To suggest, and I suspect it will happen, that the Army be brought in to drive ambulances during strike action is a disgrace. This is not about providing vital services, this is about breaking strikes that they have encouraged through deliberate under funding of vital public services and to try and break both the unions, and the workers, to remove power and to keep workers in this country on poverty wages. They are fucking scum, not so long ago they were clapping, but then that cost nothing and the sycophantic media showed their caring side.

We have all got to keep supporting the strikers, just listen to the radio, there are far too many right wing thick as shit members of the public falling for the greedy workers narrative being pushed by the press, the Tories, even Labour have been as useless as a chocolate teapot on this issue. This is about getting rid of public services, this is about the privatisation of the NHS which will also affect Scotland, this is a class war. This is about breaking the rail unions, shareholders in the railways are protected by the tax payer, they won’t lose a single penny. The company’s profits are protected by the tax payer, they won’t lose a single penny. The tax payer gives the rail companies more in subsidies now than when they were state owned, while the workers fighting for a living wage, and to protect vital services lose money when they strike. Wake the f up and see what is happening here.

56% but will it stay there? A lot is being made of the recent telephone poll showing independence sitting at 56% yes. I totally get why this is being hyped up I really do, and we can all live in hope that this is the start of something better with growth in the yes narrative, but I have my doubts. The SNP under Sturgeon have shown they can lose a lead quicker than the wider yes community can build one. They still have no strategy and even if they are working towards 2024 they are already behind the curve and who in their right mind trusts Sturgeon anymore.

For yes to succeed it has to come from the movement, and that movement needs to organise and come together as people like BarrheadBoy have suggested. The SNP sow division, the Scottish Greens won’t share a platform with Alba or ISP. A lot was made out of Sturgeon talking at Holyrood outside after the Supreme Courts decision and that Alba had speakers there also, she only did that because it was a limelight moment for her and she felt she had to, will she work with the other parties come 2024, will she f.

I also hope this 56% puts to bed the bullshit that has come out of mouths of Gordon Brown and (Sir) Keir Starmer about their so-called revolution of democracy. The biggest bucket of shit known to man, Labour are as much scum as the Tories and anyone who is falling for this pish need their heads looked at they really do.

More Sycophantic Pish but at least like rats in a sack they are turning on their own So Harry Windsor has a Netflix show and it might highlight, what most of us know anyway that actually have a brain, that the Windsor’s are as much a dysfunctional family as the worst out there, maybe even worse. I won’t be watching any of this pish on Netflix but it is funny seeing these people, and their sycophantic media ass kissers, turn on each other. They have been robbing us blind for centuries, supported by ALL of the political parties in the main. Could Sturgeon have bowed any lower when she met her King, could Blahford been more solemn at the death of Elizabeth Windsor and the forced state mourning. The sooner this blight on our colonial status is removed the better, that family are a stain that even Cillet Bang would struggle to remove from the side of your toilet.

Traditional Calendar – A friend gave me a traditional Christmas calendar this year as I don’t do the advent chocolate thing, never really liked it, but I must admit I really enjoy opening my traditional little door each morning, wondering what picture I am going to get. Christmas this year finds me in a better place than last year, yeah totally cynical about the state of our colonisation, of the cost of living crisis. When I went walking this morning at 5.45am and it was -1c I did think how are people keeping warm, how are they feeding themselves in a colony that provides little more than starvation social security but I am also determined to enjoy having my kids and family around on Christmas day. I am looking forward to preparing the meal with my daughter who is delaying going to her boyfriends family so she can stay at my house and help me and be around her own family, her gran, uncles, and brothers on Christmas day. I have cut back this year, most people have and in some ways that is not a bad thing at all because at the end of the day I could not care less about gifts, being around my kids and my family, meeting up with a special friend means more than any of the consumerism crap ever will.

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3 Responses to In the News Thursday 8th December 2022

  1. Black Rab says:

    The English establishment are subhuman, and increasingly become more so by the day. The people who are unable to see their sub-humanity, are now feeling their cruelty as state sanctioned poverty and suffering is kicking in, cold and hunger gnaws away at their endurance. They were warned. They have chosen not to listen or pay attention, and now the magnolia coloured leather sofa isn’t so comfortable anymore.
    The political class in the UK have no credibility. Full stop. Sunak, Starmer and their crew of weasels and snakes have their teeth sunk in to us and still people listen to them as they suck our life’s blood out of us.
    I think the tide is turning Grumpy. I think the 56% represents the anger and pain that so many are now feeling. Everything is up in the air at this point. The door of opportunity is opening for Scotland again. Sturgeon wants it closed. Sturgeon is doing and saying nothing and the game is bypassing her and her Big Bumper Bus of Yellow Weasels. They don’t know what to do. It’s like The Wacky Races, but it’s not funny this time.

    • BR

      I don’t disagree at all. I think the sad thing is that it will take riots in England to wake up enough Scots to the plight that we all face. It is 2022 and most of us are afraid to put the heating on, we are watching the shopping bill like we have never had to do since the 80’s, you would think we would have learned then but now it is even worse. Sunak, Starmer, Davie, and Sturgeon have no answers and no clue but they will be ok as they milk the public purse for all that it is worth. You can only hope that once the elderly start to die of hunger and cold, once the youngest start to be admitted to hospital with malnutrition in huge numbers that this will wake up people to the shit hole that is the UK but I have my doubts when it comes to many of our fellow colonised.

      Thanks for commenting.

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